[OOC] No Healing Mages in DA:I

I saw a tweet by one of the devs for Dragon Age: Inquisition that said there are no healing spells for mages in that game. Zero.

Sure enough, there’s no Spirit Healer spec:


I like playing healers. In Dragon Age: Origins, my Warden was a healer. Whenever I played a Mage Hawke in Dragon Age 2, it was a healer. I like healing in MMOs. So unfortunately, no healing in DA:I means I won’t be buying it. Which sucks because I had really been looking forward to this game, but I’m just not willing to fork out full price for a game that doesn’t let me play the way I prefer to. I’m just glad I hadn’t already pre-ordered.

[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I got a package mailed to the school yesterday. It didn’t have an address and I wasn’t expecting anything, so I had no idea what it was. Tik had brought it in and left it with Aeramin in the dining room, so I saw it there when I came in. Kes was there too. If I’d known what it was I would have made Tik take it out back and set it on fire! It’s a painting. Of a girl. And nothing else, like no clothes or anything. I was so embarrassed I thought my ears were going to burn up and fall off. They both seemed to think it was funny, which makes me wonder if Lin didn’t buy it in town and mail it to me for a prank. I might have told a few people about her painting, and it seems like something she’d do to get back at me for that. But then I remembered those girls from the blood knights and how the one kept talking about her sword, and maybe one of them sent it? I didn’t exactly get a good look at the painting — the face anyway — so I’m not sure. But I guess it’s possible, except who would do something like that?

Aeramin suggested that we hang it up in the bathroom (NO). If he likes it so much, he can hang it over his sink, but I’m going to put it in the closet and never look at it again. Why would I want a painting like that of someone I hardly even know? Kes said that Ordinicus would like one of her, but that’s totally different. I understand if it’s someone you’re with and have been with for a while. Oh and then Aeramin mentioned the one of me, thanks a lot! It’s weird though he kept asking me about those girls and whether I like any of them or not. I barely talk to them, and they always travel in a pack so it’s not like I could talk to one alone anyway. It almost seems like he wants me to, but I feel like it’s just his way of feeling less guilty about what happened. I really don’t know if it’s such a good idea anymore. I mean, he says that’s what he wants me to do but I have a feeling he’d just be grumpy and miserable if it actually happened. And he says she would just be my girlfriend and not his. It’s not supposed to work like that! Anyway, I can’t think of any girl who would be okay with that kind of thing. I’ll probably just tell them I have a boyfriend already and that should be that.

I mean, I kind of still do, but I don’t know if now is the right time. I think we should get settled into the new house and let things calm down a bit. Also I want a girl who is nice, and not one who sends naked pictures!


[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I drank too much at the party. Probably at the wedding too. I don’t think anyone noticed, but I have a headache to show for it. The party was pretty boring, honestly, but I went because the food is good and it’s a nice thing to do. It still feels strange watching Gael with her, like somehow it was supposed to be me, though I know it probably wouldn’t have ever been. I can’t help feeling like she took him away, even though he wasn’t ever really mine. Just like Aeramin, and the blood knight. And I guess the Captain too. Xarola and Des are experts on relationships now, they wanted to know everything about Sunashe. I told them he talks about his lizard a lot, and I don’t mean that to stand for something else, I mean an actual lizard. It’s good that he’s so interested in them, but honestly it would be nice to talk about something else sometimes. I guess moths are an improvement?

He’s also taken his care of the old man very seriously. I guess he would, given that people who drink too much are sort of his little pet cause. He makes sure he’s eating and drinking water, and gives him the medicine that Lani gave him. I do appreciate it, as does the captain I’m sure, but I have to wonder about his motives. For one thing, he calls him “Old Drunky” which I think is pretty mean. If he’s trying not to drink anymore, it can’t help to constantly be reminded of it. It does take up all of Sunashe’s time though, we haven’t gone to the market or to look for lizards yet. I honestly thought he’d forgotten about it until he mentioned it at the wedding. Maybe he’d just rather spend his time with old men? I don’t know.

I honestly think that Ty gave him some helpful “advice” and he’s pretending not to be interested anymore. Or he never was, that’s likely too. Des insisted that I’m pretty, which must explain why all the guys I like aren’t interested. Then she said it was because my personality isn’t great. Well, thanks. If Sunashe is going to Ty for advice, I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. And I don’t really feel like chasing after anyone. Though I think Xarola’s suggestion was funny, she said I ought to kiss him if he starts talking about lizards, because it would make him stop. She’s right about that, but I’m not too sure how it would go over. And it would be a lot of kissing, because he sure likes to talk about lizards a lot. Des said he’s just shy, which doesn’t really make sense because we see each other all the time and talk about ranger things. He did talk about how people in Silvermoon treated him badly because of his injury. He could have just been making that up for sympathy, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t. People in the city actually are like that, even though they wouldn’t even be alive if not for people like him who fought. It’s much better to be out in the woods actually doing something. He said he was glad to be here, and glad that he met me. I’m not sure what to think about that. Sometimes I think he’d be okay, but then other times he doesn’t seem to have the first clue. He didn’t even want to dance until he saw Ty and Vellira dancing, and he didn’t offer me his cloak when it was cold or anything. I don’t know, I guess I don’t really have many options at this point. I could see how it goes. I just hope it doesn’t make things too weird — though it can’t be much worse than Gael, I suppose.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

[[ I was gonna do a two-parter but my kids got me sick so I just wanna sleep. I’ll do the rest tomorrow @_@ ]]

When I used to imagine what my wedding would be like, it was always very big and luxurious and fancy. My real wedding wasn’t anything like that, but I don’t mind. I don’t think I could have been happier — well, it would have been nice if my parents could have come. We had it in the ranger building and they’d all decorated it with flowers and fall leaves so it looked just lovely. The cake that Orledin made was really nice too, that looked just like a cake I’d have at a fancy wedding! But the most important thing was that I could finally be with Gael, even if it’s just for one night right now. I know the house will be finished soon, and then we can be together all the time. It’ll be so difficult to wait until then!

We had a little party at the school, really it wasn’t much of one but we all sat in the ballroom with pillows and drank wine. I didn’t actually drink any, hopefully no one noticed. If they had asked I think I probably would have just blurted it out right there! It’s awful trying to keep it secret. Gael hasn’t told anyone yet though, I’m not sure when the right time would be. Lani said it won’t look obvious for a few months yet, and even then some women don’t show as much. She said first babies sometimes don’t show much at all! I did write to tell my parents though, they’re already upset so I don’t care about making it worse. They’ll probably accuse Gael of corrupting me or something like that. Or they might surprise me and be excited about it — it will be their grandchild, after all. I guess we’ll see. Also part of the reason was I wanted to sign it with my new last name. It’s a nice name. I don’t know why he doesn’t like using it — I mean I do, but no one out here cares too much about family names.

Gael suggested that I could invite the girls over to our house once it’s finished for tea. I’m not sure about that just yet. I do think it would be nice to invite the Captain’s sister and her baby over, and maybe Nessna and Rylad. Then all of our babies could play together, that would be so cute! I do hope we can go on a proper trip soon, I know it’s not a good time right now because he’s trying to finish the house before the winter. And soon I won’t be able to travel either! Maybe we can go to Quel’danas next summer and walk on the beaches. That would be lovely.

[Art] Lazy Afternoon

sathfinal copy

[Screenshots] Box of Rocks

I was trying to get some gear for Kazta, she is a tank which means I have to inflict my noobishness on strangers. We did a hard mode, which is like a heroic dungeon for SWTOR. We did finish though! I didn’t get any gear but I did get a box of rocks for my house. Woo, rocks! Getting house stuff is fun though.

[Story] Imralion’s Journal

In Outland there are vultures that can pick a carcass to nothing but bones in a matter of hours. That’s what these girls in the city feel like. There’s a few of them that always walk around together and I know they’ve been talking about me. They think I’m new, which in a way I am, I guess. They look away and giggle if I notice them watching during practice or whatever. Well, yesterday they wanted to eat lunch with me. I guess all the other tables were full, or more likely they just wanted to find out all the details about me.

It was a little weird. I’m still not sure how to talk to girls, especially after all that happened with the other one. I thought I was doing so well, how could I misread the situation so badly? Plus I don’t want to cause any trouble with Aeramin right now. They can talk to me, but that’s it. I don’t even remember their names, they all ended with “i” or something. It’s like they shared a mind. I explained that I wasn’t really new, that I’d just been in Shattrath for a while training with Captain Sorran and some others. They thought that was pretty interesting, and they also think the Captain is. I really don’t understand girls sometimes! He’s pretty old and he’s also married. So then they started saying how older men are “distinguished”, but a couple of minutes later they changed their mind and said they wanted younger men.

Oh and they don’t want mages. They think all mages are old and stuffy. I told them about the school, and I don’t really think of the ones there are like that. Not even the teachers. I don’t think they believed me, but they did seem really interested in going to one of the balls. Hopefully Hethurin won’t mind that I sort of invited them, at least it would be more girls to dance with. I’m a little worried about Aeramin, though. I don’t want him to think I’m going out and doing anything with them, they were the ones who came and sat with me! Also, if they really don’t like mages I don’t know how that will go over. They asked if I was married, which I said I wasn’t. I wasn’t completely honest about that, but then they never asked outright either. I guess a part of me still hopes I could find a girl who would understand the situation. Mostly I didn’t want them telling all the other blood knights, although the ones who were in Shattrath with me already know. They wanted me to go get drinks with them one night after practice. I’m not sure about that, I think I ought to get home and help Aeramin with the house, although it should be done soon. Maybe after that, I don’t know. I really should ask him what he thinks about it, but I know he’d just tell me to go because that’s what he thinks I want.

One of the girls was really obvious, she kept talking about gripping her sword or something. I mean really.


[Art] Happy Trees

I felt like drawing today, here are some happy druids and/or treants!

happytrees copy

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Maybe Lani is giving Hethurin something different now, because he seems slightly less grouchy. Slightly. Des and I went into the city the other day and we bought a huge stack of books, I could hardly carry them. Luckily I don’t think anyone thought we were together, I mean together like that. Obviously we were together somehow because I was carrying all the books. We didn’t go into that one shop either, I figure he’s just going to have to wait for those kind of books. But he didn’t complain about these ones yet, so I guess Des has better taste in picking out books than I do.

Now he suddenly wants me to have the mask party, even though he hates it and doesn’t want to go and won’t eat any of the things I make. I’m really not sure if I want to plan a whole party by myself, but it’s like he’s already decided I’m going to do it, so it’s hard to say I don’t want to. Especially when Des is sitting right there, I don’t want to fight in front of her. I don’t want to fight at all really, but I don’t think it’s fair that I have to do it just because he thinks that is what I want. Then he’s talking about having a winter holiday ball, AND one in the spring as well. I’m not going to have time to do anything except prepare for parties! So then he said he wants to hire someone, no thank you! The last thing I want is some other cute guy asking him questions all the time. Maybe if it was a really old lady like Lilithel, but even then. Tik isn’t going to be happy about all the extra work either.

I mean, a mask party could be fun because everyone can dress up, I wanted to dress up like the Regent Lord. I could do my hair like his, I don’t think I want to dye it though, maybe I can wear a wig. And it’s fun because you can put pumpkins and spiders (fake spiders, not real ones) all over and make everything spooky. We’d even have real ghosts! It would be the best mask party ever. I don’t know, maybe it could be kind of fun. Hethurin said he’d at least try the pumpkin, even though he hates it. I could try making some of them ahead of time, to kind of test. Pumpkin muffins sound really good. A lot of times they make little tiny individual cakes, I could make those in a lot of different flavors in case some people don’t like pumpkin. Like maybe chocolate and vanilla and orange. They suggested that I ask Mae to help me out, because she’s graduated and she has more time now. She doesn’t have that much more time, because she’s assisting Magister Firewind and doing some of the lessons, but at least she doesn’t have homework. She seemed to think it was a good idea and was excited about it, so I guess I could try. I know Des is excited to invite Pero again too.

Mae’s wedding is going to be in a week or so, I thought they were waiting until the house was done but I guess they want it earlier. I guess I can understand that, especially because they can’t live together! Oh that’s another weird thing, Hethurin kept talking about getting another house. Besides the school. So we could live together. I don’t get it, why do you need another house besides this one, which is already huge? I suggested we could live in the tower but I don’t think he liked that idea either. He got really quiet and put his head under the pillow. I don’t get him sometimes.

[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

Last night was a busy one for me. Normally, my evenings are fairly quiet and I’m able to finish writing out all my notes and filing things. Lani’s not the best at filing, so I make sure that hers are finished too. Yesterday though, three of the rangers came to visit. They didn’t have appointments, but of course I had time for them.

The first was a bit of a surprise, the older man who’s been coming to the clinic for meals. He is a veteran with an old injury, and has had some difficulties with drinking. Recently he has applied to work with the rangers, which I think is a fantastic idea. A fresh start with a clean page may be just the incentive he needs to begin to turn things around. It’s not easy though, I know that firsthand. It’s something he’ll struggle with on a daily basis — more like a minute by minute basis, at first. I asked that he let the Captain know his situation so he can help him by removing temptation. I suppose we shouldn’t leave wine out in the waiting room, either. Hopefully, once he starts getting a salary Lani will be able to work with his injury. I did send him to her for his shaking — there’s nothing that will get rid of them entirely, but I know there are certain herbs that can at least lessen the discomfort. I feel a little hypocritical, as it’s been something that I’ve struggled with personally, but I haven’t told him that. Maybe I should, I’m not certain.

Ty had a question about a friend with a secret. He was worried that someone might tell, and thought he should warn the friend. I’m not sure of the nature of the secret, but if it’s something they’ve taken care to hide, it’s probably not something they’d rather have out in the open. I suggested that Ty let the friend bring the subject up if and when they were ready. In the meantime, perhaps have a private talk with the one he believes might reveal it. Unless they’re malicious, they should respect the friend’s desire to keep it private. Normally secrets don’t live long in places like the school or among the rangers, though.

Last I saw Sunashe. He’s recovering well after his surgery, and he’s able to practice with one of the smaller bows. He says he’s able to walk with less discomfort, and he’s begun to learn the patrol routes. His concern was about Lin, which puts me in a difficult position as she’s also a patient of mine. Of course I can’t reveal anything she’s told me, but I can perhaps gently nudge him in the right direction. She is extremely wary of men right now, and doesn’t really appreciate the grandiose declarations of undying love. She’d rather someone be her friend first of all, she’s very lonely without Im — though he’s closer now, he’s still busy with his own life. I mentioned the painting too, he seemed curious to see it. If another man had a painting of Lani like that, I’d burn it myself. He also mentioned some nightmares, I suggested that he ask Lani for something to help him sleep. With any luck, he’ll sleep more deeply and restfully.

Lani baked me a cake. It was probably the best cake I’ve ever had, firstly because she made it, and second because of the occasion. I thought at first that Vaildor had decorated it, because it had a message written on it, with perhaps not the best handwriting. Ann’da. Just a little word, but it means so much. I thought, Vaildor has finally decided to call me that! But it isn’t Vaildor, Lani is expecting. I’m thrilled, but if I’m being honest, I’m terrified as well. I’m so afraid that something will go wrong, I don’t know if I could go through that again. But I know how much Lani wants this and I don’t want my worry to upset her. We’ll have to find the gold for all of the baby things somehow, but we’ll already be paying for Vaildor’s school. Perhaps Nessna has some things we can borrow. Unless she’s expecting as well, Lani did say that another of her patients was. I don’t have anything from before, only the little dragonhawk toy. I’m not sure I’m ready to give that up just yet.