[Story] Letter from Ornasse

Dear Tathariel,

I am not sure if your mother has yet spoken to you. She came to Hyjal tonight, unexpectedly. She insists that she tried to send word, and that none of her messages went through. That she sent word to you, too, but I do not recall you mentioning any either. She claims the child is mine, and perhaps he is, but I find the entire situation odd. I insisted that she could not raise him without a father — whether it was myself or someone else — but she says she will. Kelanori tried to tell her what people will say of the child if that happens. I don’t want that for him. I don’t want him to grow up not knowing. Even if it’s a lie, he should have someone. I offered to take him but she didn’t like that idea either.

I don’t know what to do. Either way, someone is going to be unhappy, whether it be her or Kelanori or yourself. I am just trying to do what’s best for all of you. I want you to still see her. If that means you can no longer see me, I would understand. Though I very much would like to see you and Relanos. I know you’re in a difficult position.

What I told you before when you asked if she returned is still true: I do care for her and I would never want to hurt her, but we don’t do very well as a pair. I can only hope Kelanori will not be too angry with me, I wouldn’t blame her for not wishing to stay after this.

Please give Relanos a kiss for me. I hope you and Jaellynn are well.


[Story] Vajarra’s Notes

Phaa’s been drinking them too now. She was acting so strange. I couldn’t believe some of the things she said! It started because I was looking at the stable master’s ears. He looks like Varul.

I asked things I shouldn’t have either, I suppose, because I thought maybe she wouldn’t remember it later. I wonder if they make you more inclined to tell the truth? Maybe. She said the same thing as Ellorian, it didn’t sound any better coming from her. I wonder how he is. Maybe I should write him a letter, but I’m not sure if he’s in Feralas or Dalaran.

She asked if I would. I said

[[ This page has been torn out. ]]

confused about the whole thing. I think she is too.

Terivanis came back later. I gave him one of the shirts I had. I don’t know why he wanted it, but it did look nice. It matches his feathers. He said for when it’s winter. I don’t think the Firelands get cold in winter. He didn’t want to talk nearly as much. I guess he hadn’t had any.

I tried a little of the one. It didn’t make me feel happy, it just made me feel weird and a bit out of myself, and cold and hot in turns. Honestly it made me feel as if I had the flu. A little later it seemed all right, it felt as if I was dreaming and I wasn’t sure if anything happening was real. But nothing interesting happened, it was a boring dream.

[Story] Bad-Fire

Last night bad. Too many people to bite. Feathers drink funny-water, Leaves say bite him if he drink more. Stormpelt watch him close. He give funny-water to hoof-whelp instead, she drink it. Leaves did not say about that! Hoof-whelp act very funny, like she eat berries too ripe. Stormpelt not too sure about hoof-whelps.

Bad-fire came to bird-mountain. We all went away to other place, with lake. Pretty lake, like the moon. Stormpelt trying to catch Feathers to bite, he turn into bird and fly away. Then angry pup-whelp come with blades. She yell at Leaves. Stormpelt try to bite her but Leaves say no. She has little pup. Yell some more. Yell a lots. Stormpelt not sure but Blades angry at Leaves. Berries sad again too. Stormpelt hopes she did nothing bad.

Hoof-whelp put her hands on Stormpelt. Not like it so much. Acting like small pup. Stormpelt bite that Feathers if he has funny-water again.

[OOC/Screenshots] … and the Pups!

These 2 are probably finished, I don’t really care too much for getting the title on them. They won’t know what to do with all their free time!

[Story] Vajarra’s Notes

[[ Vajarra likes to write in the margins of her old prayer-book! ]]


You are mean and you are acting weird. I know someone made you do this, probably Kel. No I don’t want your stupid potion. No I don’t want any soup. You aren’t even making any sense. I bet you were bothering that poor draenei child too. She probably gave you her balloon so you’d leave her alone. Stop asking me all of these things because you aren’t even going to remember anyway, so be quiet so I can go back to reading.

[Story] Bad-Fire

Berries come back to bird-mountain, Berries not sad anymore. Stormpelt hope it is because of her. Two new hoof-whelps come to bird-mountain. Stormpelt start to growl, but Berries say they are good. Not so sure. Stormpelt watch them close. They smell nice though, and have nice dresses. Friends, Berries says.

In bad-fire place, Leaves go to see bird-man-thing with feathers. Like Feathers but more? Stormpelt think he is Master for the pup-whelps. He talk to Leaves, he say Leaves do good things. Stormpelt is proud of her Master! Then he give us bird-deer to ride on so we can go places fast. Give one to Stormpelt too.

Stormpelt does not like to be up high! Oh so scary! Bird-deer is careful so Stormpelt not fall off, but still scary scary. But you can see whole world up high, trees and animals and people. Peaceful too. Stormpelt maybe practice to ride bird-deer so not so much afraid.

[OOC/Screenshots] DA2: Legacy

Since the servers are bouncing like purple humans on a mailbox today, I started on the new Dragon Age 2 download, Legacy. I just started, but there’s already a cameo, right on. Plus I’m always happy to spend more time with my favorite emo elf (sorry Jaellynn).

Settle down, Anders.

Settle down, Anders.

[Story] Vajarra’s Notes

Most injuries heal quickly enough, especially with the attentions of a priestess or other healer. But inuries to the heart aren’t apparent to look at, and they take much longer to heal. It took Vass years to recover from losing both our father and Malcos in such a short period of time. She was much the same way, lashing out at anyone who tried to get close enough to help her. And it was only a short time, by comparison. I imagine losing someone you’ve known for so long would also take longer to heal. I hate giving up, I hate admitting defeat, but I can’t fix it.

I found myself looking at the druids today, wondering if Varul was here. It’s foolish. He didn’t care then, he surely wouldn’t now. But I still can’t help but wonder where he is, if he’s all right, what he’s doing. What would he say if he saw me? Nothing, probably.

[OOC/Screenshots] Veterans of the Molten Front

Ornasse and Stormy earned their Flameward hippogryphs today (they were 4 marks short yesterday!). I love love love these mounts ❤

[Story] Letter to Vassanta

Dear sister,

How does Ellorian like the temple? Have you gone to Dalaran yet? If he doesn’t like it, tell him he could go back to Stonetalon. Phaa and I have left for Hyjal though, we should arrive later tonight. Kelanori is there too, we hope to be able to go and help with the injured. She says they aren’t staying where we are, but a short distance away.

I’m finished trying to talk to Jaeyn’s brother. I know he is sad and needs to talk to someone but every time I try I just end up frustrated. He stormed off again and I’m sure he hates me for sure now. He says he doesn’t but I think he’s just saying that. You know I want to help people but I don’t think he wants to be helped. Fine, then he can come to me if he wants to. He tried to follow Phaa and I to Hyjal, after he was angry! Males don’t make any sense.

I suppose I’ll have to find someone else to teach me. Caelris hasn’t replied to any of my letters so either something’s happened to him, or he doesn’t wish to teach me anymore.

I’m going to pray during the ride. It’s a long one so I’ll have plenty of time.

Love, your sister