[Story] Fishing

It was the first really warm day, though it wasn’t quite yet spring, the snow had melted and the sun shone cheerily overhead. They didn’t even need to wear their cloaks as they hiked the trail to the pond, where Ahali was certain that all of the fish would emerge from their long, hungry winter. So far none had bitten, that was perhaps because Makota had not put any bait on her hook. She was lost in thought, watching the ripples and reflections on the pond’s surface. Ahali dozed nearby, against a fallen log. It seemed silly to come all this way just to have a nap, he could have done that back at the camp. But then perhaps the walk had tired him; he was very old and there were times that Makota was more starkly reminded of that fact. That was only one of the thoughts that chased through her head on this sunny afternoon — what might happen to her once Ahali was gone.

She could always go back to the Bluff, she supposed, though she didn’t really know anyone there, and it was a bit too busy for her taste. Makota remembered all too well how awkward it felt when she had gone to visit her friend there, and she’d not heard from him since the incident with the orc. The little camp in the hills wasn’t really hers, and she thought it might be too difficult to stay there, with all the lingering memories. The same was true of Stonetalon, where she’d grown up. Ahali thought it too dangerous to go near the kaldorei still, uncertain of how they might react to them. Though Makota could speak a little of their language, it would no good if an arrow had already reached her from afar. They had every right to be cautious, after all that had happened. Makota supposed that she could just start walking, and see where she ended up. She had never been much further than the plains and the mountains that surrounded them for her entire life. There had to be other places to see. She supposed that Dalaran didn’t count, because she hadn’t walked there, and the whole thing had seemed like a very strange dream.

That was the other thing. Makota tugged her line up out of the water and looked at the still-bare hook before she dropped it back again with a plunk. More than anyone else, Makota missed her elf friend Latahlali. She’d written a few times, and Makota had received the letters at the nearest orc outpost. Lali had her elf now, and her own baby, and she lived at a magic school where she taught children history and reading and things like that. She couldn’t help but feel a little jealous, it all sounded a lot more interesting than fishing with boring old Ahali. But a magic school was no place for someone like Makota, she knew that well enough. For one thing, all of the doors and chairs would be too small. And she’d always be afraid that she’d break something by accident, or step on something she shouldn’t. She did want to visit of course, to see her friend again, but maybe too much time had passed. Maybe their lives were too different now. She’d said so before, to Ahali, and he said that it didn’t matter if friends were different. Sometimes it was those differences that made the friendship all that much more special. He always said things like that.

But it was possible, it would just take some doing. Makota knew that the magic school was near the elf city in the Eastern Kingdoms. They would have to find someone who could make a portal there, but cities always had mages. Hadn’t Makota seen some in Thunder Bluff? Talking to them was scary though, and she didn’t know their language. She’d have to speak Orcish and she didn’t like it, and neither did they judging from the faces they made. She rather doubted that Ahali would want to go along, and she didn’t think she could leave him all alone. She glanced over and he snorted a little, but didn’t wake up. Makota decided that she would ask him about it when he awoke. But she guessed the conversation would go a bit smoother if he wasn’t hungry. She nudged over one of the fallen logs with a hoof, picking up a fat white grub. This time, the hook would be sure to attract a hungry fish.


[OOC] Legion Alpha – Affliction Warlock and Prot Warrior

Tried a couple more scenarios out.

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[OOC] Legion Alpha – Balancing Act

Lots of pictures behind the cut, as well as some thoughts about the artifact scenarios.

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[OOC] Someone has a sense of humor…


Yep that’s right, Negative Nancy got an alpha invite. So now I can complain about things in a more informed manner… no but I do intend to try out some various classes and get an idea for myself how things will work.

All future posts about Legion content will be tagged as Legion Alpha, and I’ll put them behind a read-more cut, so you can skip the spoilers if you want to.


[Story] A Story a Week 4

[[ Prompt: A story about three siblings ]]

Sath’alor nudged the hawkstrider gently into motion again. It was their family’s, and wasn’t nearly as eager to work as it had been in its youth. The bird gave an indignant squawk of complaint as it raised its head and shook itself.

“I still don’t see why we have to walk while you ride,” Mierra remarked.

“A gentleman wouldn’t make us walk,” Isandri agreed.

His two younger sisters, both dressed in their fanciest robes, walked a short distance behind the hawkstrider, careful to avoid any stones or roots in the path. “Because,” Sath’alor said. “I’m the scout. I’m making sure the road is safe.” The girls exchanged a glance. “Besides,” he added, “this was your idea.”

To be more accurate, it was their mother who had suggested that Sath’alor escort his sisters to the summer festival, but they’d been the ones who wanted to go. Mother and Father were busy at this time of year, preparing pelts for the upcoming autumn and winter, when more people bought coats. He suspected there was another reason as well; there would be a lot of other young ladies in attendance, and Mother wanted him to meet some of them. As far as Sath’alor was concerned, he’d be happy never to speak to another young lady. He’d put in for a transfer to his new unit, voluntarily of course but everyone knew the actual reason, even somehow his nosy sisters. Sath’alor was convinced that there was some sort of ladies’ underground message system that informed them all of what was happening everywhere. As much as he might not want to admit it, this outing was a way to take his mind off of what had happened, at the very least. If nothing else, there would be good food there.

Isandri and Mierra had leaned closer together, their voices too low for him to hear clearly. They were probably discussing the secret girls’ information again. “What are you going to do first?” Sath’alor asked, hoping to change the subject back to the festival.

“I want to watch the dancers,” said Mierra. “They’re always so colorful.”

“And the booths,” Isandri added. “They sell the prettiest jewelry.”

Sath’alor nodded, shifting in the saddle as he turned to look forward along the road again. It was more of habit than anything, this aged hawkstrider couldn’t have carried him anywhere in a hurry even if it wanted to. And it was such a beautiful day, bright and sunny but not too hot, the forest growth fresh and new from a recent rain. What danger could there possibly be on a day like this?

Really, his sisters were old enough to have gone on their own, but Sath’alor admitted that he didn’t really mind it, as much as he claimed to. They were much younger than he was, so he’d never really had much opportunity to spend time with them. He’d been away at school, and then for his ranger training. He’d be much closer to home with his new unit, able to visit them more often. As they made their way along the shaded path, Sath’alor scanned the forest for any sign of movement or danger.

“You aren’t going to look at boys?” he asked.

Both girls giggled.

“No!” Isandri gasped.

“Well, maybe a little,” said Mierra.

“Good thing I’ll be there,” Sath’alor said. “To make sure you don’t.”

He thought they were too young to be looking at boys anyway, but they weren’t really. They only seemed that way because they were his younger sisters. Some girls their age were already engaged. Of course he could have been too, had things gone differently. Sath’alor didn’t want to think about that today though. He was determined to enjoy the festival.

“Looks like it might rain,” Sath’alor remarked, frowning slightly. A black cloud hung high over the horizon. Spring storms were unusual this late in the season, and it would be a shame if the weather ruined such a nice day.

“Oh, no!” cried Mierra.

“It had better not,” Isandri agreed.

Sath’alor slowed the hawkstrider to a halt, that he might get a better look at the sky. There was something strange about the cloud. Just in the few moments he’d been watching it, the shape had shifted, as if it wasn’t a cloud at all, but perhaps a flock of birds. It was difficult to tell from this distance, but they looked large. He couldn’t think of any birds that large in the forests. Not ones that could fly, at any rate. Sath’alor’s brows drew, and he shaded his eyes with a hand to try to get a better look. Whatever they were, they were coming closer, he was sure of it now.

The girls had noticed it now too; the dark cloud — or flock — had spread over more of the sky, thousands of wings now visible as the mass drew closer over the forest.

“What is that?” Mierra asked. Sath’alor could hear the fear in her voice.

He felt it too. Something was definitely not right. He did his best to sound calm and confident. “Come on,” he said, pulling the hawkstrider around with a sharp tug. “We need to get inside somewhere.”

[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I still don’t understand Aeramin at all. First of all, the massage thing didn’t work as well as I thought it would. I mean it did for a while, but then he went back to staying in his study all the time again. I think he was more confused by it than anything. Why would he be confused, am I not allowed to do something nice for him? If he doesn’t want me to, then why am I even bothering? It’s just frustrating. Then I know he wants me to take more interest in Lyorri so I wanted to go along with him to visit her. He was really confused by that and I think he would have made me stay behind by force if he could have. He asked probably like a hundred times if I was sure. Then when we got there he kept acting really strangely. Like he didn’t want to talk about her at all or play with her or anything. And then he asked why I was doing it. Does he really not know? I said I would try, and I am. I wish he would try to see things from my point of view too. At one point he went into the bathroom for a really long time. That was kind of embarrassing and I don’t think Kestrae knew what to do either. I was about to go and check on him but then he finally came out. In the end he decided that he’s going to visit twice a day now, because he wants to see her without me there or something. I thought that was pretty mean but I didn’t say anything because Kestrae was right there, but why would he do that? He’s worried that Lyorri won’t like him or know who he is, but he sees her all the time. She’ll know. I’m the one who will just be some person she sees sometimes. I guess it doesn’t bother me too much, but I wish I could be that excited about her. I am trying though.

Ordinicus wasn’t home because he was showing houses to Keyalenn and Des. It seems a little odd to be doing so in the winter, but I guess it makes sense so they can decide on the plans now and be ready to build once it’s warm. They both just passed their mage exams so they are eager to find their own place. Aeramin said that Keyalenn got engaged to that other mage student, I bet Lin will be relieved to hear that. She hasn’t heard back from the Spire yet but she said she’s had to go meet with people a couple of times, and she had to take our mother with to prove she exists or something like that. I guess that means we’ll be getting some of our father’s money soon. Well, she will. I still don’t want any of his money, it wasn’t good enough for us when he was alive, why should I want it now? Lin can take it if she wants.

I don’t know what to do about Aeramin though. Everyone says I should try to get to know Lyorri and I am, but it’s not working and he’s just getting weird about it. I hope Kavia has some other ideas because this one isn’t going so well.

[OOC] To Alt or Not to Alt

Legion’s now in Alpha and no, I’m not in it, but that means a lot more information has been datamined. And while the new zones and models look nice, I’m still at an all-time hype low for WoW. The changes to hunters, previously my favorite DPS class, mean that I’m pretty much hanging mine up if they go live as they are. I also am absolutely disgusted with the changes to Combat rogues, from the cheesy pirate theme to having to dwell in the sewers of Dalaran (huh???) for 2+ years. I get the desire to bring back “class identity”, the problem is when you force players to adhere to your particular vision of it. My rogue isn’t a pirate. Why are you forcing him to become one? There’s also no way I’m touching my alt druids; the idea of being able to customize your animal forms is great! Too bad they’re all neon abominations that don’t look anything like actual bears or cats.

All of this means that me, a die-hard altoholic (it’s the title of my blog!), will probably be scaling back my alts significantly in Legion. I will continue to play my main, a resto druid. Thank goodness he won’t have any crayon-colored new forms to deal with, only a tepid and boring weapon.

And, I mean, what is really being added? Artifact weapons. Okay, another legendary grind hidden in an ugly fancy skin. I bet I’ll love grinding that out for every alt. Class halls? Another garrison, my number one hated feature of WoD. I can’t wait! Diablo 3-style dungeons and RNG legendaries? Well, I don’t play Diablo 3 and there’s a good reason for that. Spoilers: I don’t like it. Demon Hunters? Eh, I will make one to play the starting zone, but it’s not something I’ve been burning with desire for. And I don’t like to play melee, so it’ll end up shelved.

That said, the specs that I do have some potential interest in, and would like to try in beta:

Holy/Prot Paladin – Prot paladin is currently my favorite tank, and Holy is losing Holy Power, which was honestly a mechanic that I never liked. I’d be way more hyped for this if I could finally have a night elf paladin, but as of now it looks like we won’t get any more class/race combos.

Holy Priest – I’m curious to see if they can actually make Holy fun and more importantly, competitive again. Some of the new spells look interesting.

Mistweaver Monk – Losing fistweaving makes me sad, but the loss of chi makes me happy. Curious to see how they will play as I currently enjoy my mistweaver a fair amount.

Demonology Warlock – I never liked the Metamorphosis mechanic, so DHs can keep it as far as I’m concerned. It is my hope that they regain their focus on pets and commanding swarms of demons. Also, theirs is the ONLY artifact weapon that I have any interest in. A floating skull is both funny and cool.