[Screenshots] Prestigious Bronze Courser

Or as I like to call him, “Death Unicorn”.

This mount is the reward for reaching PVP Prestige 4. It is the reason I even started on the prestige treadmill on the first place. I was happy to learn that it is account-wide, even for my Horde characters! (It looks great with blood elves, with the black and red.)

At my pace, doing the tower dailies and free-for-all once or twice a day, I earn one prestige level in a month or so. I could speed it up by doing arenas or battlegrounds but most days I just don’t have the time or patience for that (especially as Alliance). Since they’re part of my daily “routine” now, I think I will keep going. At level 5 I will get a title!

[Screenshots] Prestigious War Steed

I finally finished this up last night, this mount is the reward for doing 20 each of all four “Free for All” PVP quests. Since they’re random each time, it can take a while to get all the ones you need, but I got lucky last weekend and had 3 in the same day. The nice thing about this one is that it’s account-wide! I was surprised to see that it converted into the wolf for my Horde characters as well.

It’s pretty easy to get as PVP mounts go, but I do suggest going with a group in the group finder if you plan to do it. There are always several groups up for them, just search under the questing tab. Otherwise you’re bound to get eaten alive!


[Screenshots] A Legendary Campaign


I finally finished my last class campaign today, which was Priest. It was actually one of the less painful ones, as far as requirements go. They definitely varied both in amount of work/gold required and story quality. I’m pretty disappointed that Priest and Paladin share exactly the same ending scenario!

Besides the lore stuff, I wanted the titles for each class, though they aren’t currently account-wide it’s my hope that they will be eventually. It’d be really nice if the class hall transmogs were as well, I don’t have any duplicate 110s so I can’t check. In addition, the amount of grinding required for those is pretty absurd right now too — for example, Exalted with Nightfallen for one of the pieces. Yeah, not happening.

I still don’t really care for the whole class hall thing, it feels a lot like busy-work, and it’s an immense hurdle to alt playing. There’s absolutely no way I’m going to level the rest of my 100s unless the requirements are eased considerably. That’s not even touching gearing, rep, or professions either. Those are just going to have to wait for the next expansion.


[Screenshots] Predator

I’m already to the point in Legion that I’m going back and doing old achievements, a couple of days this week I was working on Jungle Stalker, which is killing all the rares in Tanaan. Then this morning, right after reset, I was able to get this guy who gives you the “Predator” title!

There are a few WoD rares/achievements that require multiple people to get, so not sure how I will do those.


[OOC/Screenshots] The Death Stalker

Three left to go… they’re starting to hurt now D:


[Screenshots] 600 Pets

I only needed about 9 more so I started working on Draenor Safari.


Here is the pet you get, it’s kind of like a mini dread raven.


[Screenshots] Glorious!

I was bored last night and finished up this achievement. Thanks for the CRZs! (Low-pop realms are your friend!)