[OOC/Screenshots] The Corruptor

Awesome! We ran TK and SSC tonight with the guildies for fun, Uldred got the rest of his Tier 5 set. It looks so amazing!


[OOC/Screenshots] Adventures in Creepland

So this is my Warg. He’s actually not new, I created him last year but never played him aside from wandering around to explore. With monsters being opened up to free players, and Infamy earned from quests, there are a lot more people out in the moors.

I dusted him off today and wound up being invited into a group, we mostly roamed around aimlessly killing NPCs, though we did come across 2 Freeps who completely destroyed us over and over. It was still a lot of fun though, and I got the starter title (Servant of Angmar) — hopefully I’ll be a scout soon!

[Story] Letter to Terivanis

Dear Terivanis,

How are you? I hope things are well at the shrine. I’m certain that your brain hasn’t been eaten. I finally got Jaellynn to agree that they aren’t demons if everyone’s brains are intact when we return. I’m writing because he is having a lot of trouble finding the saber spirit, and he is wondering if some potions might make things easier. Being as we’re in Winterspring, some Icecap might help, as well as Dreaming Glory, though I know that’s very expensive to find as it’s from Draenor. But of course, you know more about potion brewing than I do, so I will leave it to your judgement. I hope you’ll agree to help him, even though he doesn’t really deserve it after how he spoke to you.

How is Vajarra doing?


[OOC/Screenshots] 10k Achievement Points!

Getting Over Nine Thousand was pretty awesome, but I was really pushing for 10k, because five figures is more impressive than four 😉

There aren’t too many easy ones left, most are PVP or dungeon ones, but I did find one last one to push me over:

10005, Grats Orny!

10005, Grats Orny!

[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

We’ve been here in Winterspring for so long, but I’m still not certain that Jaellynn has made much progress. Maybe I should sneak out there in saber form and sit out in the open so he can observe me. I’m sure he’s frustrated but I don’t know what I can do to help, it’s something he has to learn for himself, and I can’t really explain it.

The cubs are growing so fast! Relanos keeps trying to climb onto their backs. I think he sees us riding sabers and wants one of his own. They don’t seem to want to cooperate though, they sit down or roll over when he gets on them. I wonder if they see him as another cub.

It’s so cold here all the time. I suppose that’s what Jaellynn feels like.

[Story] Letter to Jaellynn


Potions should not be necessary, but if they helped you in the past, it may make contact with a saber spirit easier. A saber is a much more elusive spirit than a bear, as you well know, and it may require more coaxing to appear.

~Ornasse Evershade

[OOC/Screenshots] Sham-Mia