[Story] Imralion’s Journal

We’re here on our island, well it’s not really ours but there aren’t any other guests here so it might as well be. The pandaren come by to bring food and drinks a few times a day, but otherwise we can just relax on the beach or in the little house. I told Aeramin that he should bring that cream so he doesn’t get a sunburn like last time, hopefully he’ll listen. I don’t want him to be miserable on our trip. It’s so much warmer here, it took a little while to get used to. But it’s really beautiful and the water is so clear. There are big crabs you can see down under the water where it gets a little deeper, I am worried that one will pinch my foot. In the evenings sometimes there are turtles on the beach too, they crawl up on the sand out of the ocean. It’s hard to believe but Aeramin says there was a lot of fighting here a few years back. We did pass an outpost on the way here, but it looks to be abandoned. I think letting people stay here on vacation is a much better thing to use it for.

Aeramin looked so fancy, his robes looked like they were made of fire, and it had gold trim. Julan had done his hair up too, and his makeup. Aeramin said Julan woke him up super early to get it done, but I guess he knew what he was doing because they just finished in time. Maybe it was to help distract him from worrying, too. He said he’s more relaxed now, and I definitely think that’s true. He doesn’t have to organize anything or make any appointments or find people to make things. Lin said he was also worried that I was going to change my mind at the last minute. I think that’s silly, but I guess she could be right. He’s had it happen before, and he gets really nervous if he’s away for too long. Lin said she was nervous about the same thing before hers, too. I wanted to say it wouldn’t be that bad if the lizard guy had changed his mind, but I didn’t. She helped out a lot and also did my hair. Our mother was there, she cried, that was embarrassing. Hethurin gave us some certificates to use at some shops, because he said he didn’t know what else to get. It’s true we don’t really need very much, since we’ve already had a house for years now. I was amazed at how much there was though, but he said he had to take it and it wasn’t too much. Aeramin will be able to get some new robes, and there’s one for the armor shop as well, so I could finally get a new sword. I’m actually pretty excited about that. Then if we want some new furniture we could maybe get some there. I know Aeramin gets upset when I polish my armor on the couch, so we could get a new couch that I won’t use.

I was a little worried that Lyorri’s mother might show up, but thankfully she didn’t. I guess that’s part of the reason that Aeramin only invited a few people. It was really nice though. Tik made spinach rolls, and he also made some with my favorite spicy vegetable from Shattrath. He also put some frog legs, which people probably thought was a bit odd, but I thought it was a nice personal touch. I think it’s better we didn’t go with that other place anyway. The wine was good, I had a few and Aeramin was worried that Hethurin would drink too much and not be able to make our portal, but he was okay. Aeramin’s father was also there, and he had a girl with him, at first I thought it might be Lin, because she’s there at the rangers with him. But Hethurin said it wasn’t, I guess it was another ranger. Aeramin went to talk to him but I don’t know what they said. It was probably awkward.

We’ll be here for a couple of weeks, then Aeramin will have to come back to teach his classes again. By that time it’ll be close to the mask ball, he suggested we should try to find some while we’re here. I think that would be neat, no one else will have Pandaren masks.


[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I worry sometimes that Aeramin will be treated badly forever, no matter how long he teaches or how important his research becomes. Somehow people can always tell and look down on him for his past. I wish I could change it, I didn’t exactly have it easy being at the orphanage, but at least we didn’t have that mark of shame. And it certainly hasn’t followed us around, at least that I’ve noticed. I don’t know if it’s even intentional either, but bad things just seem to happen to him. Like the other night, he was a bit late getting home. I wasn’t too worried, because I knew he’d gone to try to arrange the food for the party, and I figured that would take a while.

He showed up with his hood up, which was unusual. I finally got him to take it down and he looked like he’d been in a fight — which he had. I think he was worried I’d be upset or something, which I was, but not with him. He had run into Lyorri’s mother there — I guess she lives in the city now? If that’s the case, why couldn’t she keep her own child? Why would she leave her outside in the cold to possibly die? Well, that’s what Aeramin wanted to know, too, and he tried to ask her. I don’t blame him at all for that, I would have done the same thing. She grabbed him and went down a hallway, and I admit I did get a little worried about that, but then her husband saw and thought Aeramin was trying to do something with his wife. And that’s how he get bruised. On top of that, the restaurant thought he was the one causing problems and made him leave, without the food. I wanted to write a letter and tell them they’re being jerks, but Lin said I should just let it go and let Tik take care of it. She might be right, but I think it would make me feel better if I at least wrote it, even if I don’t send it. I’m definitely going to tell everyone I know not to go there anymore though. And I can’t believe how awful that woman is. I wonder if her husband knows that she had a child that she just threw away? I don’t think it would be a good idea to tell him though, because he’d probably blame Aeramin for that too. I thought about going to look for them, but Aeramin said the guy was really big. It’s probably not going to help anything to go and confront him, but I definitely want answers from that woman too.

I feel terrible that happened to him when it’s supposed to be a happy time. I got him some wine and then I went to Lani’s to see if she had anything that might help reduce the swelling. There was some nasty smelling cream, I’m not sure if he’ll use it but it’s worth a try. The Confessor also gave me some chocolates from his desk. Probably won’t help the bruises, but they might make Aeramin feel better at least. Aeramin said he’ll ask Julan to help do some makeup if they haven’t gone away in time, I guess that’s probably a good idea.

Oh also, I had to tell Lin that lizards aren’t allowed. I know she knows that, but she said Sunashe was asking because the card didn’t specifically say. That guy is so weird sometimes. Of course lizards aren’t allowed, I thought that was just assumed.

[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Lin is helping me get ready for the wedding. I didn’t think I needed help, but she says I do. I have my dress armor polished and I made sure everything still fits properly and isn’t missing any pieces or buckles or anything. I made sure my ornamental sword is sharp and balanced, though I don’t expect to need to use it. There shouldn’t be any demons or anything showing up. Besides Aeramin’s father, that is. That’s a joke, I think he should come. Aeramin’s his only son and it’s an important day for him. Our mother will be there too. She’s already been around with Lin fussing over everything. She keeps saying how handsome I look, which is tiresome. At least she didn’t ask about when we’re having any kids, hopefully because she has one grandchild to hold already. But I suspect it’ll come eventually. And I don’t really know the answer, I mean it’s something I’ve thought about, sure. Aeramin always says we could make it happen if that’s what I really want, but I know he feels guilty about Lyorri too. So I don’t know, for now at least. We’ll just wait and see what the future holds. Lin says we need to be sure before we get married, and she might be right about that, but it’s fine with me either way. I don’t want one so much that I’m willing to upset Aeramin for it.

She also wants to know how I’m doing my hair. I don’t know, I was going to comb it? Lin says I need to do something with it, but combing it is something. Then she offered to put braids in or something, which sounds a little weird, but she insists it will look nice. Not a lot of braids, just one going along either side and then meeting in the back, she also said she could put ribbon into it. I’ve never worn ribbon in my hair my entire life, but she insisted Aeramin would like it. I’m not sure how she would know, but fine.

My mother got us this big vase thing. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be used for, decoration I guess, unless you had some really gigantic flowers to hold, or a lot of water. She said it’s ancient, which I guess it probably is. There’s a design of an elf fighting a lion with a spear on one side, and just patterns otherwise. I guess it’s all right, but neither of us fights lions so it’s a little odd. Maybe Aeramin can put it in his work room or something, and the imps can hide inside of it. They’d definitely fit, probably at least three or four of them.

Everyone keeps asking if I’m nervous, I don’t know why I should be. Yes, it’s a big step but we’ve been together for so long we’re practically married already. I don’t expect that anything will change. I’ve had to be in ceremonies before, so I’m not nervous about everyone looking at me. I guess I might be a little nervous about forgetting some of what I’m supposed to say, but the priest can help me if I forget. So I don’t think I am. Everyone makes it seem like I’m supposed to be. I definitely think that Aeramin is, he’s buzzing around like a bee trying to get everything done. I want to help more but I’m afraid I’ll mess it up and just make him worry more. Like when I put the wrong table cloths out. I know he’s been through this stuff before and I guess he really wants to make sure it’s right this time. I try to reassure him but I’m not sure if it is working or not. Once we’re on our trip, I think he’ll relax and be back to normal again. I’m definitely looking forward to that.

[Story] Homecoming

Makota let out a small gasp as she crested the ridge that overlooked their old home. Ahali said nothing, though he was still making his way up behind her. He couldn’t move as fast as he used to. But he’d warned Makota what they might see, and he had been right. The ground was charred and black in places, with deep grooves like enormous claw marks scratched into the earth. Trees stood askew and splintered, their pale wood exposed by the orcs’ blades. They were long gone now, Makota wasn’t sure to where. How could they return to Orgrimmar? Perhaps they, like she and Ahali, had gone into hiding. In the time since the machines had stopped running, the earth had fought back. Fresh green grass grew up in the cracks, and creeping vines had begun to cling to the enormous metal machines. One day, Makota thought, you wouldn’t be able to see them anymore. But today, she still could, and seeing her home like this made her heart hurt. How could they destroy it so easily? The orcs would probably say that they needed the wood, and they preferred to take it from the elves. Frankly, Makota would rather have stayed with them — they had always been polite and willing to trade in the past. The war had changed that though, too. Now she and Ahali would be met with the tips of arrows should they go deeper into Ashenvale. It wasn’t fair, she’d lived there her whole life, just as the elves had. But now they thought of the tauren as enemies, and fiercely defended their land. Makota could understand that, but she wished they knew that they had nothing to do with all of this. Their home was being destroyed just as the elves’ was.

Turned out of Ashenvale, they had decided to go southeast into the swamp. Makota hated it there; even when it hadn’t rained, her hooves would sink into the mud and it smelled awful. There were snakes that lived in the water, and insects everywhere. There wasn’t much to eat, either. Most of the time they caught fish from the muddy water, but they had an odd unpleasant taste to their flesh. Sometimes they dug for roots, which were all right when roasted in the fire, but they didn’t have much flavor. At the outpost, Makota had tried to send a letter to her friend Lali in Dalaran, but she didn’t know if it had arrived. The magical city had seemed so strange to Makota then, but it sounded so much better than a swamp. Was her friend even there anymore? She had heard rumors about Dalaran, but she didn’t know what — if any — of it was true. Did Lali hate her now too? She hoped that wasn’t the case, but the possibility troubled her. Every letter that went unanswered worried Makota more. She and Ahali had to cross the vast flooded canyon to reach Feralas on the other side. There, at least, were other Tauren, and they felt a bit more at home. It comforted Makota to hear familiar words and eat food that she was used to. She even made a new friend there, a young female about her age. She had lived in the canyon, in one of the towns atop the stone pillars, before it had flooded. They often went walking in the forest together, to show Makota the way around, and just to talk. An’shula was amazed at how far Makota had traveled, and wanted to know everything about the elves. Some lived in Feralas, she said, but very far away, on the coast. She had never seen them, but she did tell Makota about the ogres and gnolls. Makota forgot her troubles, for a time. But as the years passed, she wondered what had become of their home, and she missed it. Feralas was lovely, but it wasn’t the same. She asked Ahali if he wanted to go or not. The swamp had not been easy on him, either. Makota thought he might just want to stay here, and she could make the trip back on her own. But he surprised her by agreeing, and they set out for Mulgore, better prepared this time and with no danger at their backs.

Some of the villages were gone, burned down or simply abandoned, but there were new ones too. It felt strange having to re-discover her old home, and to meet the people who lived there now. Some remembered her, which made Makota feel a bit better, though others did not. They had fled from other places and decided to stay. She built two tents in one of the settlements to the north, near to the Ashenvale border, but not across it. The others said it was still dangerous to enter while the elves were patrolling. Makota felt glad of the safety and companionship of a village, it also meant that they could share what food they found. It wouldn’t be so easy as it was before, but there were enough people here that proved it was possible. And they liked Ahali, too. He told stories around the fire every night, and the others tended to him to be sure he was comfortable. It was nice to see him be pampered a little, after all, he deserved it. Makota wrote another letter to her friend, Lali. They had a little mail box here that went out whenever someone went into Thunder Bluff. She hoped this one would reach her friend.

[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Aeramin is in full planning mode, it’s great seeing him so excited but at the same time a bit tiring. I feel like I should be helping more, but I don’t know everything we need. He has a list, he’s prepared. Really it doesn’t matter too much to me what kind of food we have or whatever, I think it’ll be good either way. Aeramin said we need colors and a theme. Lin didn’t, or maybe she did and I didn’t notice. He said red and gold would be good, and I agreed because that would match my armor. I don’t think I’d be able to get a whole new set of armor in time otherwise. He’ll need to get a robe, I would go with but I’m not good at picking robes, also I thought I wasn’t supposed to see it beforehand. But maybe that’s only for dresses, I don’t know. Hethurin is really interested in helping plan, but Aeramin is worried he’ll just take everything over. I guess he might be right about that, but I think it would be safe to let him help pick out the robe.

It seems like he has most everything decided. I do think we should get some little statues to go on the cake, you know to represent us or whatever. Aeramin kept saying things like a sword or a horse. I think he was trying to be funny but I don’t really think that’s appropriate for a wedding cake. I’ll have to think about it more, he said I should look in the city for something. Or I could just let Terellion decide what to put on there, I guess I trust him not to put something weird. I am curious what he thinks would represent me though. We talked a lot about who we should invite. Obviously Lin, and I guess Sunashe as well, and the other teachers from the school. Though I don’t really get along with my mother I think it would be unfair to not invite her. And Lin would probably bring her anyway if I didn’t send an invitation. I just wish she would have cared more about us back then. I don’t know if Aeramin plans to invite his father or not. I think he’d probably want to go, because Aeramin’s his only child and he’ll (hopefully) only have one wedding. When I talked to him about it before he said he was worried about the alcohol being there. Personally I think we could make arrangements to just have the alcohol after, but Aeramin said that wouldn’t be fair to the other guests. I don’t think they’d care that much, and would rather see Aeramin’s father there. I also said maybe someone could keep an eye on him to make sure he didn’t drink, but Aeramin said he didn’t want to have to focus on that. But it’s not my choice.

I think it’s going to be before the mask party, because it gets pretty cold here quickly after that. It doesn’t seem very far away, I hope we’ll have everything ready in time. Seems like a lot to plan in such a short period of time. And I don’t know where we’re going away for a holiday, either. Aeramin suggested the island, but I pointed out it might be really busy. So then he said there are some places you can rent in Pandaria. I think that sounds nice, and it would definitely be less crowded. I just hope there wouldn’t be any bears staring at us the whole time.

[Story] Imralion’s Journal

There’s a short break before the summer classes start up, so Aeramin wanted to go on a trip and asked me to pick somewhere. I thought it would be nice to go back to Shattrath, he still has the house there and we haven’t been in a long time. Maybe we could also go to the swamp and get some frogs, or go swimming in the floating islands. I remember going there when we first were talking and he was helping me study the different demons for my training. I didn’t know he was interested like that at all, I thought he was just being nice and trying to help. Even when he asked me to stay at the house I didn’t assume any other intentions, it sounds silly to say now but I don’t always notice when someone’s trying to flirt. Especially a guy. I also really liked staying in the spire that the ethereals maintain, it was like a little bubble full of different plants and animals in a barren, rocky landscape. I remember we ate little food cubes and drank this strange stuff that was thicker than water, and kind of sparkled. I don’t know if he’d been planning it for a while or what, but Aeramin brought along some frogs to cook, and he also had brought some rings. I wasn’t too surprised really, because we’d talked about it before. I’d even considered going to buy some myself, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right time, or what style I’d want to get. He picked nice ones though, and they fit well too.

I don’t really expect anything will change, we’ve been together a long time and already live together so we know all our habits and things like that. It’s pretty much just a formality, we’ve already been through a lot and come out on the other side, so I’m not worried about something else happening. If it does, we can talk and figure it out then. When I went to see Lin at the rangers’, Aeramin’s father was there. He was asking what I’d do if something happened to Aeramin and I had to take care of him, the way he had to take care of Aeramin’s mother. I said I would do it, of course, and if Lyorri wanted to help I would welcome it. Obviously I hope it doesn’t happen, but it’s not something you can predict and it’s a waste of time to worry about things that might not. It still felt like it was some kind of test, and I don’t know if I passed or not. I know they don’t get along well, but I thought his father should at least know. It’s up to Aeramin if he wants to invite him or not. That’s assuming we even have a big thing, I’m fine with a small party like Lin had, just some food and drinks and people having a good time. I definitely don’t want a crazy big wedding like Hethurin had, with carriages and giant cakes. I mean, a small cake would be okay. That’s something we still need to figure out, but I don’t think Aeramin really wants that either. I do want to wear my fancy armor, though. I told Arancon that I’d tell Aeramin that he wants to talk to him, but it’ll probably end up being about Lyorri again, and I don’t think they are ever going to come to an agreement on that. I am not sure what I would have done in that situation, but I do agree that Kes and Ordinicus are probably the best thing for her right now.

Lin seemed kind of surprised, and she asked if I was going to invite our mother. I’m not really sure yet. She’s never been a mother to me, so it’s not important to me if she’s there, but I can at least agree that it would be important to her. Though if we were so important to her, why didn’t she look for us sooner? I’ll have to think about it I guess. Lin might just invite her anyway.

[Screenshots] Class Mounts 2

Finished up the other three that I could do now: Paladin, Hunter, and Priest. Even with very low ilevel and NO legendaries, my Priest had no problem completing hers. Which makes me really wonder what’s up with the Warrior one.

I actually thought the Paladin scenario was a lot of fun. It was a neat throwback to the original charger quest, and I liked that I got to choose my followers and it was a little dungeon party. I know some people aren’t crazy about the Paladin mount, but as a Draenei paladin, I’m overjoyed to have a horse again instead of that stupid elekk. I do wish it had actual wings when flying, and it does seem a bit tiny for a Draenei, but otherwise I like it.


Hunter was next. I’m a little bummed that I’ll never be able to tame gryphons, because it requires maxing the BM weapon and, well, that’s never happening. But the mount is all right. It looks pretty good with a Tauren, and the MM color (which is what I am) will match her black fur and black pets.


I actually think the Priest mount is pretty neat, it just… doesn’t fit a Priest thematically, at all. Well, I guess it works all right for Night Elf priests, but really no one else. The Disc color matches my transmog better too, it’s one that swaps with your spec.


So I still have Warrior and Rogue left to finish, but no idea when that’ll actually happen.