[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

Lani is resting in the other room, I’m feeding and changing Mylaela when she needs it, and partly to check that she’s still doing all right. Things went smoothly last time, so I really wasn’t prepared for complications, and it hit hard. I know the feeling of losing my family, and I was terrified that it was going to happen again and, like before, there would be absolutely nothing I could do to stop it. Lani started having signs of labor early yesterday, and Esladra and Isturon took turns attending to her. All I could do was tell her it would be all right, even though I had no idea if that was true. I thought if I seemed scared, she would get more upset and make matters worse. They ended up having to remove the baby surgically, which means Lani will need a much longer recovery time. I don’t know if that means she can have any more or not. I’m not sure if I want her to risk it, myself. Vaildor has been a great help in looking after the younger kids and cooking and cleaning. His food isn’t perfect, but it is edible and I couldn’t even think of trying to cook right now. Lani isn’t able to do anything now either, though the potions that Isturon gave her have some odd effects. Once she said she was going to fight anyone who tried to steal me. I told her that no one could steal me, but she insisted. Another time she was certain that there were dragonhawks inside the house and wanted me to shoo them out. So I left for a few minutes, then returned and told her they were gone.

I’ll do my best to keep my appointments this week, but I may have to cancel some. I need to make sure Lani is doing well in addition to looking after a brand new baby. And I’m not sure that I could focus anyway; I know I shouldn’t let my personal matters interfere but sometimes it’s impossible not to. I’m due to see the Row scholarship students, in addition I want to get Brier and Malwen together to try to sort out their difficulties. It’s sometimes difficult to discern the entire situation even with two viewpoints when you are dealing with children. I know that Brier must feel very isolated and different, while Malwen may feel threatened that she’s not the only older child anymore. Hethurin and Aeramin are due for their regular visits, as well. Usually in the summer, we’ll have a few more minor injuries, broken bones and the like, because students are outside more. I hope Lani will be well enough soon to deal with those, because I really don’t like it. Isturon might be able to take over for a bit longer, though Esladra might have let slip that Braedra is expecting as well. I’ll admit I didn’t see that coming, especially given Isturon’s reluctance to commit. But maybe he’s changed his mind, or maybe I was wrong — it happens.

The kids at the school had their end of the year play. I think it was my favorite one so far, because of the subject matter. I hope this treaty means that no other lives will be wasted like the ones that were lost at Orgrimmar.


[Story] Letter to Nash

[[ Hey! I am still here in the… Midwest? I don’t know, wherever Missouri is? for my brother’s retirement and visiting with family. We’ve been super busy so I haven’t had time to write but I was able to get this letter done tonight. ]]

Dear Nash,

Thank you so much for your recommendation to visit Ironforge. It was like no place I or Isturon had ever been before, and it was so exciting to learn about dwarves and gnomes and their culture. We did visit the museum, it was filled with interesting artifacts and skeletons from all over the world, and an entire wall filled with books from floor to ceiling! I think we’ll have to make a trip one day just to read all of those books. The stout and the food were good as well, we might have to try to visit for the festival one of these years, though I still believe the dwarves were just teasing us when they told us about the ram racing. That doesn’t sound safe at all, especially if people have been drinking. But it probably can’t be this year, I just got news that I’m going to be a mother again. I honestly thought I was too old for it to happen, but evidently I’m not, but I do have to take extra care that both baby and I stay healthy. Riding on rams is certainly not a good idea! It may not be safe for me to travel either, I’ll have to see what the healer says.

The clock that you made for us is on the mantel in our living room. It’s so beautiful and I love that it reminds me of the ocean whenever I look at it. Elthanni was so happy with hers that she’s put it in the middle of her dresser so she can see it all the time. She is of an age where she doesn’t often get excited about things, but that she was. Isturon is going to offer her a position helping at the clinic over the summer. I really hope she enjoys it and maybe even goes into healing as a career; it would be especially nice if she could work with Isturon along with his other daughters.

Isturon hasn’t stopped talking about the human cathedral and how beautiful it was. He’s been in touch with the priest there and he hopes that they will come to see the Sunwell soon. I think it would be a wonderful experience and they would really enjoy it. You know, you could come visit us in the Ghostlands too, if you wished. I know you said you didn’t feel comfortable in Silvermoon, but we’re a little different. I’d like to think that people out here are a little more open-minded and understanding. Maybe your kaldorei and human friends could come too? They would be welcome to stay at the school, or if that isn’t allowed, I’m sure we could find space for them in our house.

I just hope you’re taking care of yourself and staying healthy and happy. I can’t help but worry about you being so young and in a strange city, I know you said you have people there but they aren’t sin’dorei and I’m not sure if they really understand what it’s like to be somewhere so far from home. I want you to know that you can write to me anytime if you want to, though I will have my hands full next winter, won’t I?

~Braedra Lightmist

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

We’ll be doing our exams and demonstrations next week and then will be the summer break. I’m going to still read and practice so I don’t get too far behind. Maybe I’ll do one of the other non-magic classes too, I know there’s a sewing class that a lot of people are interested in. I’m not sure if I’d be any good at sewing though, and I don’t feel like I need a lot more robes. I could make shirts or something though. Or maybe Tik would help me learn how to cook, I think that would be fun. Maybe Terellion could have a cake class or something, but I don’t want to just eat cake all the time. It would be nice to be able to make dinner for my mother and eat together sometimes, she comes up to the dining hall now but a lot of times she’s busy finishing work and has to wait until later.

It’s weird to think this will be my third summer here, time really does go fast when you are busy. I’m still a little worried about getting sent home, but not as much. I think I’d really have to mess up bad, and even then I think the Headmaster would try to help before he just make me leave. I remember my mother thought it was some kind of trick or something at first, and I can see why she thought that. It seemed like it was too good to be true, but I’m here, and I’ve already learned a lot. I just hope I can do okay on the exams, I feel pretty confident about fire because I’ve always been good at that. It’s the others that are more difficult, but I’ve been practicing a lot. I’ve also been meeting with Felarius to study at the coffee shop, just for theory and history. We don’t cast any spells in the coffee shop.

He always wants to pay for my things, which I don’t understand. I have money from Professor Firewind too, I can buy my own muffin. It doesn’t seem fair that he should have to, but he always insists and says he wants to. I know they aren’t rich or anything either, I should buy his half the time. And he also got me presents too, those are I think because he wanted to be nice, but I haven’t got him any. Maybe I should, but I’m not sure what he would want.

We also worked on my mask for the play. He got the key to the classroom from Miss Lali and we used the art supplies in there. Since he is playing an orc, he had already made a mask and had some good ideas about how to make mine, like how to do the tusks. I never would have figured that out. We brought some fish from the kitchen and ate in there. I can’t say if my mask looks good or not, I’ve never seen a troll up close, but I guess it’s all right. Felarius did the tusks and those look good. I kind of wish I had a nice part like Lady Liadrin or something, instead of a troll. I don’t even know what troll I’m supposed to be, because Miss Lali didn’t know who is the leader of the trolls (I don’t either). She said I can just make the troll look however I want. I bet rich girls never have to be trolls in plays. But I’ll probably get to stand close to the orcs, which is good. If it gets too terrible we can make jokes about it behind our masks and no one will even know.

I’m excited about the dance — well, it’s more like a picnic I guess. It’s going to be on the beach, and there will be food and games and a bonfire. And probably dancing too, once it gets dark. My mother said she talked to the Headmaster about it and he thought it was a good idea. I hope there will be dancing. Felarius is worried about stepping on my toes, but first of all, I stepped on his too, and it’s not like it really hurt. Besides, if we’re on the beach there will be sand and our feet will just sink in. I’ve never got to dance with anyone before, so it was fun even with the toe stepping. What if he wants to kiss? I don’t really know how. I mean, not with someone I actually like. I think it’s different. And maybe he won’t want to anyway, or maybe he doesn’t know that I want to. And he might be worried because my mother will be there, and he probably thinks she wouldn’t like it.

I have an idea about that too. She is lonely and doesn’t have anyone to talk to, and neither does Fel’s dad. They should go to the dance together. I know it’s a little weird, but I think it would be cute. My mom’s convinced that he hates her because of the time she went to talk to him, even though Fel said he doesn’t. I’m going to talk her into going to the beach party and wearing something really nice. Felarius said he sometimes needs help because of his injury, she could do that too! I mean, they live really close! I haven’t told her about my plan because I’m sure she wouldn’t agree to it.

He said some things about his sister, how she’s looking for someone with a lot of money and she’ll never find that here. Like she should give up on that and just stay here forever, because no rich guy would like a girl who has a job cleaning. I don’t know, it just sounded so sad. If we can work hard and become mages, why can’t she work hard to get a better life? We don’t live on the Row anymore, we don’t have that hanging over our heads preventing us from doing things that we want to do. Maybe he’s just trying to be realistic, but that doesn’t mean she just has to accept how things are now and stay that way forever. I don’t know, the only rich guys I know aren’t nice at all and I wouldn’t want his sister to marry them. Maybe some will move out here to work at the school? That could happen.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

My mother and Isturon are back from their trip finally, I was kind of starting to worry because they were taking so long. Maybe they’d got arrested or their ship sank or something, but they decided to go visit Ironforge as well, since it wasn’t very far away. It’s inside of a mountain! I bet that was neat. My mother said there’s a huge pit of lava and they have the forge right there, and the dwarves work on making things there. They must get really hot with those big beards. I didn’t ask about the smell. But she seems happy and they really liked the pirate ship, so I guess that’s good. They also gave the letter to the human mage, so she can make us portals whenever we want. I wonder if Hethurin wants to go to Ironforge? I don’t know if they have any mages there, my mother said she couldn’t tell if they were mages or not, but she was pretty sure some of the gnomes were.

She said that Isturon was really excited about the Cathedral, he wanted to look at every single stone and painting and talk to all of the human priests. I can’t picture him being so excited about something, but it sounds like he had a good time. My mother said he told the priests they should come and visit the Sunwell, so they might do that sometime soon.

Hethurin’s sister Ara came for the wedding, which was good because Isturon hadn’t seen her in a really long time. I still don’t really understand exactly what it is that she does, I mean, she lives on a mountain and kicks things, but how is that a living? Also, almost everyone there is a bear, which seems like it would be difficult. Being the only person who’s different can’t be easy for anyone, well she said there’s one other elf but he’s dumb. He’s probably not, he probably just asked questions like I did.

She came into the kitchen the other day when I was finishing a cake, she was mad because I wouldn’t let her have a piece before Hethurin. Sorry, but that’s the rule. Besides, there was a whole lot of yesterday’s cake left that was perfectly good, cake doesn’t get stale in only one day especially if it’s frosted. The frosting keeps the moisture in. Anyway, we talked for a while, I suggested that she could move out here so she’d be closer to her family. I would think you can punch and kick things anywhere really, but she said she needs to be there to meditate. I still don’t see why she can’t do that here. Maybe she likes being away from everyone, I know some people are like that, I need time to myself sometimes too but I couldn’t do it for years at a time like that. She seemed kind of interested in maybe finding a house in the area, so maybe she’ll stay. I know Isturon would be happy about that.

I asked her if she was planning to kiss a bear if she stayed there and she said she wasn’t, but I wonder if she’s tried. She said they’re too hairy but how would you know that unless you did it? It’s true there aren’t really a lot of women her age out here, most are too young, but she could always go to the city to meet someone. We could definitely use more people on the staff if she wanted a job other than kicking things.

She was kind of interested when I told her about the dragon books, especially the one about the red dragon because they’re both girls. She said she didn’t see it on the shelf, but those books are always getting borrowed from the library because they’re really popular. I bet all the kissing pages have the corners bent. Next time I’m in the city I will see if they have one at the bookstore, then she could have one of her own. She could even take it back with her if she goes back to Pandaria. But I think she should stay here, even if she’s kind of weird, she’s better than some of Hethurin’s sisters.

[Screenshots] SWTOR – Dantooine

This patch was mostly just adding a new weekly event, with space pirates (better than regular pirates). I didn’t have a whole lot of time to do it, because our server was having issues, but I did do the little intro, which was fun.

I don’t know if Kazta likes being on TV, but I thought it was pretty cool!


I also went with my Sith Juggernaut, who is secretly helping the Republic, so he had access to the “Saboteur” conversation options, which were hilarious. I can’t wait to see what he’ll get to do in the expansion, which comes out in the fall.


[OOC/Admin] Vacation!

I wasn’t able to get anything done this week (until today) because I caught a really nasty cold that had me utterly miserable. I finally went in to the doctor yesterday and got some antibiotics, because it had turned into a sinus infection.

Next week I am going on a trip to visit family for two weeks. I’ll be bringing my laptop with me, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write, so there may not be any updates. I will try though!

Also, I’m doing ArtFight again this year, which starts July 1st.  It’s a really fun event and you should totally sign up if you like to draw!