[Story] Thorns – Harrier’s Journal

I went with Nash to look for eggs for the holiday. It’s really more for kids, I think, as there weren’t a whole lot of adults actually looking for eggs. But Nash never got to go as a kid, not to mention I am not going to pass up any free chocolate. I could have just bought some in a shop, but it’s more fun getting it for free off the ground, right? This holiday is a bit weird when you think about it. I’m not sure who hides all of the eggs, either. The kids kept finding more, so someone must have been placing them, but we never saw anyone doing it. Nash said he wanted to just wait for the guy and take all of them before he hides them. That would work, but it’s not really in the spirit of the whole thing. He also said we should just take some out of the kids’ baskets while they weren’t paying attention. Look, I’ve done some not so great things, but I’m not going to steal chocolate from kids. Besides, if we got caught they’d make us leave and draw a lot of attention, which is the last thing Nash needs. I finally talked him out of it. We didn’t get a whole lot, but we found a few that the kids had missed. There are always some hidden up higher and I got those ones, that the kids didn’t see or couldn’t reach.

There’s a booth where they sell things, baskets, toy rabbits, and things like that. They also sell real rabbits, I guess if you don’t feel like trying to catch your own. I got a black one and I pretended like I found it in the bushes. Nash had been all excited about one before, but then he kind of got cold feet. Like what if it dies? It shouldn’t die, I think rabbits are pretty easy to take care of. You just need to feed it grass and vegetables, maybe hay. We will need a little pen so it doesn’t get loose or anything. And I think it would be a good idea to keep the rabbit away from the furry people during the full moon. A rabbit would just look like a tasty snack to them if they’re in wolf form. Nash wanted to name it Mister McHoppers, which I think is a pretty silly name but hey, it’s his rabbit. He’s never had a pet. I haven’t either, I never really had any desire for one. I can understand where he’s coming from, because if it dies there’s really no one else to blame except yourself. That is a lot of responsibility. A lot of the sentinels have animals, but they’re not really pets so much as partners. But I remember Risarra showing me her saber cub right after it was born. I bet a nightsaber would be a pretty useful pet in the city, because it could guard your house.

Nash said it wasn’t exactly like he imagined it, but it might have been a little unrealistic. Like I think he thought chocolate was going to rain from the sky or something. It’s not quite like that. But he did say it was okay, which is something. I’m just happy I got some chocolate.

[Story] Thorns – Harrier’s Journal

Nash must have had an eventful night a little while back, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. From what little I did get out of him, he drank too much, then somehow ended up falling off a roof. I didn’t scold him for being careless, though maybe I should have. I think I already made my point about that before — not that it seems he’s taken it to heart. Usually he doesn’t drink to excess, so I do wonder what was the reason for that, it’s not like he just lost count or something. And which roof did he fall off of? I sure hope he wasn’t thinking of breaking in while he was drunk, Rose would have a fit for sure. Nash also mentioned that he tried to see Star, but she was busy. I explained that happens a lot, because that particular house is usually popular — I guess humans have a particular taste for elf women. He was sort of curious about that, asking if they hired any men too. I don’t know if they do, I imagine one of them must — there’s a house that serves every sort of interest if you look hard enough. But I don’t know why he’d want to get back into that kind of work, especially after being out of it so long. Maybe he just wants a fallback, but still, it’s a little worrisome. I told him I hadn’t really gone looking so I didn’t know, which is true. But I am certain there are humans in the city who like elf men, too.

More so, we got to talking about the egg holiday coming up, because I’m working on some little figures that can be mounted inside of egg shells, for the shop. Nash seemed really curious about it and asked a lot of questions. Personally, I don’t care that much about eggs, but they do have chocolate in them so that’s nice. Nash wanted to know if there were bunnies inside any of them, I said that I think maybe there were. They’re magical eggs I guess, or maybe you take them and turn them in for prizes. I haven’t actually gone to it since moving to Stormwind. I just remember the chocolate. As far as I know, it’s a human thing started by the nobles but it’s spread out to other places, probably as another excuse to eat chocolate. Nash said he always wanted to go as a kid, but never could. So I suggested that we could go, and suddenly he doesn’t want to anymore. Something about how it wouldn’t live up to his idealized picture of it, I didn’t really understand. Even if it’s not the greatest thing ever, it’ll still probably be okay, and we’ll get to eat chocolate. I would definitely make sure he got a little bunny, though I have no clue where we’d put it and I worry that Pup might try to eat it or something. Or Rose might drop it into a stew. Once again I have no idea if he actually wants to do something and won’t admit it, or doesn’t and would resent me nudging him into it. He’s awfully difficult to read most of the time. I also suggested he use some of the bath salts we have, to make his bruises feel better, and he didn’t seem to want to do that either. Maybe he wants to hurt, I don’t know.

[Story] Thorns – Harrier’s Journal

I still don’t understand Nash. He won’t let go of that stupid necklace, he’s like a starving dog with a bone. The house it’s in is heavily guarded, probably with magical locks as well. He keeps saying he knows how to get past those. Sure wish he’d share his secret. I keep telling him it’s not worth the risk. There’s a very high chance he’ll be caught, and the guards won’t go easy on him once they see he’s not a human. They’ll torture him and come after us next. I’m not worried about me, but Josie and Rose and Pup had nothing to do with this. They shouldn’t be locked up for Nash’s bad decision. Of course he swears he won’t tell, but I have to wonder if he’s ever been tortured before. Maybe he has. Either way, he’ll be dead or locked in the Stocks and he won’t see any of us again. I pointed that out, but I guess his necklace is worth more to him than that. I just can’t imagine anything that would be worth that much to me. Things can always be replaced. People can’t. I mean, maybe my hat, but I could always get a new one.

I know the necklace has memories attached to it, but they exist apart from the actual thing. I tried to explain that, but I am not sure he agrees. Plus, I’d think he wants to forget about his past. I know I do. Here he has a blank page, none of what happened matters anymore. Why keep holding onto it? I’m not who I was back in Ashenvale, I’m sure Nash isn’t the street kid in Silvermoon either.

I’m working on a new batch of clocks for the shop. Probably some mantle ones and maybe some standing. I’d love to do another really tall one, there’s so much more you can do with a large clock. Granted, the little ones are a fun challenge too, but in a different way. I wish I could get another job like the tower I did for that mage at the school. Maybe someone should suggest it to the mages here. I wonder about the figures I made for the kids, whether they’re broken or thrown out already. Nash insisted that we go and check on them. I really don’t think we’d be welcome back there, and I’m not really keen to go. But I’d fix them up if they were broken, assuming they still had the pieces. Just seems like a waste to me, but I guess there’s probably one kid who really liked it and keeps it carefully on a shelf or something. Does that make it worthwhile? I don’t know.

So I don’t know if Nash is going now or not. He seemed completely set on it, then suddenly he changed his mind again. Unless he’s just saying that so I stop pestering him about it, which is definitely possible.

I got a reply back from Ashenvale. She liked the chocolates, and she’s relieved there aren’t any demons here. They haven’t heard from the old man either. That’s a relief. Hopefully he’s happy somewhere away from the sentinels.

[Story] Thorns – Harrier’s Journal

Risarra sent me a letter. She was kind enough to just write “Elf” on it this time, rather than Sorias. Which is funny, but the mail carrier knew who it was for and I’d rather the whole city didn’t know about my old name. It was a surprise, I hadn’t expected to hear from her since the last time she wrote, about the demons in Ashenvale. I’ll admit I was a little worried — maybe she was writing because things had got really bad there. But they hadn’t. She was just asking about the old man who’d come through a while back. I’m not sure why she thought I would know where he is. Stormwind’s a big city, and there’s more than one elf here. If he’s still here, I haven’t seen him, but I’m sure he’s good at staying hidden. I know I am, if I want to be. Even if I had, I sure wasn’t going to tell the Sentinels where he is. Good on him for finally shaking them off his trail. I don’t want to lie to her, but I’d definitely lie to the others. Fortunately, I don’t have to — I haven’t seen him nor do I know where he went. Risarra asked if I remembered Avanniel. I do, she’s a horrid harpy. I’m guessing that’s the one who is looking for the old man.

Risarra wrote that the orcs are more or less gone, but there are still some demons. That was a relief, whatever my own feelings toward Ashenvale and the sentinels, I don’t want it burned down or devoured by demons. Most of them — Risarra included — wouldn’t do very well here in a big city. Let them stay safe in their forest, far away from me.

The goblins have started to put up their decorations for their holiday — ribbons and paper hearts everywhere. As far as I can tell, it’s purely invented to make a profit, yet no one seems to mind. They line up to buy gifts for people every year. I guess I can understand, I like getting gifts for people. I just think I’d be more enthusiastic about it if things were different. The person I want to buy things for isn’t interested, and I know Nash will be disappointed if I don’t do something for him. I know he liked the dragonhawk, but I’m not sure what else he’d like. Usually people buy chocolate or perfume or something, but I don’t think he’d really want either of those. Gilnean wine is becoming too expensive now, because it’s been all used up, but I heard there was a vineyard that’s going to try growing it here. I don’t know if it’ll work, because I know things like the soil and the weather affect the taste of the wine, but I’ll buy some when it’s for sale anyway. I also know those goblin dresses are definitely not Rose’s style. She’d sooner strangle with me one than wear it. Pretty sure Nash isn’t into dresses either.

Hopefully I figure out something in time. I have a while yet, I think.

And I should write back, though I guess it’ll be a short letter.


[Story] Korbas

[[ My RP buddy and I did a prompt thing we saw to create two characters blind and then make them meet. It was pretty fun! ]]

Korbas Whitehall brought the horses their oats, setting the bucket down between them. He’d already removed their tack and would need to brush them out before putting them into the stable. It was cold enough tonight that they’d want blankets, too.

“Excuse me,” someone said behind him. It wasn’t Lord Bradford, nor any of his guests. The girl with the muddy boots and thick glasses looked decidedly out of place here. She held a piece of paper out toward him. “There’s a bake sale at the Cathedral this weekend. The proceeds go to the orphans.” Korbas took the paper and studied it for a moment. He knew of the bake sales; they had them four times a year or so, but he couldn’t remember ever seeing this person at the Cathedral despite visiting every week — sometimes more than once.

He picked up the brush and began to brush the dirt and sweat from Snowfoot, the paint horse. Due to his quiet nature, he was usually ridden by ladies or children. The girl looked him over admiringly. “They’re lovely animals, aren’t they? I wish I knew how to ride.”

Snowfoot ducked his head into the bucket of oats, and Korbas regarded the stranger over his back. “Don’t you? It’s not difficult really. Horses are expensive to feed and keep though.” He considered, then discarded, the idea of offering to let her take Snowfoot around the ring. For one thing, he’d already been untacked, and for another he wouldn’t want to explain to Lord Bradford why a stranger was on his horse. She explained that she didn’t have a horse, she’d hired a wagon to come all the way from Stormwind.

Korbas frowned. That was a long way to be sending someone out to pass out flyers, and the daylight was already nearly gone, being winter. The roads weren’t safe to travel at night due to bandits, especially for a young woman alone. The girl said that she did in fact work at the Cathedral, but usually in the library downstairs or fetching supplies. She’d been there since the dragon had attacked the city, but she still wasn’t assisting with services due to some scandal — the woman who had been her previous teacher was found to be associated with cultists. Still, it wasn’t her crime, and the woman hadn’t even been related. It seemed unfair to be punished for the deeds of others. Korbas was sure the Cathedral in Lordaeron hadn’t been like that. His mother would never have stood for it.

She did say that she was allowed to take out books, but had trouble reading them due to the small print. He probably shouldn’t have, but Korbas offered to help read them. He usually had time in the evenings, after supper and before nightfall. Did he live in Stormwind? She wanted to know. Lord Bradford’s estate was in the northern part of the city, large enough to keep horses and a few other animals to give it the pastoral appearance, though he rarely used them for anything other than decoration. They were here in the countryside this evening for a hunt, though it was winter and there was few game on the ground. Hunts were really an excuse to socialize and ride, which Korbas could certainly understand. Admittedly he enjoyed them too, giving his horse the freedom to run and carry him over the fields and streams. Though he’d lived in cities all of his life, he could see the appeal that the country held.

Maybe the church expected her to walk back alone at night, but Korbas wouldn’t stand for it. He dropped some coins into her palm and told her to get a room at the inn. She could ride back in the morning with the rest of Lord Bradford’s party, who would be both numerous and armed. There were a few extra coins for the orphans, as well. She studied the coins and seemed to consider it for a long time, before she finally agreed. Korbas suspected it was his mention of the free breakfast in the morning that was the deciding factor.

She paused as she headed toward the inn. “Don’t forget the bake sale,” she said.

“I won’t.”

[Screenshots] Fangs of the Father

Harrier finally finished collecting his 60 gem clusters (it went faster once he got his artifact weapon and could do 25 instead of 10-man), so I begged a friend for help with spine and finished the quest today.

See what a good rogue he is? You can’t see him at all!



[Story] Thorns – Harrier’s Journal

We went to Old Town to deliver the blankets and toys. I knew where some of the worst streets were, where it was unlikely any other charities had come by, and they’d need the blankets the most. I think we probably looked pretty suspicious hanging around there with our wagon full of blankets. We definitely weren’t from the Cathedral or any other group like that. People were wary, with good reason. I realized that we’d need a name of a group to sound more legitimate. I thought about advertising the shop, but it’s not like most people here would be able to afford them anyway. Plus, blankets have nothing to do with clocks. Nash came up with “Blanket Pals” which sounded kind of silly but I couldn’t think of anything better so I used it. I’m not sure the people really believed it either, but they didn’t question free stuff for the most part. Some did. Some thought it was a trick or something like that, which I can understand. People don’t usually show up to offer you free stuff at your door. Other people wanted blankets even though they didn’t have any kids. A few times I gave them anyway, just to avoid trouble, we had more blankets than toys anyway. There was one guy watching us on the street and I gave him one, too. Nash thought he was planning to jump us or something. I think we could have handled it, but I’d rather avoid a big scene like that. It wouldn’t look good for anyone. It took a lot less time than I thought to run out, a lot of the houses had more than one kid in them. I don’t know if they liked the toys or not. Nash thinks they will, because they don’t have anything that’s really theirs. He might be right, but I don’t know. I still feel like the others who didn’t get toys or blankets are just going to steal them from those who did. Nash says that at least they would have it for a short time, and that’s better than none at all. I think I disagree. I think it’s way worse to have something and lose it, than never know what it was like at all.

He was cold, so I thought he’d want to go home, but we stopped for a stout first. I picked a table right next to the fireplace. It definitely feels like it’s going to snow tonight. He talked about Silvermoon, and how it never snowed there. He asked if I ever missed anything about Astranaar. I said no. I can’t think of anything that would make up for the bad things there, I mean, the trees were nice but trees are everywhere. I don’t want to have to live in them. This place feels more like home than it ever did. We got to talking about stuff at home. It was a bad idea, I shouldn’t have brought it up. I know he wants more than I’m able to give, but at the same time he’s convinced himself he doesn’t because it makes things easier. Like I told him, I wish I could just stop caring about her, forget it all and move on. I thought maybe there was a spell a mage could do, like to erase my memories or something. But I don’t know if that would even work when I see her every day. And there are some memories I want to keep. The good ones, from when it was just me and her above the shoe shop, snow falling outside. Those were good memories. Nash said I should just ask her what the chances are, but I know she won’t give me an answer. Maybe she can’t either. I know if Josie weren’t here, the chances would be better. It’s just a fact. I keep hoping she’ll decide to go away with that half-breed after all, I know it sounds awful but I can’t help thinking it. But she’s nice, I don’t want to hurt her. I don’t want to hurt Nash either. I shouldn’t have done what I did in the Ghostlands. I was lonely and I missed her, but now it’s gotten all complicated and I don’t know how to fix it without hurting him. He thinks I don’t care, but that’s not true at all. If things were different, I could see it happening. I probably wouldn’t have considered it before, but we get along well and we both have a good time. That’s all that matters, right? I’ll try to talk to her, but I don’t know how much it’ll help. I’m scared to hear there’s no chance at all. I’m not sure what I’ll do if she says that.