[Art] Moonkin Plush – Sculpting

Yikes I haven’t made a plush in forever! Now that we’re moved and school is started, I have a little bit of time.

This is the beginnings of a clay moonkin head. It’s still in the very rough and weird-looking stage right now. Once it’s firmed up I will add more onto the antlers, and start filling out the head shapes.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

Vaildor came over with a big pile of supplies to help us make masks for the party. I haven’t actually asked Xarola if she wants to go yet, but I decided to make her a mask anyway. That way, if she wants to go, it’ll already be done and she’ll have less reason to say no. Also I made her mask to match with mine, it took me a while to think of an idea but the others said it was pretty good. At least, I think it’s unique. I bet there won’t be anyone else there with masks like ours. Mine is painted to look like wood and I stuck some twigs and stuff onto it, and then I cut out a lot of little paper mushrooms. So it kind of looks like a log covered with mushrooms, like you’d find in the forest! For Xarola’s, I painted it all green and made a bunch of different leaves and flowers. I also used some more glitter on hers, because I think girls like glitter. It ended up looking pretty good, I spent a lot of time on it. I hope she likes it! Once it’s dry I’m going to leave it hanging on her door. I guess I should probably put a note who it’s from, but she could probably figure it out.

I don’t know if Keyalenn is going. Des said he’s making an ice mask, which sounds pretty cool (ha ha). But she also said that the rangers are coming, so I hope he’s not going to do anything embarrassing if that girl is there. He should just find another girl to like. I mean, I can understand a little bit, I would have been upset if Xarola didn’t want to go to the dance, but I don’t think I would have obsessed over it like that. But maybe I would if I thought she was the prettiest girl ever though. Still, there’s lots of other girls and some even closer to his age. I just think he’d have more fun if he could forget about her. Vaildor was making a dragon mask, he wanted it to be bronze but the closest we had was gold paint. Still it looked really good and he put some shading over it so it really looked bronze. He’s really good at art! He helped give me some tips for painting mine that made it better. He’s worried because Lani and the Confessor are having a baby, and he thinks they’ll forget about him. I am pretty sure my parents didn’t forget about me after my little sister was born, but he seems convinced that they will. Also that was supposed to be a secret or something, so I’m not supposed to mention it to anyone. I don’t really see why though, it’s not that big of a deal.

Des kept saying that girls give signals if they like you, but I think she was just messing with us. They don’t at all! I mean I think Xarola does but at first I had no idea, it was a complete guess whether she’d go to the dance or not. She also doesn’t do any of those things that Des said, well maybe the hair one, except her hair isn’t that long so I don’t know. Anyway, I’m excited for the mask party, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I bet the food will be great too!

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I should have known something like this would happen. It’s because I was actually starting to like him, and anytime that happens they suddenly lose interest or find someone else. We’ve gone to the faire and that was okay, and then to Outland which I thought went pretty well. And we’ve even been spending more time at the ranger building, either on patrols or at the targets. Going to the city was fun too, he seemed really interested in finding just the right things we needed for the masks. The captain sent us with some money, and we found a shop that sold feathers and sequins and things like that. Truth be told, I think it was more meant for children to make things with, but they had what we needed. We got a lot of the mask shapes, and things to put on them like little glass gemstones, feathers, sequins and glitter. I also got wire for my moth wings, those were actually his idea. I hadn’t the first idea how to make moth wings.

Then now suddenly he doesn’t want to go to the dance anymore. I think it’s because I asked what he said about me to the other guys. I suspect that Ty and Arancon were just messing with me, because that’s the kind of thing they like to do, but Sunashe got really weird about it. That’s when he decided he didn’t want to go anymore, and it makes me wonder if it was just some kind of a bet or something they had going. See if you can get that pathetic lonely woman to like you, and then say you were just kidding. He wanted to know if I talk about him with Vellira. Of course I do, he should know that, Vellira talks about anyone to everyone. I said we did a bit, I left out some of the more colorful conversations like speculating on the size and shape of his ears (and other things). And the part where she says I should just find the closet, she’s always sure to point out exactly which closets are the best. Like I need to hear that! Sunashe also mentioned that he goes to see the Confessor. I know he’s not allowed to tell me what other people said, but I’m really curious now. I don’t think Sunashe is going to say, unless he’s on medication again or something. He claims he doesn’t even remember that, I haven’t brought it up since then.

It turns out he thought the faire went awful, but that’s because I barely knew him and still thought he was a bit of a jerk then. Also he kept saying I was beautiful, which is nice I guess but it doesn’t mean anything. Lots of guys say things like that, and they either don’t mean it or they only mean it long enough to get what they want. I don’t really think he’s like that — for one thing, we have to work together — but it’s hard to trust anyone after it’s happened so many times. I want to, and I think doing other things together is helping, but I guess not if he doesn’t want to anymore. He did agree to go to the city again. I wanted to get a dress for the party, one that would match with my mask. Just something simple, but I don’t have very many dresses so I needed to buy one. The girl at the shop asked if he was my husband, it probably would have just been easier if he’d said yes. Instead I think she thought he was my guy friend who was just there because he liked dresses or something. We got lunch afterward, but there were a lot of people around so we didn’t talk about anything important, just usual stuff. Mostly about the party. His mask looks pretty good, he cut out little scales and put glitter on them, then he added some blue stripes. You can tell what it’s supposed to be. Mine is okay I guess, but the wings aren’t exactly the same shape. It looks a bit better now that it’s got glitter on it, and the feathers cover up some of the mistakes. Maybe it will look all right in the dark.

Maybe I should talk to Nessna, she probably has some better advice than Vellira. Although maybe not, because I hardly think the captain was as shy as Sunashe.


[Screenshots] Hallow’s End Kitties

This year there are two new (undead) kitty pets, and a toy for your Toy Box.

Orny finished up getting one of them, this is the Cursed Birman. As you can see it looks like a more ghostly version of Mr. Bigglesworth.


And here’s Widget the Departed, he’s kind of a grey tabby with white patches.


[OOC] New Banners

I’ve added two new banners to the rotation; Ornasse’s new model, and one of Sath’alor in Winterspring. I’ll be adding some more with Draenei in the Draenor scenery once Warlords launches!

[Story] Morthorn’s Journal

I suppose I’m lucky that Lani doesn’t show the same stubborn streak as her brother — at least, she hasn’t yet. She may yet in the future, but by that time I’ll have had plenty of experience in trying to get through to him. Normally I wouldn’t feel so short when dealing with a patient’s problems, but things at home have been more tumultuous than usual lately. Vaildor’s mood can change rapidly from pleasant and friendly to grouchy and argumentative, and he’s awfully careless about leaving things around the house. I know he doesn’t do it intentionally, he simply doesn’t think ahead past whatever he’s doing at the moment. It’s normal for a boy his age, at least from what I have seen, so I can hardly get angry with him for it. But it’s still irritating and at times dangerous, like when he leaves a hot pan on the fire in the kitchen. In addition to the usual things young boys go through, he’s still struggling to understand exactly where his place is in his family. It’s something I would like to understand myself, but I’m allowing him to take the lead there. I don’t want to push anything that he’s not comfortable with. He has several people who could call his father, but none of us really are. It’s not easy.

Hethurin came to me to talk about Lani, initially. He said that he doesn’t want her checking on him every day, and he doesn’t like the cream that she puts on to help heal his burn. I don’t think anyone will talk her out of checking on her patients daily, but I agreed that she ought not come in while he’s in the middle of a lesson. I also said I would ask if there was a different cream that she might use. Truthfully, I think adding a more pleasant scent might be enough to convince him that it’s a different cream altogether. He’s also still upset over the party — rather, he wanted a wedding party without Terellion knowing what it was supposed to be. I told him it was hardly fair to have a wedding and not tell the other person, and that he should discuss his feelings with Terellion. I haven’t spoken to him much myself, so I cannot know his feelings, but I can make an educated guess. I don’t think he’s old enough to make such decisions, and Hethurin pushing him for an answer might cause more harm than good. I explained that Terellion would very likely be willing to have a proper wedding sometime in the future, so they could both enjoy it, but Hethurin didn’t like that answer very much. He’s certain that it’s never going to happen and he might as well tell Terellion to leave now. I might try to speak to Terellion, but it’s no substitute for them actually talking to each other. I just don’t know if either of them are willing to do it.

He did mention the party again, and confirmed that we’re invited. I’ll have to ask Lani what sort of mask she’d like to wear, I think it will be a nice time. Vaildor also mentioned Lani’s condition to Des, so I’m certain everyone in the Eastern Kingdoms will know by tomorrow morning. It isn’t a big secret, I just don’t think Lani was ready for everyone to know just yet. Des is definitely excited, I’m not sure what Vaildor thinks yet. I know he’s worried about the money, but I’m certain that either Hethurin or Isturon will help with his schooling if need be. He may also be unsure about having a sibling — or, half-sibling, whatever the baby will be to him — in the house. I hope he’ll be willing to talk about it soon. I’d like him to be happy either way, and if he could paint the walls for the baby’s room that might help him feel more involved.


[Screenshots] New Models

I got into the beta pretty early, so I assumed there would be plenty of time to fix the problems with some of the new models. I’m honestly kind of shocked that they released them to live in the state that they’re in. I’m not saying they’re universally bad — a lot of them look really good, especially the ones that were done earlier like the male dwarf, and orc. Male Tauren actually feels really complete as well, in spite of my initial reservations, my Tauren shaman looks like a cuddly teddy bear now. (Not sure if that’s the look they wanted, but I’ll take it!)

I’m not going to list my tweaks for every single model, partly because I’m not as familiar with a lot of them. Male trolls for instance, look as if they’ve hardly changed to me, but someone who plays them a lot can see all of the differences I’m sure.

Male Night Elf:

I am actually okay with how the face looks, at least the two faces that I use. My number one problem with the male night elf is his run animation, it’s just awful. Other than that, they need some tweaking in their proportions: the neck is too short and thick, the shoulders are too narrow and the waist is too wide when compared to the old model. Also, they feel a bit unfinished, especially when you look at the feet. Night elves with no beard still, after ten years, do not have eyebrows. They couldn’t find the time to fix that? I’m only being tough on this model because it’s the one I see all the time on my main! (I didn’t post him for an example because he’s wearing a hood :) )

Female Tauren:


Female Tauren have long been my favorite choice on Horde. I have one of every available class, and I loved the old model. My problem with the new one lies almost completely in the face. Duskpaw here uses one of the two “narrow” snouts which look completely wrong and not cow-like at all. The lip is cleft and the “nose pad” does not extend down to the upper lip as it did before. Fixing this small detail would improve her looks a lot. (They don’t actually squint like this, I just caught her mid-blink.) It’s also really a shame that no more faces were added, there are still only four, with not very obvious differences. My other main complaint is that the “spotted” skins don’t match their old counterparts. Previously, the whole head was the main color, now the spots extend up onto the head and chin.

Female Forsaken:


Well, as I posted before, the Forsaken “skull face” (#10) is just straight up gone now. That’s totally inexcusable to me, when Blizzard promised that the new models would simply be a high-definition update of our old ones. I changed her face in the barber to this one, which at least loses the derpy perkiness that some of the others have. But she still has her nose back, and no exposed teeth. I know it’s a silly thing to be upset about, but I don’t even want to play her anymore.

Female Dwarf: 

Another one of my favorite old models. Unlike the female Forsaken, I was unable to find a face that I could even stand because they all look the same. The much fuller cheeks and tired-looking eyes are on every face. I don’t want to race-change my female dwarves, but I don’t want to play them either. I mean, I guess they could wear hoods all the time…

I didn’t take a screenshot, but my female Worgen’s human form is substantially lighter in skin-tone than before. I was unable to fix it at the barber, because it seems all of the human skin-tones have been lightened. I really hope this is changed, because it’s pretty inexcusable.

Just so this isn’t all negative, here are some that were pleasant surprises:

Female Troll:


It’s fair to say that female trolls were not my favorite previously. But I really love my hunter now! I love the contrast between their skin tones and their super-bright hair now. She previously had one of the more “ugly” faces (though I picked it because I thought it looked fierce), and I think it translated really well. I’m actually even thinking about making some new ones!

Female Orc:


I liked the old female orc enough to have a handful of them, but I’m really impressed by them now! Especially with my warrior and her awesome mohawk. I love how expressive her face is.

Female Gnome:


Overall, I wish the new gnomes had more face options besides “tired” and “pissed off”, or maybe “homicidal”. But for my warrior, it actually works! The color of her hair changed slightly, but I like it.



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