[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

I should have known better than to put my faith in Jaeyn. I told him that if he wanted to be a leader, he needed to act like one. They held another meeting about the Twilight boxes. He didn’t act like a leader. He let Orravar vote again. A vote? Just make a decision. I may not respect it, but at least he would have made one. Instead he just sat back and let it happen again. He’s no leader of mine. I won’t tell Jaellynn this, but he’s no brother to me either.

We left Darnassus last night. I don’t know when we’ll be back. I felt a great sadness as the boat pulled away, but I don’t know what else to do right now. We went to Ironforge. The room we stayed in was tiny and cold, and there were rats in it. But I was glad he was with me, all the same. He’s reluctant to leave, because he doesn’t want to lose his brother. I don’t have any siblings, though I have often wished I did. Maybe it’s simpler that I don’t.

Today we went to Moonglade, to check up on the vines. The disease seems to be entirely cleared up, but there’s still the matter of trying to discover where it came from. Another death knight — a female human one — helped clear them before, and she’s looking into the disease to try to learn about it. I am a bit wary of her, as Jaellynn does not really seem to trust her, but I welcome her help if it will solve this mystery.

He wore his armor. His death knight armor. It seemed defiant, as if he was daring anyone to challenge him about it. It’s a lot harder to forget what he is when he’s wearing that armor, looking so imposing.

He suggested that we also check on the moonkin, since it was close by. There seemed fewer in the grove now. I’m not certain if they have moved out of the area, or if something else has happened to them. We found one recently dead inside one of the caves. Another remained nearby, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it had been its mate. I found blood, but without better examination of the injuries, I could not be certain what caused them. I’m fairly certain they are not fighting among themselves, though. The strange shrines remain, with the spirits of deer, bear, and bird. Overall the flock seems slightly calmer, none of them attacked us this time. At least it’s some progress.

We’d been speaking of going to Hyjal for some time. I know it’s difficult for him. That’s where his mother died, and it’s a place that someone like him may not be very welcome. But with the battle, the druids need all the help they can get. As we crested the mountains, we saw Nordrassil for the first time. It was breathtaking. I am glad he was there to see it with me.

Neither of us was sure where to go, so we reported to the inn. Ysera was there! I could hardly believe my eyes! I didn’t dare to get too close to her, and Jaellynn said we should not stare. He’s right. I saw a few other death knights there, which I hope relaxed him a little. I asked if there were any jobs that needed doing, and they told us to go to the Twilight camp to the south.

The ogres took little notice of us, and Jaellynn felled several of them easily (not at once!). We thought we should look inside the buildings, and we found more of those mysterious boxes, like the one from the camp in Darkshore. We also found more strange devices, and a book. He wanted to take the book, but I figured that might be a bad idea. I copied down some of the symbols to take back to the mages. Maybe one of them will be able to tell us what it says. Either way, I think they need to come and investigate. Strange how I trust them more than the druids at this point.


[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

They have decided to move ahead with moving the Twilight box to Ashenvale, without consulting the mages any further. Nae came and told us. We’d talked earlier and she said she was sorry. I’m not sure what changed her mind, but I am glad she can see things my way at least a little. We do all agree that it shouldn’t be left at the temple any longer.

She told us about a place in Outland where it might be safe to take the box. There are powerful magic wards, and no creatures to be affected aside from beings that feed on magic. I think it’s a good possibility, but I don’t know if the elders will listen to a mage. Either way, we have to move quickly if we want to save Ashenvale from a possible Old God.

If they do decide to move it — or even open it! — I don’t want to be anywhere near it. Maybe in Eastern Kingdoms, or Outland. I’m not willing to take such a foolish risk.

It seems our esteemed “shan’do” is the one who will make the decision. I only pray he’ll listen, for once.

[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

He finally asked! I was worried because he seemed so reluctant to talk about it. He said he was worried that I’d say no. Of course I wouldn’t!

Father found out what had been going on. He was in the temple looking for me and Jaellynn’s sister was there. She said that I had corrupted him and was forcing him to do improper things. Can you imagine! A druid corrupting a death knight. And I certainly didn’t force him into anything.

He came onto the terrace and they talked a while. I guess they sorted it out. Then he came and found me and he said that if I was happy and if I was sure then it was all right. I know he and mother must have done those things but I really don’t need to hear about it.

After that we went to Stormwind again. Down in the forest south of the city, there’s a portal into the Dream, and a moonwell. It was beautiful and secluded and very romantic. I wish he’d asked me there but he asked back at the inn, but it’s okay because the inn was very nice too.

I just wish I could tell Naelaedra about it.

[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

Oh, what a terrible mess. Some of the elders met tonight to discuss what to do with the Twilight box we found in Darkshore. They’ve been keeping it in the temple (which I think is a terrible idea) and now they want to move it to the Elune stone in Ashenvale. I tried to explain that we don’t even know what it is, we could be leading the cultists right to a sacred spot. It could be unleashing all sorts of terrible things in Ashenvale, things even worse than orcs. They all just sneered and looked down their noses. He was the only one who stood up for me. Even Naelaedra agreed with this horrible plan. I thought we were friends!

I was so mad that I left. If they want to put Ashenvale in danger, I didn’t want any part of it. I went to the camp and I sat down under a tree to try and meditate. I think Jaeyn came by once but I was in my saber form and I don’t think he recognized me. Or maybe he did. I really don’t care what he thinks right now. This is all his fault in the first place. If he hadn’t brought that thing back to the temple, they wouldn’t be planning any of this.

Jaellynn was the only one who thought they shouldn’t do it. I didn’t think I could love him more than I did, but I certainly did tonight. Maybe we will just go somewhere far away and be done with snooty elders forever.

[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

Father came to the temple this evening. He wanted to tell me that he was going back to Hyjal. I thought he would want to stay longer for the festival, but I guess he’s had enough of it. He asked me if I’m happy and I said yes, I am. I know he doesn’t like Jaellynn — well, he doesn’t like the idea of him, I think he likes him just fine. But he’s trying to like him for my sake. Once he gets to know him, I’m sure he will.

I wore my green gown today. It has blue trim on it that matches my hair. I saw Naelaedra and she told me a little about going to Dalaran. She’s been working with the other mages to figure out a strange box that we found in the Twilight camp in Darkshore. They also found an amulet with blue dragons inside it in the cave in Winterspring. She has a lot to think about. There’s a blood elf she met in Dalaran who is also a mage, and she’s been talking to him about those things. Jaellynn says she should be careful around him because he’s dangerous, but then I pointed out that people say the same thing about death knights.

He wanted to go to a different camp tonight. We’d been using the camp south of Darnassus, but his brother Jaeyn is there a lot. He can’t stay at his sister’s house on the terrace because his other brother has been staying there. He’s an older druid and won’t accept Jaellynn, he says horrible things about him. If someone I love was turned into a death knight, I don’t think I would abandon them like that. Jaellynn said he wanted to go to the jungle in Stranglethorn because it’s warm there. Jaeyn drew us a map, but it turned out to be not a very good map. We saw tigers, panthers, raptors and monkeys. We also saw ogres and trolls! We rode right by some troll ruins, we had to be very careful, but they didn’t see us.

When we finally found the camp, it was very nice. There’s a warm lake with a little island in the middle. If you look out over the edge you can see the beach down below. There’s also a cave that used to have ogres in it. I thought it might smell bad, but he said the ogres left a long time ago. I was worried that one might come back, but he said that he’d protect me if he did. I never feel afraid when he’s there.

[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

My friend Naelaedra suggested that I keep a journal to write down all of my thoughts. I was using this book to write my field notes, but I think a journal is a nice idea too. Naelaedra is one of my new friends in Darnassus. She’s actually a Highborne, can you believe that? I was afraid of her at first. All of them keep to themselves and talk in whispers. I guess I can’t really blame them for that, the way people talk about them. But she was the one who went with Jaellynn and I to the cave. She didn’t have to, but she helped anyway. After that we got to talking sometimes and I do think of her as my friend now, strange as that sounds. I guess it isn’t so strange, considering some of my other friends.

Last night we all went to the festival. Jaellynn, Naelaedra, myself, and a worgen death knight that we know who comes to the temple. I guess you could say that we’ve adopted him, in a manner of speaking. He first came to learn about Elune and I’ve seen him there often. We talk about his purpose and how Elune is helping him. I’m still unsure what to think of the worgen. Father says we are responsible for them, to guide and teach them, because they are the cursed children of Goldrinn. That may be so, but they are humans as well, or maybe something in between.

It was difficult going without Mother this year. I know she was there, maybe with the other elders. The Moonglow helps one forget, a little bit. I couldn’t decide what color gown to buy, so I got three. I think I like the purple the best, because it matches Jaellynn’s hair, but the pink and green are nice too. Father was there too. He asked if Naelaedra was a student in the shan’re. She said she studied alchemy. Best not to tell him about the magic for now. I know it was difficult for him, too. Ever since we heard the news, he has looked so old.

[Story] Lucky Stiff II

[[ The paper on which the reply is written appears to have been scorched by embers around the edges. ]]

Dearest Tathariel,

Your letter relieves a great deal of my worry. The priestesses at the Temple did not know where you had gone, nor did the young man I spoke with inside. I would never have forgiven myself had something happened to you in my absence.

As for your inquiry, the battle is going far better than I could have expected. Though it took a great deal of work and diplomacy, we have managed to stir the support of several of the ancients, who now lend their aid to our cause. I cannot adequately describe the feeling of speaking to them personally, but once the mountain is reclaimed, I will bring you to them. I have faith that with their assistance, we will be successful, and I will not be away much longer.

In regard to the wildkin, I am uncertain whether their condition is caused by the proximity of the Twilight Cult. While it is true they have tendrils deep into the caves of Hyjal, they have never previously shown great interest in the affairs of natural creatures. The magical anomalies of the nearby cave seem a much more likely culprit, as creatures of Elune, the wildkin would be sensitive to such an offensive presence.

I question the wisdom in sending two young students into the war-ravaged lands, I may have to speak with your Shan’re. While I have no doubt in the abilities of you or your companion, the woods are more dangerous than I have seen them in many centuries. Please use caution in your travels, and do not be blind to danger. It is my hope that I will be home for the Lunar Festival, I trust you will tell me of all that you have learned.

Elune-adore, daughter.