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I moved all of my “other games” characters onto one page. Final Fantasy is still missing because I haven’t finalized my characters there, and also I can’t log in to get screenshots. But if you play any of the others please check it out and say hello if you see me there!



[OOC/Screenshots] Not-WoW Roundup

As I posted a little while ago, I made the decision to drop two of my side accounts on WoW. Then, a few days later, they announced there would be no flying ever again. Guess they won’t be back anytime soon! So, I’ve been exploring (and re-exploring) some of my other games, trying to find a good fit. So far the problem is that I like all of them, and I don’t have enough time to play everything! I’ve basically been playing WoW very little — just pet dailies/missions in the morning, then either raid or RP in the evenings depending on the night. But I’m actually very excited about my “new” games, most of which aren’t actually new to me.

I’ve already mentioned SWTOR, I will be keeping my sub there. There’s an RP guild that was advertising in the Trooper starting area, I’d like to look into joining them. The guild I’m in currently is pretty much dead and I’m just there for the XP boost.

Final Fantasy XIV is getting a new expansion this summer, with flying mounts, so that’s one I am very interested in. I got the trial, and it seemed to be a lot of fun. I will most likely buy this it later this summer. I thought I had a picture of my pirate elf but it seems not!

WildStar was one I enjoyed a lot during the trial, and will be switching to free to play in the fall. But if you are a subscriber as of June you get all kinds of perks, including 12 character slots, and double the housing decorations. It was only $20, so I decided to do that too. I only have one month’s worth right now, I’ll decide then if I want to keep it or just stay on the free plan. So far I like the looks of my Draken the best, but enjoy the gameplay of my Aurin (bunny) Stalker the most. I also made a pink evil hamster with a gun because, why not?


I reinstalled RIFT and have been playing my characters there again. It’s a really fun game with a lot of customization and I love the dynamic events. I feel like it’s a great game, even if you play it for free. I can see myself spending a lot of time here again.

I also have two buy-to-play games that I’d like to use more. There’s less pressure there because I don’t have to worry about playing often enough to get my money’s worth. One is Guild Wars 2, I wasn’t super keen on it the times I tried it but this time I have a friend who can answer all of my noob questions. And I do really like the Charr, as well as my little Asura.

Another is The Secret World, which is a modern-day MMO that is very story oriented so it really plays more like a single player game. I haven’t got very far at all in this game, but it seems like something I’d like a lot.

Then if I get really desperate, I could play Dragon Age: Inquisition some more… but I doubt I’ll get that bored 😉 I would like to someday finish my other play-throughs though.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

I still can’t really believe it. But then I look at the little toy tiger that Nessna gave me, and the little note on the ribbon on its neck, and it still says the same. Rylad will be a brother, and I’ll be a father. I already feel like a father, but I guess it’s different when you are there from the moment they’re born. I don’t know, I don’t want Rylad to think he’s any less my child than the new baby will be. It doesn’t really seem real yet, I mean I knew it was possible, Nessna hadn’t been drinking her tea for a while now. Maybe once she actually looks like she’s having a baby. I don’t know how she’s going to fit into her armor. She said she’ll still go on her patrols, she insists that it won’t harm the baby and exercise is good. That’s what she told me anyway, and she said the healer said that. But the healer is Nessna’s sister so maybe we should ask another one’s opinion! I guess if she’s going to see them often and they say it’s okay, I don’t really like the idea though. Something could easily happen, and while Kavia and Pero are both good rangers, they’re young and I don’t think they know what to do with a lady who’s having a baby. I mean, I don’t either, but I’d feel a lot better if I could go with her. Maybe I can rearrange the patrols, but then someone has to be here to watch Rylad and I’m not sure who would be good. Actually, I bet Arancon would enjoy watching him, he loves going to see his grand-daughter. And maybe Sunashe could get in some practice in case Lin gets any ideas.

We haven’t told Rylad yet, though I guess that Nessna will soon. I really hope he’s excited about having someone to play with. I’ll be sure to tell him that big brothers get to be in charge, and show the younger one what to do. Mierri wasn’t born until I was already gone to ranger training, so I didn’t really grow up with little sisters, not the way Rylad will grow  up with someone. Eventually we’ll have to add onto the house too, when I made the plans  I had no idea I’d need extra rooms! Rylad has been wanting to sleep outside in his little house. The weather’s warm enough that it’s fine, though I worry about things coming out of the woods. Both of the cats stay near his little house to keep watch, and I know Clementine would act if there was any danger, she has before. Nessna’s cat is younger and I’m not as certain, but I’m sure he would follow her example. I was a little worried about the undead, but he doesn’t seem to notice anything at all, so I don’t think he would hurt Rylad. On the other hand, he wouldn’t stop any danger I don’t think either. I am always sure to check on him several times, but I still get a little nervous about it. Imagine when he’s older and going off to school alone!

It’s great that they’ll both be able to go to school up at the academy. There’s going to be a whole class of kids that we all know. That’s a little strange to think about my kid going to school with Aeramin’s kid, but I guess as long as they’re not teaching Rylad and the baby any weird magical spells, it’s okay. I do think the forest is a lot better place to grow up than the city, and they’ll get good classes there. And it’ll be a lot cheaper! At least until they decide they want magic classes. That would be just my luck.

I’m a little nervous, I mean I’ve had some experience with Rylad, and Isandri’s baby, but that was different. Rylad was already almost walking when they moved in, not a little tiny baby. I’m afraid I might do something to mess him or her up. Also I’m not really sure how to take care of Nessna during that time, I should ask the healers. I want to make sure she’s happy and comfortable. I definitely want to be there when he or she is born, except I’ve heard that part is kind of scary. Nessna said I won’t be able to feel it for a while yet, I can’t wait.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

So much has happened the last few days, it’s difficult to know where to start! I guess I’ll go in order. The priest came from Silvermoon and he did all the papers, so I’m officially Terellion Fairsong now. Hethurin says it doesn’t feel any different, and I agree with that. Mae said she didn’t either, but I figure it will once we have the actual wedding. I did cry a little when he was reading it though, Hethurin did too. I know my mother is going to cry a lot too! It seems like everything is mostly done but I keep thinking of more things, I’m also worried about if something isn’t finished in time. Like things that we ordered. I want to go to the shops and check but I guess that would just slow them down, and probably annoy them too.

The second big thing is that they finally let Malwen come live with us! I think she was just as excited as we are. I hope she likes her room, we can add things if she wants it different. I know Hethurin is talking to the builders about making her own bath so she doesn’t have to share with the students. I was thinking maybe some of the students could move into one of the new houses once they are finished, that way we’d have a little more room in here. Eventually we are going to need a second room, because when Hethurin went to the priest he told him about another little baby who had just been found. Someone just left her because they didn’t want her. I don’t know how someone could do that. I guess even if you don’t want to keep a baby, you could give it to someone to take care of, not just leave it alone outside. I don’t understand people sometimes. Anyway this baby is very young and still needs milk, but as soon as I heard about her I thought we should adopt her, too. Luckily Hethurin didn’t need any convincing! The best part is that she has black hair, like me. I mean, not that the color of her hair matters any, but I just thought it was neat. I guess that’s probably why Hethurin said that I got to pick her name. She was so small that she didn’t even have a name yet, you’d think the mother could have written it on a paper or something. I’ve never had to name a person before so it was a little scary. What if she hated it later on? Luckily Mae still had a lot of books with names in them from when she was trying to think of Zaeris’s name. I found Narise, which I think is nice. It’s not too long and it sounds good with “Fairsong”. Hopefully Hethurin likes it too. And the baby.

I can’t wait for our trip, though it’s going to be really hard going away from the girls for so long after they just got here. It’ll only be a few seconds for them, but it’ll be a week for us. And we’ve already had to wait so long for Malwen to come home, and then we have to wait for Narise (if that’s her name) now too. It’s so weird to think that we’ll be parents! I mean, I still feel like a kid most of the time. I was worried that Malwen might not want another baby so soon, like she might feel it was taking away attention from her, but she seemed really excited about it. I guess because a baby is like a doll, but even better! Plus she’ll have someone to play with once the baby is older. And she can teach her things and show her what to do. Neither of them will have to be lonely. And if she gets annoyed with her little sister, she’ll have her own room she can go to.

I also think Aeramin is just messing with me or something. I haven’t seen that new student do anything weird at all. He likes to take walks, but that’s not weird. He reads books a lot — all mage students do that. And he goes to class. I think I’m just going to stop watching him, because I think Aeramin’s just paranoid or something in this case.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Vellira’s Thoughts

Ty and I went to Silvermoon to buy our furniture. The cabin needs a few final finishing touches, so it will be done later this week. We can come and pick it all up then. I think we’ll have to borrow a mage like Sunashe and Lin did, because I’m not sure I could move it all by myself. Maybe the small things! There’s a lot though, we used my list. There’s a bed, a table with four chairs, a dresser, and some small tables. Then I realized we’d need some lamps and also some dishes, though I guess we could eat with the other rangers most of the time. It wasn’t too hard to pick out stuff that we both liked. Mostly we picked the cheapest ones. I figure we can save some money for the really good stuff, like a bear rug. They didn’t have any there, but they said sometimes they get shipments of them in from Ironforge. I guess they must have a lot of bears around there. We did find a painting, though. It’s of a ship sailing on the ocean, at sunset, with the sunlight hitting the tops of the waves and making them look gold. It’s really nice. The seller said it’s pretty old, and whoever painted it must have been on a ship before because they got all the riggings right. Lots of times when people do paintings of ships, they mess that up. I haven’t decided where we should put it yet, but I think over the couch in the main room. Oh yeah, we also got a couch. It’s red and really soft and squishy, and comfortable.

Nessna’s going to have a baby. She hasn’t told the Captain yet so it’s a secret, but she told Lin and Kavia so of course Lin told me. But she said I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. I didn’t even tell Ty. I don’t want him to think it’s like a hint or something. I haven’t really spent any time around babies, but Rylad is pretty cute so I figure Nessna’s other baby will be cute. I just hope there’s not going to be like dirty diapers and cloths with spit-up on them all over, gross!

It’s going to be so nice to be able to stay with Ty all night. And the nights are finally getting warmer, so we could go out and go swimming if we wanted, or just for a walk in the forest. We don’t have to worry about anyone keeping track of us, as long as we’re both back for our patrols. It’ll be a little strange at first! Obviously on a ship, everyone knows where you are all the time. It’s not like there’s many places you can go. I know there’s even a beach near here, but it’s quite a distance away. I don’t know if we could make it there and back in one night and still have time to sleep.  Plus I heard there are murlocs down there. They’re gross.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Not too much has been happening, outside of the usual planning things. I’ve got the little table dragons ordered, so that’s one thing. But I wonder if we should have ones for people to take home, like a souvenir. I think we should use dragons somewhere else in the decorations too, so it makes sense. I know anytime I bring up something like that, I can feel Renner rolling his eyes. I guess if a bunch of dragons wanted elf statues at their wedding, that would be weird, so I can see where he’s coming from.

A boy came to the school to apply the other night. Hethurin was busy in his office, he was supposed to be grading papers, but I think most of the time he’s looking at his magazines. That’s fine though, I was just eating dinner and talking to Des. He is pretty young, more so than the other students, but not too young to start magic classes. He said that his mother was worried about whether it was a good school or not, I guess she didn’t want him going to magic classes at all which I found a bit strange. Unless maybe they couldn’t afford it, that’s possible. But we assured him that Fairsong Academy is a very good school, I also told him about the room and meals, and that we have separate instructors for each kind of magic so he’d get lots of individual help. He was also worried about whether or not the school was safe, which I guess I can understand given our location. I assured him that not only do we have the rangers who patrol, there are wards set up around the perimeter and at the doors. The only thing he’d have to worry about is accidentally turning himself into a sheep or a frog or something. He was very interested to see the library, which is good because hopefully it means he’ll be a good student. I told him that he could stay until Hethurin could see him, which would be the next day because it was fairly late. We had a spare room, anyway.

Well, the next day Aeramin pulled me aside and told me to keep an eye on the new kid. I asked him what he meant by that, but he refused to tell me. Why would he say that? At first I thought maybe he would try to make Hethurin like him or something, but I don’t think that’s very likely. Besides, he’s way younger than I am, and Hethurin already thought I was too young. So then I figured maybe he’s been sent by Hethurin’s mother, you know as a spy or something. It’s been a long time since she tried anything like that, but maybe she’s bored with her pool boy now or something and hiring people to cause trouble. From talking to him, it didn’t seem like he’d be into anything like that, but I guess you never know. For now I am doing what Aeramin said, but the new kid doesn’t seem to be doing anything strange or suspicious. Most of the time he just looks at books, like all the other students do.

I think the priest is coming to do the wedding soon. Well, not the real wedding, but the one so that we can adopt Malwen. I bet she’s going to have so much fun! We still need to get her dress for that, but we need to bring her with to get all the proper measurements. Hopefully she won’t grow any between now and then.

[Screenshots] SWTOR – Sith Warrior

Just finished up my Sith Warrior! Here she is on Voss, she’s a Sith pureblood which is why she’s all red. I love how she looks with her yellow eyes.


And here she is at level 50, you can’t really see her title but she’s upgraded to a Darth 😉


I always find it very difficult to play “evil” in video games, and for this one I was going to go full Dark Side — but somehow she ended up neutral. I guess I’m too much of a softie after all. But I liked her storyline and she was very fun to play, she always felt very strong and fit the feeling of being a weapon of reckless destruction. She reminded me a lot of a Fury Warrior in WoW, she just charges in with both lightsabers flashing and hopefully whatever it is dies before she does (usually it did!).

I knew to expect a lot of backstabbing and treachery — this is a Sith storyline, after all — but it was still a fun storyline. Definitely my favorite on Imperial side so far, though I still have to finish Agent.