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[Art] 30 Days of WoW: Day 19 — Favorite class and why?

Finally, an easy one! My favorite class is Druid.

My very first character was a druid, and my main is one. During BC and Wrath, I mostly raided with my Priest, but I still played my Druid a lot. I decided to focus on him for Cata, and he’ll be my main for Mists as well. So here’s why I love druids!

They’re flexible. Druids can perform and succeed at any role. Don’t feel like healing anymore? Switch specs and now you’re a tank. I love the druid healing style both in PVE and PVP. I was a bit miffed when they tried to homogenize Druids in Cata, but I’m still happy enough with druid healing that I raid with him (and will keep doing so).

They’re fun. The thing that initially attracted me to Druid was the animal shapeshifts. Bird form is so much better than a flying mount, especially for herbing and picking up quest items on the ground. We get fun glyphs and fun dances. We’re just a fun bunch!

They look awesome. Druids have a lot of really awesome looking tier sets. They have so many great options for transmog, and antlers just look so perfect on male night elves.

They have interesting lore. Now, I have to insert a caveat here, when I say druids have good lore, I mean real, proper druids: male Night Elves. Female night elf druids don’t exist in lore, and are only in WoW for the sake of balance. Tauren druids just sort of showed up and claimed to be first (huh?). Trolls can suddenly turn into animals after thousands of years of slaughtering their own gods (huh?). Worgen — well either they already knew druidism (huh?) or they were taught by the night elves in a very short period of time (huh?). Which doesn’t explain why Draenei, who’ve been close allies with the night elves for a much longer period of time, and already have shamans, can’t learn druidism. But that aside: I love Cenarius and Malfurion and Broll and Fandral. I love Moonglade and the Dream and Ysera and the epic flight form quest. Many other classes just can’t compare. I mean, a Warrior’s just a guy who hits things with a sword.  A Warlock is evil and summons demons. But druids have a rich and well-established lore in the WoW universe.

Honorable mention goes to: Hunter.

I really really enjoy Hunter, and have several of them as well. They’re the perfect class for soloing, and I love collecting pets and giving my pets a “theme”. I know some hunters hate it, but I think Focus is a big improvement. I’ve actually geared my hunter in Cata for the first time, so she can do dungeons and raids.

[Story] A Tangle of Brambles 64

He asked Rose out to dinner with the express intent of breaking things off. What he’d told Josie the other night still held true: it didn’t matter what -he- felt, if she didn’t feel the same. And especially if she went running off with strange women whenever the whim struck her. Josie had been less angry and more her usual self when they’d talked again, on top of what he’d come to think of as their meeting spot on the roof. They weren’t watching that house anymore, but they’d crouched up there so many days and nights that it was a habit by now. And Josie could be a bird, birds could simply go wherever they wanted. He envied her that freedom.

Josie asked what Pup said, and he told her the truth: not a lot. He never did. That was another way the kid was like him, always listening, rarely talking. He knew there was a lot more going on inside Pup’s head that no one would ever be privy to. But he said Pup ought to stay with her, if she allowed it. It stung, a little, that the kid would pick her, but it wasn’t a contest, was it? He’d still take care of him. He’d just have a better place to stay, and a mother figure who’d make sure he ate his gross veg’ables.

Inevitably, the subject of Rose came up. Josie knew about Vilwena, she didn’t know that Rose had thrown him out. Perhaps that wasn’t the right choice of words, but the end result was the same. I thought you made her happy, Josie said. That surprised him. The last thing he would have called Rose was happy. He was only there because Josie wouldn’t be, though he didn’t remind her of that. Maybe she had been, sometimes, in the coldest nights of winter. Maybe she had been when he’d given her the clockwork horse. Do you love her? Josie asked. He said he didn’t know. That was mostly true. The Harrier thought Josie noticed that. At times she was very perceptive.

“If you do, you should at least talk to her. Give her a chance to explain,” she said.

Explain what? Why she’d thrown him out? Why she hadn’t bothered to ask how he was? But part of him did want to know, otherwise the wondering would gnaw at him forever. So he’d written a note and left it at her door, asking to meet for dinner at one of the nice places in the city, with a tavern that didn’t rent by the hour. He figured they should at least have one proper outing, a sort of last hurrah. They’d never gone anywhere together before, not as a couple — they’d only been employer and underling then. And those places hadn’t been nice, not at all.

When Rose came down the stairs, she looked incredible. He didn’t recognize the dress she was wearing, but it dipped low enough in the front to draw attention, not low enough to be scandalous. She smiled at him and hooked her arm in his elbow as they walked, just a lady out for a stroll with her gentleman. They didn’t say very much on the way over, though it took much longer than going over the roofs. She was wearing some perfume too, something feminine with a rougher note beneath it. The Harrier reminded himself of his resolve. They sat in a quiet corner of the restaurant. He was the only non-human — at least, in appearance — and he felt like everyone was staring at him. He took off his hat and tucked it into his lap. Rose ate daintily, holding her fork just the right way, and taking little sips of her glass of wine. If he’d ever doubted her story about being a Gilnean lady, he didn’t any longer. He felt like an ogre in comparison, clumsy and doing everything wrong. How could this be the same woman who fought off Harrison with her teeth and claws, who pinned her beneath him, her fangs pressing into his throat, breathing hot in his ears?

Focus, he reminded himself. Don’t let her distract you. “So what happened, Marjolaine?” He couldn’t remember ever having called her that before. Neither could she, from the way she blinked in surprise.

She sighed as she folded her napkin. “I don’t know. I can’t even remember. I remember her coming in, and then– nothing.”

The Harrier frowned, an ear twitching. “That’s convenient,” he muttered.

“It’s true!” she insisted. “I know how it sounds, but it’s true. I think she did something to make me forget.” The elf’s brow arched further. “Magic or something. It’s the only explanation I can think of.”

He stared at his glass. Josie had said that he had to just move on. It was beginning to look as if she’d been right. If she couldn’t even tell the truth about what had happened–

“I’m sorry.”  Those were the last two words he’d expected to hear from her. “I wish I could take it all back, but I can’t.”

His ear twitched again, sharply. “You’re just saying that because you got caught. Because she left. If she was still here, you wouldn’t be sorry.”

Marjolaine drew back, and he could see he’d wounded her. Good. She’d wounded him plenty. “You went to find Risarra. Didn’t you?”

Ouch. The Harrier motioned for another glass of wine, and the server came over to refill it. “I did.”


And that was none of her business. “I decided to come back. That’s all.” Marjolaine was watching him carefully. She wasn’t stupid. She could probably guess what had happened — or hadn’t.

“We both did things we shouldn’t have. I don’t know how to make you believe me.”

The Harrier poked at some of his greens with a fork. “What if she comes back? What about the next one?”

She took a deep breath and she said some more words he never expected. “There won’t be a next one. I mean–” she hesitated. “If you’re here.”

“Here?” he echoed. The Harrier was still uncertain if he’d heard her correctly.

“With me. If we’re, you know–” she flustered. “Are we?”

How could he trust her, just like that? It was true he’d gone to see Risarra, but only because Rose had made it clear he wasn’t welcome at home. And nothing had happened. Something had certainly happened between her and Vilwena. His lower half was casting a very strong vote in favor, but his head wasn’t so sure. “I have to think about it,” he said.

Rose looked disappointed, but she said she understood. He walked her home and she brushed her hand on his cheek and kissed him goodnight. It took all of his resolve not to give in and follow her up the stairs. He waited until the light in her window blew out, and climbed the roof to the top of her building. She was close, safely asleep in her bed below, and he could keep watch over her through the night.

[OOC] 30 Days of WoW: Day 18 — Best and Worst thing about WoW?

Jae already kind of stole my answer for this one!

Best thing about WoW: Meeting awesome people and having fun times with them. I’ve been extremely lucky to have found a guild for the first time in 6 years that is really what I wanted, without stupid RP drama or powertripping GMs or just plain crazies.

Worst thing about WoW: Some of the other people you meet. There are a lot of not very nice people out there, and unfortunately some of them play WoW. I’ve seen some behavior that I just can’t fathom, coming from supposed adults.

But I was thinking about it, and I thought of another answer too:

Best thing about WoW: Inspiration. I’ve been keeping up with writing every day — pretty much without missing any. I’ve been drawing and sewing because of it, too. Some people might say it’s better to not draw/write based on existing material, but they’re still my characters and I still really enjoy being creative with them.

Worst thing about WoW: It takes up a lot of my time! I used to have so much free time before I played. I could probably do a lot more drawing and writing, and sometimes I feel a bit guilty about it.

[Story] A Tangle of Brambles 63: Temperance’s Prayer

Light, your humble servant beseeches you.

Bless this horrid dirty city, and all of its dreadful, drunken inhabitants. Fill their bellies with food and their pockets with coins so that they will not steal mine while I am trying to walk through the market.

Protect the extremely disreputable man who stole me from my home and illuminate to him the way of truth, so that he will no longer invent preposterous stories about wild animals and curses.

Grant to me the patience to stay here, in this strange and noisy house, and not to shout at that smith. I know that the words I am thinking are not pleasing to others’ ears, and do not reflect well upon a Sister of the Light.

I pray that all of this is a horrible mistake, and I will be at my own hearth in my own bed in a few days. Light, cure my wounds and prove that none of what that smith says is true.

I will hold faith in my heart and in my thoughts, rather than fear.

All of this I pray, in respect, tenacity, and compassion.

[Story] Magic Lessons 46: Sora’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Okay seriously I think Master Heller is angry with me. I have no idea what I did, but he made me dust his study. I had to take every single book down off the shelf and dust it, and then dust the shelf too. If you don’t know, mages always have about a thousand books, if not more. It took all morning and past lunchtime. When I was finished I hurried to the dress shop, there was one I’d asked them to hold for me and I finally had enough money to buy it.

It was a lot, but when am I ever going to get asked to another wedding? Besides, I love it. It’s hard to find something that makes me feel pretty, but this does. The sides are the prettiest blue and the center panel is white, it has black sleeves and black lacing and then there’s even some gold on the sleeves and hem. I got a purple cloak to go along with it, partly because Lali is wearing one and I thought I should too, but also because it covers up my back. That’s definitely not something you want to see at your wedding. The cloak is purple so it doesn’t match exactly but it still goes nicely with it.

I figured it would be okay to show Lali, I wanted to make sure she liked it anyway. She was at the Lounge, but Kestrae wasn’t. We’re both a little worried about her, she hasn’t been by lately, but Lali thinks she’s just busy with that ranger. Or the other ranger! Lali said he had to get tired sometime, and Kestrae would come by. Isn’t that awful? I asked if that’s why she was out, that Raleth was tired, but she said that she just wanted to come and see people. I think if I had a handsome boy like that I’d rather be home with him, but I don’t know. She said she likes to come and visit because she feels lonely here, and I sure understand what that’s like. She says she feels different and weird because there aren’t many forest elves, which is true. Being a forest elf is a lot better than being what I am, but I know how she feels. Especially when she said that people look at her differently. They do, that’s true. And it’s terrible. It doesn’t really stop for me, but maybe it will for her. She said that forest elves don’t really like people doing magic, and they think it’s dangerous. That’s silly, magic is only a tool, it’s no more dangerous than a sword or a hoe. You just have to use it properly and I have no doubt that she does.

Lali said she’s keeping a scrapbook about the wedding and everything, and a diary. I didn’t tell her that I have one too. Well a regular diary, not a wedding one. We talked about boys too, she wondered about Theronil and if he was all right, since we haven’t seen him for a while either. She’s going to write to him and ask. I asked if he’s going to be at the wedding. I hope he is, I want to see him all dressed up. We talked about her old master and how he was horrid and how she didn’t even want to come here. That surprised me, I figured her parents sent her to study just like almost every other apprentice did. But she kissed her other master and this one too. Why can’t I get masters like that? I just get old, horrible Heller. Anyway, she was worried because he kept asking her things about when they met and how she didn’t notice him, and she didn’t know what to say to that. Honestly, I don’t either, though I told her I thought he sounded worried about something. I’d ask him but I doubt he’d talk to me about something private like that. I have heard about boys changing their mind about it when it gets close to the wedding, but I didn’t want to say that and make Lali worry. I’m sure he’ll get over it.

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost here! Lali said the dress is finished. I can’t wait to see it!


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