[OOC] Hallow’s End Math

3 characters x 13 days = 39 attempts. Not a single horse this year 😦 Three of my 85s have the horse already, so I didn’t run them.

I like the new bucket system, but it does make it more difficult for lowbies to get the pet, which is usually the only thing I get for them. A few of mine didn’t get it this year, oh well.

Marjolaine finished the meta, and Orny and Raleth got the new pets.


[Story] Dalaran

Raleth twitched his ears in irritation. If people wanted to carry out conversations, this library was not the ideal place to do so. He re-read the same page, for the fourth time, trying to tune out the chatter. He’d briefly forgotten about the Twilight tome that he’d brought to the council, until yesterday evening when they’d delivered this report. They’d been pleased with the findings, it was a valuable tome explaining various ceremonies. Surely, the messenger said, Raleth would be recognized for this achievement. But he found he no longer cared much for pats on the head from the council, their words as meaningless as the symbols on the page before him.

He glanced up again, as the noise had ceased. It looked as if the conversationalists had gone their separate ways. But no, one of them was crossing the room toward him. Raleth recognized the tall mage as the kaldorei, Ellorian. He sat before Raleth could object, sinking heavily into the chair opposite him.

“What troubles you, friend?” Raleth asked, tucking the report into the stack of books on the table. Ellorian noticed, but he didn’t comment.

“Don’t you ever get bored here?”

Raleth lifted a brow uncertainly. “Here? In the library?”

Ellorian stared at the portal that led to the lower levels. “In Dalaran. It’s beautiful, but–”

“A gilded cage,” Raleth muttered. “As much to keep us in as to keep others out. It feels that way sometimes, doesn’t it?”

The kaldorei watched him, stroking his beard. “You know nothing of cages, friend.”

Raleth felt his ear-tips warm. “No, I suppose I don’t. I apologize, it’s not the same at all–”

“We could leave, if we wanted to,” Ellorian went on, “but no one wants us there.”

It was unfortunate how old fears still lingered. Surely the kaldorei would have accepted the arcane arts and moved forward, but they were hopelessly rooted in the past. He could have gone to the human city, where the children played at magic, but Raleth guessed that Ellorian did not wish to waste his time there. It was a cage, it was true, though an invisible one.

Ellorian looked at him suddenly. “You were a battle-mage, were you not?”

“I am,” Raleth replied. “Still. Though it’s been some time since I actually marched.”

The kaldorei’s expression grew wistful, no doubt imagining his heroic exploits as he turned the tide of a great battle. The reality was much less glamorous, and Raleth despised the idea of traveling with the crude orcs and stinking tauren. Marching with the Alliance armies had been less unpleasant, but they now had wild animals among their number too. And the dwarves, he mustn’t forget the dwarves.

“It will change,” Raleth said, trying to sound earnest. “It will take time, but it will happen.” But Ellorian was right. How much longer would they be locked away like criminals, far away from the rest of the world?

“We shall see,” was all that Ellorian said.

[OOC/Screenshots] Damn Horde, You Creepy

I was getting candy buckets on my Horde mage to buy the Feline Familiar, because it’s pretty much an ideal Mage pet. When I flew into one of the Horde towns in Twilight Highlands, I saw they’d decorated for the holidays.

Uh, that's festive, I guess.

Uh, that's festive, I guess.

[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

Well, that was strange. A human man came into the shrine, all in black leather, his face covered. He was watching me for a bit, the way that father says some humans do. He said he liked my horns. I suppose he meant my antlers. I noticed he had a small wooden crate with him, and I asked what it was. He said he didn’t know, but that it ate animals! Can you imagine! What makes him think it’s a wise idea to carry around something like that, especially if you don’t know what it is. I think I’ve had enough of people fooling with dangerous boxes for one lifetime! Jaellynn thinks there’s a ghoul inside the box, since they are always hungry. Aside from that, at least he was a pleasant human. I hope the crate doesn’t decide to eat him.

Vajarra said that blood elves don’t have nests. She was quite insistent. I’m not sure what to think, because I know Jaellynn found some nests with eggs, but they brought up some good points. They said perhaps they were dragonhawk eggs, and since blood elves use them for riding, that would explain the lower numbers in the glade. I have to admit a tiny part of me is worried that he’s smashed some animal or bird’s eggs, and not a blood elf nest.

I don’t remember how it came up, but I mentioned to Kelanori that Terivanis was staring at me back at our house a while ago. She seemed to want to know a lot about it, I’m not sure why. I’d rather not think about it, ugh. I’m relieved he has someone else to stare at now.

Oh, and what is candy corn all about? It’s soft and mushy, not like corn at all. And it’s made of sugar. It doesn’t taste like corn at all. What a strange candy.

[Screenshots] Flashbacks: Tahanah

Going through all my screenshots, I found all sorts of neat old stuff, I thought I should post some of them. I’ll do some other posts with other characters later, but I wanted to start with my very first WoW character, Tahanah.

When I first started playing, I only had a vague understanding of the lore. I hadn’t played all the way through Warcraft. But I thought druid sounded fun and interesting, and I love forests, so that’s what I picked. I chose a Tauren because the idea of a ridiculous upright cow race amused me.

Level 6

Level 6

After I’d played for a bit, I started really getting interested in the stories and lore of the game. I came up with a vague background story for her — basically her small clan of Tauren lived in Stonetalon Mountains, in close proximity with night elves, so she had a neutral or even positive opinion of most of them. I set out to find myself some RP.

Learning bear for the first time! There was no bear dance in the game yet.

Learning bear for the first time! There was no bear dance in the game yet.

Unfortunately, I hit two major walls: One, there aren’t too many RP opportunities for a gentle, accepting Horde character. Two, the Horde RP scene on my first server was um, awful. The few people I did manage to interact with were decidedly unpleasant, and the whole scene was already well established into cliques by the time I started to dip my feet hooves in.

Old school uglycat.

Old school uglycat.

Still, I was very attached to my little druid and she was my highest level character so I kept at her. I wrote a few stories about her, as well as her shaman sister.

Makota the Shaman

Makota the Shaman

She was there to open the AQ gates on my first server, well, kinda.

Gathering the armies.

Gathering the armies.



A little bit after that, I tried out Alliance for the first time… but that’s for the next post!

Tahanah no longer exists, but she faction changed and became Tathariel, Ornasse’s daughter.

[Story] Vassanta’s Journal

Hi journal,

Last night they were talking about the baby again. Kelanori said she had to make some new dresses because she’s too fat pregnant for the regular ones. So then Jaeyn said it would be pretty funny to make an ogre wear a dress. Haha! It would! So we asked Kelanori if she could make an ogre dress and she kept saying she didn’t know what size to make it. Big! It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect! I said I could get her an ogre loincloth if that would help but she said no.

Jaeyn said the fabric should be pink. Or maybe with flowers. I don’t really think she wants to do it though, she said if she did it would only be one. And then Phaa didn’t think we could get it on the ogres. Give us some credit! Like Jaeyn could distract one and then I could throw it over the ogre’s head or something. Phaa said she might make some ogre hats for us though.

Then Ornasse was asking about if they could put the baby in a nest and sit on it. Kelanori kept getting mad. But I mean, he had a point. Nests are safe for baby birds and they’re way up in trees. Plus, he is a bird sometimes, it’s probably instinctive or something to want to sit on a nest.

Babies seem like a lot of trouble, and they need a lot of clothes. Sketch just needs food and sometimes a bath. And he doesn’t cry.

Bye journal,

[OOC/Screenshots] See, Hallow’s End IS Creepy

Some of my RealID friends and I did a dungeon group for fun. My Gnome friend and I put on our costumes… there’s something odd… I just can’t put my finger on it!