[Story] Fairsong Academy – Braedra’s Journal

The island was wonderful, even more than I expected it to be. It’s the off season currently, but more people are starting to visit during the winter holidays, so more things were open. And of course, everything was decorated for the holiday, with ribbons and pine boughs and lights. I can’t say I really understand it, but I can see why it’s caught on so well here, and it’s hard not to feel happy when you see them. The last time I was here, it was alone, and I really thought things were over between us, for good. Things had gone badly and he’d gone away without telling anyone where he was. I thought of him often during that trip, but everything had a sad finality about it. Now I feel as if things are just beginning, and I look forward to what will come.

If you’d asked me the day before if I wanted to get married, I would probably say I was fine with things how they were. I wanted Isturon there and I wanted to continue to do things in the future, but I wouldn’t say I was ready for that. But I guess I am, once he asked I suddenly knew it was the right thing. Of course, the ring didn’t hurt either. It’s really nice, I’m sure he’s spent far too much on it, but he’d only say that I was worth it. I just hope he’s not putting himself into any trouble over it. I did ask whether he’d heard anything from the Spire, and I admitted that I’d asked some favors for him there. Normally, I’d never do such a thing — in fact I never did while I still worked there. But normally, there aren’t evil and vengeful people paying to have files and papers “lost”. She won’t do things the right way, and there’s no way to beat her by following the rules. I told Isturon that I’d stop if he wished, but he didn’t say that. So after we get back I’ll drop by the Spire and see what can be done.

Since there’s a chapel here on the island, I suggested that we do the actual paperwork now and we can have a party later on, hopefully in the spring when there are lots of flowers. I know Telaena wants to be a flower girl more than anything, though she’s probably too old. When she read about them in a book, she insisted that if Isturon and I got married, that she wanted to carry the flowers. I have no doubt that they were in on the planning for all this, he said he measured my finger when I was asleep so the ring fit just right. It’s really more for them anyway, I know I don’t need a big ceremony at all, and I don’t think he does either. Of course I knew I would have to talk to Terellion about it, I knew he might not take it well. He’s told me before that his main worry is that Isturon will see other women and hurt me, and I admit I thought that at one point too, but I have no doubts about him now. Ter admitted that it probably wouldn’t happen, but he’d still keep an eye out and tell me if he saw anything. I know it’s probably been more difficult for him to accept Galandil’s loss because he was older and has more memories of him — he was planning to enter the guard just like him. His reluctance isn’t really about Isturon, though he says it is. I do think he’s coming around though, it helps that Hethurin doesn’t mind it anymore, and if anyone can change Ter’s mind, it is him. I would like him to speak to the Confessor about it, and maybe Isturon if he feels up to it. I’m not asking him to accept Isturon as his new father, only as my companion. If he wants more out of their relationship, that’s between them.

We looked in the shops, there’s a cooking shop that has all sorts of fancy pots and pans and serving trays. I wanted to get something for Terellion there but I wasn’t sure what he needed, so I bought a paper that he can use to get something when he comes here himself. We looked at the expensive robes in the robe shop, and I showed Isturon the art gallery where I got the painting last time. There were some others there by the same artist, I wish I could have got them but they were expensive. I certainly don’t regret the one I have, it’s hanging in the sitting room over the couch. Maybe I can ask if Vaildor has any that he has for sale. And we visited the Sunwell, I hadn’t ever been myself but Isturon really wanted to go. The last time he was here, it was for some odd program where they never spoke and barely ate anything. Thankfully, we didn’t do that this time, but just standing near it was an awe-inspiring experience. It was so warm and soothing, I could feel the energy flowing past, it was like lying in a meadow underneath the bright spring sunshine. I’m glad he wanted to bring me there.

Oh, and he liked his gift a lot.

[Story] Character of the Week – Hraavik

[[ Hraavik is the main character from my 2005 NaNo novel, Eishundr. Basically, they are dog Vikings — yeah I know, but it makes sense in the book! This is a story that takes before the novel, when Hraavik was a young man. Young dog. Whatever. ]]

The alluring scent of roasting meat and pouring ale met Hraavik’s nose as they dragged their boat up onto the rocky shore. Alrik smelled it as well, his ears perking with interest. Spirits all around the village were high, lamps burned bright in every window, the fences draped with evergreen boughs and bright sour winter berries.

“We’d best hurry,” said Alrik, looping the rope over the tether. “Else they’ll eat and drink everything before we get there.”

Hraavik nodded, pausing to hoist the bundles of furs onto his shoulder. As much as his friend was right — the feast had no doubt already begun, and they shouldn’t wait too long to join — those skins were the whole reason they had gone out in the first place. He couldn’t very well leave all of that value just sitting out in the fog and snow where anyone might take it. “Go on ahead,” he told Alrik. “Save some for me.”

Candles burned warm and bright in the window of his parents’ house, but they had already gone on to the feast. His father’s workbench was strewn with little curls and chips of wood, still smelling fresh. When he was young, his father had carved him countless toys there — figures of warriors and animals, bristly trees and rounded boulders. Now he was too old for such things, and too young to have sons of his own. He supposed his father carved now for himself, or for Hraavik’s mother, or perhaps only out of habit. Hraavik tucked the bundle of furs underneath the table and made certain the door of their house was closed before he hurried down the path toward the feast hall.

The whole of the village had gathered in the hall, a long and imposing building nestled safely within the forest. Its many windows glowed bright, throwing squares of light onto the cold snowy ground outside. Inside, a joyous riot of smells and sounds — the rich smell of the beer, stacked in its aged oak barrels, the spiced sweet bread and roasted nuts, rich delicious meat crackling over the fire, singing and toasting and boasting. They had to celebrate now, while they could, for behind the smiles and cheer they all knew what awaited just outside — the cold bite and merciless blizzards of the northern winter. The grey days would stretch into weeks and months without fresh food or sunlight, and dangerous spirits would stalk the frigid woods. Some would no doubt fall to winter’s fangs, the very old and the very young were most at risk. But not here, not tonight. Tonight the old ones happily gnawed at bones, the young ones bounced on their parents’ knees and grabbed from their plates. Tonight no one would speak of the winter that awaited them, only look back fondly on the year that had passed and celebrate their time together.

Hraavik sat at his father’s side, as was custom for an eldest son. He nodded to his father, who had already devoured one plate full of food.

“You’re late,” he grumbled.

“Sorry,” Hraavik said, piling some of the roasted meat onto his own plate. There were so many good things, he hardly knew where to start. He took some of the root vegetables, the hot grainy bread with berry jam, and aged cheese. “We got a lot of furs, though. Alrik’s a good trapper.”

“Hm,” said Hraavik’s father, glancing across the table to where Alrik sat with his parents. “I hear he’s found a wife as well.”

Hraavik turned an ear back and frowned. “Yeah, I think so.”  It was true in fact, Alrik had already told Hraavik about his plans to offer Tola a ring. They’d met Tola, striking with her dark markings, the summer before. She was from a neighboring clan, but had relatives among their people. Hraavik had thought her strong and beautiful, but she’d only had eyes for Alrik from the start. Was he jealous? Perhaps a little. He worried that his friend might not have time for him any longer, but it hadn’t really been the case. The worst thing was that he spoke of Tola constantly, always telling stories of things she’d said, or looking for gifts to give her. Everything seemed to go so easily for them, and Hraavik had no doubt that once they’d married, everything would continue to do so. Nothing had been easy for Hraavik; despite having a good family and a strong father, none of the girls in the village had paid him any attention. Maybe he was just too shy, he never knew what to say to them. Alrik said just to speak to them as you’d speak to a friend, but that didn’t seem to work either.

There were girls that he hadn’t seen before, daughters of families far up in the hills who didn’t come into the village often. Some of them were bringing drinks to the table, taking away empty plates, laughing with the young men. One drew Hraavik’s eye right away, a girl with long flowing bright hair. She had braided some of it, and tied it with a ribbon. Had someone given that to her? Probably so. Hraavik drank his beer glumly as he tried to imagine which of them it was, but the girl didn’t seem to speak to anyone more than the others. Maybe he could try to talk to her, but not during the meal when it was so loud. He’d wait until the dancing started, and he could offer his arm. At least that way, if she refused, no one else would have to know. Hraavik tried to watch her, keep track of where she went, in spite of the crowd she stood out to him like a bright star in the winter sky.

Just like talking to anyone else, Hraavik assured himself, but he could feel his palms sweating as he approached her. She turned to look at him, her long lashes lowered.

“I saw you watching me,” she said, and a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth.

“Oh,” said Hraavik. “Do you want to dance?” The words came tumbling out of their own accord, not how he’d planned it at all. He felt his ears getting hot.

The girl threw her hair back over her shoulders. “All right. But I don’t know your name.”

“H-Hraavik,” he said.

The girl took his hand and led him to the dance floor. “I’m Rania.”

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In a little while I’ll post the last weekly story of 2018. Next year, I’d like to focus more on fantasy and horror for my weekly prompts, though of course I’ll still write for my characters during the rest of the week.

I found a couple of sites that look promising, one is this list of 120 one-word prompts:


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Other goals: ArtFight in July, including new character sheets for those who need them, and drawing all my Ice dragons on Flight Rising.

I’d also like to find more time for sewing and working on dolls, though that’s more difficult now that kids are staying here all summer.

[Art] Flight Rising Secret Santa

I can post these now, since Secret Santa gifts have gone out! The first one is for my recipient, the second was a thank you to the person who got me gifts. dancinghare_fr_lilta


[Story] Character of the Week – Tempest

[[ Tempest is a wild mustang who lives in the American West. I originally played her on an RP based on Spirit, the animated horse movie. Yeah I know, but there was actually some good RP! Tempest, as her name might suggest, is bold, stubborn, and doesn’t like being told what to do. Though she lost her first love, Heart-Seer, she has found another herd and settled in there. I did some art of her somewhere, but I’m not sure where it is right now! ]]

Tempest watched the cold grey sky with concern. The dark clouds that hung over the prairie were nearly the same shade as her own coat. Dark clouds meant a storm, and this cold, that storm would surely be snow and ice instead of rain. Though it was yet early in the season, the temperature had already grown cold enough to strangle the plants in its icy grip, and snow still covered parts of their usual grazing grounds. It troubled her, this smell of cold in the air, because it meant there would be little to eat. She had to worry not only for herself, but her second foal, who would arrive in spring if everything went well. The rest of the mares, many of them expecting as well, relied on her to lead them. Already some had approached her, ears turned back and eyes wide, asking what they would do. The previous winter, they had found a sheltered valley to protect them from the worst of the weather. It was mild enough that they could still scrape by enough to eat through the snow. But even the little valley was buried already, and their herd numbered more than it had last year. Some — like her own Tristan — were caught in the odd place between babies and independence. Lanky and bold, he was old enough to leave for the bachelor herd, most likely in the spring. Tempest wished it wasn’t so; she would have preferred him to stay so that she could see him and ensure that he was safe, but it was the way of things. Though it would break her heart to send him away, there could be only one stallion in the herd, and that was Titan, his father. Tempest wished more than once that her next might be a daughter, so she would be spared the heartache of having to send her away.

Tempest considered moving the herd, though she was not sure where they could go. A long trip, especially in the meager winter, would prove dangerous to mothers and foals alike. Who could know how far south the snow stretched? There would surely be other herds there as well, and they might not be willing to allow them in — especially if food was scarce. Tempest thought on this problem often, occupying her thoughts as she scratched the dead grass from beneath the snow. She thought she might ask Titan, at the very least he might have a different perspective on the problem. Tempest did not want to admit that she had been defeated by it, but Titan was too polite to suggest so. He was a good listener, one of the reasons that she and the others had accepted him as their stallion. She found him atop a high rock outcropping, overlooking the prairie.

“Not to worry, Tempest,” he said, touching his soft nose to hers. “I have a plan.”

Tempest turned an ear skeptically. “A plan? To make the snow stop?”

Titan swished his tail in amusement, turning to descend from his perch. “No, follow me. I will show you.”

She followed him across the snow-speckled prairie in silence, growing wary when they reached a wire fence. These were dangerous; they could easily be run into as they were difficult to see, and the wire tangled around horses and made it nearly impossible to remove. Worse, they were proof that humans were near. Tempest stamped a hoof and snorted, but Titan led her to a place where the fence had collapsed, and stepped neatly over the wire. Titan knew more of humans than most of their herd; he had once lived among them and the foals loved to listen to his stories about it. Tempest could not be sure just now many of them were true, or not, she had been born on the prairie and avoided humans completely. Her mother made no secret of their danger, and the lesson had been worn well into her mind. In the distance, Tempest could see a human building, square and unnatural against the horizon. She snorted at that, too, and Titan reassured her with a touch on her shoulder.

“Watch,” he said, and through the shroud of snow and wind, Tempest saw a tiny figure moving amidst the white.

“He’s going to shoot us,” Tempest said, alarmed.

“No,” Titan shook his head. “See what he does.”

The figure was moving, placing something on the ground. Tempest could not tell what it was from afar. After what seemed a very long time, the figure disappeared again, and Titan moved forward to where the human had been.

“Don’t!” Tempest cried, her ears pinned in alarm. She called out to him, begging him to come away from the danger, but he continued forward. Titan lowered his head to the ground and began eating. What? The ground was cold and barren, what could he have found here? Curiosity and hunger got the better of her caution, and Tempest moved closer. A fragrant, sweet dried grass was spread over the snow, a pile of grains nearby. Tempest gasped, her eyes wide. Titan pushed a little pile of the grass toward her. “It’s good. You should eat some.”

Tempest sniffed at the grass, but it smelled sweet and good, like sunshine on a lazy summer afternoon. And Titan was eating it, so maybe it was safe after all. After weeks of dead grass, it was flavorful and delicious. “Humans used to give this to us,” Titan explained. “Try the grain, it’s the best part.”

“But I don’t understand. Why would they put this here? It must be a trap.” Tempest lifted her head, surveying the surroundings. She could neither see nor smell the human, though she could see the buildings silhouetted against the dark grey sky.

“Not all of them are bad. He wants us to have enough food for the winter.”

Tempest frowned. She wasn’t sure about this. Why would a human do that? Then again, she didn’t understand why they did any of the things they did. The area was open enough that they could see any danger that did approach. Perhaps it was worth the risk; the alternative was far worse. “I’ll bring the others,” said Tempest, with a last glance toward the buildings. She hoped this wasn’t a mistake.

[Story] Thorns – Temperance’s Diary

Winter Veil in the city is so pretty. Just when the weather starts to get gloomy and grey, everyone puts out the lights and ribbons and pine boughs to make it look bright and festive again. The market is even busier than usual with people buying gifts, they have special foods like spiced cookies and a drink made with rum, and sweaters and scarves. I also like that everyone is wearing hoods or cloaks, so I don’t feel as out of place. I thought I should get a gift for Nash, he was nice enough to make a picnic, and I don’t really have anyone else I could get gifts for. There are the people in the cathedral, but I don’t really know any of them well enough to know what they’d like. In truth, I don’t know Nash all that well either, but I do know that he likes cheese.  I went into the cheese shop and I told them I wanted a basket for a gift, they asked a lot of questions about what kind of cheese he likes, and what he’d be eating it with. I honestly didn’t know, so I just guessed the best I could. I had no idea there was so much to know about cheese! I also told them he likes the kind with holes, so the lady put in a big wheel of that, and she others she said that he would like because they are similar. There are some little tiny ones wrapped in bright wax, she let me try one and it was really good. I think it’s a perfect size to put into your pocket if you’re going up to do prayers and you get a little hungry.

He seemed surprised when he came to visit and he saw the basket, except he couldn’t be too surprised because he also brought me something — it was a blanket. It’s really fuzzy and soft, so it will be nice at night. The basement can get very damp and chilly, especially in the winter, he must have remembered that from when he was staying here. I asked him if he’d seen the papers about the peace talks, he said he had, but he didn’t seem very excited about it. I would have thought he would be. I think it would be exciting to visit Silvermoon! I think that’s the only one I would like to see, the others sound too dangerous or too dirty. I didn’t ask if the people in Silvermoon like humans or not, I would guess they do as they lived with them before. I even saw some blood elves walking on the road toward the keep, they looked so beautiful in their splendid red and gold gowns. They had to be ambassadors, which is a good step! Nash said he can’t ever go back to Silvermoon though, and he’s worried that the guards here might send him back. I didn’t think about that, hopefully they don’t. I’d think the guards here have enough people to worry about to find people for other cities.

Nash said he’s been to lots of other places though. He’s been to Orgrimmar, where the orcs live, and Ironforge, which is carved inside a mountain. That sounds cozy, he said there’s a big forge in the middle to keep everything warm, because outside is all snowy. If you could look out and see the snow from inside, I think that would be very nice. It never snowed much in Duskwood, sometimes it does here but not a lot. I think a place with a lot of snow would be pretty, as long as I could look at it from inside. I don’t really want to have to be outside in the cold. I wonder how old Nash is, he doesn’t look very old but I suppose elves don’t age the same as humans do. He could be hundreds of years old, that’s why he’s been to so many places. Oh, he also said he’s been to Dalaran, where the mages live, but he said he had to sleep in an alley there. That doesn’t sound nice at all, they should build a cathedral for the people to stay if they have nowhere else to go. Maybe I’ll go one day and make one! That won’t really happen, of course, how would I ever get to places like that? I would have to ask a mage, and I don’t know any, and they charge money to make portals. I spent all of the money I had on cheese.

That’s not true, I did save a little in case I saw something in the market that I like. I haven’t found anything yet, but I’m going to go again tomorrow and look, now that I don’t have to carry a big basket around. I might even walk by the clock shop, Nash said he was going to put his in the window display.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Braedra’s Journal

I thought I’d stop by to see how Anorelle and Tiros were doing. Aeramin told everyone at the school that his brother had arrived a little early. Of course we wouldn’t be able to get our usual drinks at the coffee shop, but I thought I’d bring by some food from the kitchen and some blankets and things. I wanted to ask her advice about things, but I’m sure all she wants to do right now is sleep. There will be time for that later. I didn’t get to see Tiros up close — he was in his cradle — he’s still a bit young for visitors. I did tell Anorelle that I’d be happy to watch him anytime they want some time alone, there aren’t any tiny babies left in the nursery right now.

Mostly I wanted to tell her about the holiday play that we went to. Isturon said he tries to go every year, which kind of makes me wonder who else he’s gone with. Certainly not Verisna, I doubt she’d be interested, and at least the one we saw was a love story. It was about a poor tailor who was hired to make a beautiful gown for a rich family’s daughter. Of course, when she came in to have it fitted, he fell in love with her right away and spent most of the story being sad that he could never be with her. He snuck into the ball just so he could see her dancing, where she saw him and they danced and she proclaimed that she liked him after all. Probably not very realistic, but it was sweet anyway. I just can’t see him taking Verisna to something like that.

He also told me that he got reservations to the island! I couldn’t believe that, even in the off season they aren’t cheap. I’m very much looking forward to it though, the last time I went it was by myself and it just wasn’t the same. I spent a lot of time thinking about him, I know it will be much better with him actually there. But now I feel as if the sweater and key aren’t really enough, so he mentioned that he likes fruit, especially pears. I know there’s a stand where they sell fruits wrapped in fancy paper in a box, I’ll get him some of those pears. And I’ll get some things for the trip in the one shop, he said that I look nice in red so that’s what color I’ll get. I did see some of those hats they have for sale, the ones with fur trim. I guess that’s something dwarves wear in the winter, but they have them for sale here too. I thought it felt silly but the goblin assured me that Isturon would like it, so I got that too. I still don’t know if it’s enough, he got things for the girls too! I’m worried that he’s spending all his gold on us again. I should check at the Spire and see if anyone there has been able to locate his paperwork. He said he just wants to have a nice time at the island, and I’m certain that we will. I’m looking forward to it and hopefully he won’t insist on paying for everything.

[Story] Character of the Week – Anorelle Firewind

[[ A former Silvermoon guard, Anorelle joined the Ghostclaw a few years back. She is married to Arancon, Aeramin’s father, and her week happened to coincide with when her little one was due! ]]

Today started like an ordinary day. Arancon made breakfast and then he left for his patrol, normally I’d have gone too but he insists that I rest instead. Nessna said she patrolled right up until the day Rylad was born, but I’m not sure if that’s really true, besides, she’s younger than I am. I notice she didn’t say that about Zaren, which tells me that the captain made her rest when he was almost born, too. I don’t mind him fussing really, just sometimes it’s silly, like when he says I can’t wash the dishes — of course I can! But if he really wants to wash them I’m not going to stop him. Esladra did say it was better if I stayed close to the clinic though, so I agreed to stay at home even though I felt fine. I have a stack of books I’ve been reading, some about babies and some just for entertainment, I have some of those ones about rangers falling in love and fighting trolls. I was about to go and read one of those, but I felt a little strange. Not sick really, but not comfortable, either. I went to rest on the couch but it didn’t get better, it was then that I realized what was going on. I’d been reading about it so much but I still didn’t recognize it when it happened! Probably because Tiros isn’t supposed to be here for another week or two. But after looking in my book, I wanted to have Esladra look anyway. I put on my coat and took my bag of clothes and things that we’d packed and went across the street.

Esladra was not too surprised to see me, she put me into one of the rooms with a bed and she looked me over. She made sure to tell me that she could hear Tiros’s heart and everything seemed okay from what she could see. Sometimes babies just decide to come earlier — or I guess it’s possible we counted wrong. That could be, too. She went to her house to get Teloth, who took a hawkstrider out along Aracon’s patrol route to bring him back. I told him where they probably were about this time, and it didn’t take long for Arancon to arrive. He was falling over himself to apologize, it wasn’t his fault that Tiros decided to come early! Esladra put him to work getting towels and water. I don’t remember too much else except for him helping me do the exercises we’d practiced in the book.

For a moment he didn’t make a sound and I thought the worst, but as soon as Esladra started to clean him off he started to cry. It was the best sound! He’s so tiny and perfect, he has the littlest fingers and toes and little ears. Esladra said he’s a bit on the small side, but otherwise perfectly fine. She’s going to come check on him in a couple of days to make sure he’s eating okay, then he’ll have weekly checkups. Even holding him, it doesn’t really seem real, that he’s mine and he’s here. Arancon held him too, and he was so happy. I didn’t think I could possibly love him more, but I do. Arancon slipped out while we were resting and went to find Aeramin, he returned with a big basket of clothes and things. I had no idea he’d got all that! I hope he’ll be able to come visit his brother soon, Esladra says it’s best to wait a while before babies see any visitors because it’s easy for them to get sick. I want to rest but I also don’t want to put him down, he’s so cute and tiny. I’m not sure because he only has fuzz for hair, but I think it’s orange. I hope so.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

The Headmaster gave money to Rhan and I to go buy things in the city. Normally he’d want to go with us, but I’d like to think that he trusts us enough now to go alone. Either that or he didn’t want to see what we were going to get, that might be it too. Felarius didn’t go either, but I don’t know if the Headmaster told him not to. He might send him with Professor Firewind I guess. The main thing I wanted to get was something for my mother, like some earrings. She’s always worked hard and I wanted to get her something nice like that, we could never afford it before. But Rhan was saying she wanted to get things for the teachers, and I thought that was a good idea too. They are the ones working hard to make sure that I learn magic, and I do appreciate that a lot. Especially Magister Firewind, because he knows what it’s like and he always takes the time to make sure Felarius and I are doing okay. We can go to him if we have any questions or problems. But I don’t know what teachers like! Rhan and I thought of some ideas, chocolates or wine, or maybe a nice pen from the store that sells paper. The Headmaster already has so many things, I couldn’t think of what to get him. I told Rhan to get something with dragons, because he likes dragons a lot. I’m not sure what Professor Firewind would want either. I know he likes cooking sometimes, so I got him some wine. The guy at the store said he thought we looked kind of young to buy wine, but we told him it was for our teachers and then he helped us pick some out. It probably also helped that we had a lot of gold. People are a lot more willing to help you if you have a lot of gold.

We looked at the dress shop, Rhan got these fancy pants and shirt that were black and silver. I think they’re really pretty, she was worried that the  Headmaster wouldn’t like it and she’d ruin the party. She won’t! It’s not like a rule that you have to wear winter colors, but most people do because it matches the decorations. I found a dress that was white and blue, I was worried it might show too much in front but Rhan said it was okay. I told her that he didn’t ask at the dance, but then it seemed like she felt bad about it so I wish I hadn’t. I mean, it’s really not a big deal to me because I never expected it to happen, anyway I have more time to eat the food that way. But she kind of seemed sad, I wish she wouldn’t. I’m not sad about it.

At the jewelry shop, Rhan found a necklace to buy for Telaena. It’s a flower made of silver and there are pink gems for the petals. It’s really pretty, she’s going to love it. I found some earrings with emeralds for my mother, they hang down but not too far. She can wear it to dinner or something like that, or if she goes out to the city. I told her she should have tried to dance with the Headmaster’s father before but she said that was nonsense, and he’s spending a lot of time with Terellion’s mother now so he probably wouldn’t. There are still some other guys at the school, there’s Keyalenn’s father and Felarius’s, who is helping teach the younger kids in the general class. It would be really weird if our parents got together, though! My mother said I shouldn’t meddle in things like that, well how does she like it! Serves her right for always talking about how I need to find some rich mage boy.

Right before it was time to meet up with the Headmaster, I got a scarf and mittens and hat. They all match together. They had them at a booth there, and they didn’t cost very much, I had just enough left to get them. It can get cold when you’re walking outside at the school. I also wondered about if I should have got something for Fel, I mean, I don’t know if he got something for me. If he did, I’ll look dumb because I didn’t get him anything. But if he doesn’t then I’ll be stuck with a present because I can’t give him one without looking weird. I got him a hat and scarf and mitten set too. If he doesn’t like it, I can always say it was from the Headmaster instead.

[OOC/Screenshots] SWTOR – Jedi Under Siege

The new story patch came out today, along with some systems like guild leveling and a new operation. I am mainly interested in the story though! Like WoW, I had hoped they would move toward the factions being united for PVE purposes, especially because (as in WoW) I play on the side with far fewer people — it’s about 3:1 overall. They didn’t quite do that, but they did do something interesting: your character can choose to support the Republic or Empire regardless of what class they are. Kazta is a Republic die-hard and would never pick otherwise, but I started my Sith Juggernaut on the quests having him support the Republic. While he still goes to the Imperial area for “appearance’s sake”, he’s getting orders from the Republic contact. I am really interested to see how his storyline goes as a traitor!

Cut for spoilers, also sorry my screenshots look terrible because I still haven’t got a new video card or more memory yet. These are mostly of Kazta, with a few of my Sith “traitor”, and one of my Jedi Knight meeting up with an old friend.

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