[Screenshots] Prestigious Ivory Courser

I reached Prestige 9 last night which is apparently another horse! This one is blue and white though, so it goes nicely with priests and things like that. I think Prestige 10 is another title, but I’m not too sure. I kind of avoid looking ahead too much to make the grind more tolerable. Besides RP, it’s really the only thing I’m doing these days.

Incidentally, the IoC match where I hit 9 turned out to be the longest ever, we ended up turtling and whittling down their lead gradually but it took foreverrrrr.



[OOC/Screenshots] Ratstallion

I’m finally done scurrying around in the sewer! Finished my Ratstallion mount today. The letter they send you is pretty funny.


One of my chief complaints about Legion is all the RNG, that is, grinding endlessly just for the chance to (maybe) get something. The Ratstallion is a grind, yes, but at least it’s a guarantee that you’ll eventually get it, so I don’t mind so much.

It did take quite a long time, but here are my tips if you want to go for one too:

  • Group if you can. Earlier in the expansion there were groups in the group finder for it, but I never saw any so this may not be the case now. You can still group with friends or guildies, or just ask people who are down there of your faction if they’re willing to group up.
  • Go at off-hours. Though it’s not as busy as it once was, there are still a lot of people during peak hours, at least on my server. You have a better chance of tagging stuff (and not getting killed) with fewer people around.
  • Buy a guard. It costs 5 gold and the guard lasts for 5 minutes, so this can get expensive. But buying a guard prevents you from being attacked by other players while the zone-wide guards are off duty. Please note that you cannot loot the chests with a guard, however you can still kill NPCs and rares, such as the Widowsisters.
  • Check for the quest. Sometimes a quest is up which gives you 150 eyes for free. I’m not sure if it’s random or what, because sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not.


[Screenshots] Prestigious Bronze Courser

Or as I like to call him, “Death Unicorn”.

This mount is the reward for reaching PVP Prestige 4. It is the reason I even started on the prestige treadmill on the first place. I was happy to learn that it is account-wide, even for my Horde characters! (It looks great with blood elves, with the black and red.)

At my pace, doing the tower dailies and free-for-all once or twice a day, I earn one prestige level in a month or so. I could speed it up by doing arenas or battlegrounds but most days I just don’t have the time or patience for that (especially as Alliance). Since they’re part of my daily “routine” now, I think I will keep going. At level 5 I will get a title!

[OOC/Screenshots] Orny’s Horde Adventure

For the heck of it, I decided to try out Mercenary Mode. You can queue either Ashran or random battlegrounds, but you need to go talk to the NPCs first in order to get the Mercenary buff. They are located right outside the battle part of Ashran, near the honor vendors. The orc is for battlegrounds, and the blood elf is for Ashran. You get a 30-minute buff that allows you to queue for the other side, like so —

It's the little gold coins.

It’s the little gold coins.

Now, I don’t know if this buff is visible to other players or not, that is to say, whether they can tell you’re actually the other faction or not. No one commented on it when I was in, but they might not have been looking either. Your name and guild remain the same, so I suppose they could have looked me up on the armory if they felt like it.

I wanted a cow :(

I wanted a cow 😦

So here I am waiting in the AV cave! It was admittedly a bit weird, for one thing my transmog no longer matches because the Horde coloration is reddish-orange, not green. It was also weird not being able to Shadowmeld, and not being able to ride my Vicious Warsaber which is my usual ground mount.

I was curious to see what my hair looked like under that helm, but —



It turns out that we actually won this AV. So I won one game and lost one, same as when I queue normally — except that the queue was instant. So I have to say that I enjoyed Mercenary Mode, and will probably keep doing it if queues are long because there’s really no reason not to. Of course, it doesn’t actually solve the problem, but maybe it’ll help even things out.

[OOC/Screenshots] The Death Stalker

Three left to go… they’re starting to hurt now D:


[Screenshots] Vicious Warsaber

One of my goals in Warlords was to do more PVP, and this mount was one of the reasons for that! After about 3 weeks of  pain we are finally done. As much as I enjoy large scale PVP like Ashran, arena is a whole different animal. It’s a lot more stressful! I never want to see another frost death knight, discipline priest, or feral druid again. (No offense if anyone plays one — I don’t even blame the players, blame the developers for the awful balance.)



[Screenshots] Ashran

In beta I played a fair amount of Ashran and enjoyed it, and likewise I’ve been spending a lot of time there in live. It’s probably not so good if you’re melee, but I am having a total blast healing the mob. It’s pretty fun on my Horde hunter too, but the queue on that side is really awful. It’s going to take him ages to get his titles for that reason alone. Also, it always seems like there’s far more Horde, which makes getting kills easier on Alliance side. I’ve already finished three of my Nemesis quests, and about 1/4 done with a fourth.

Here’s me reaching exalted. I mostly wanted this for the neat title (Sword of Wrynn), unfortunately it’s currently not account wide. It doesn’t really fit Ornasse IC!


And yeah, that’s pretty much what it always looks like — total chaos!

One of the fun things are class-specific books that give you special abilities for an hour. For instance Paladins have a spell that can send opposing players to their base’s “jail”. I cracked up when I had it used on me — but it was a smart move because I was healing like crazy! For druids, you can get a book of flight form. It just made me sad about not being able to fly everywhere in Draenor. I will say it was great to getting to the rares on time though.