[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I went to see Lani at her office the other night. I hadn’t been feeling very well lately, and in the evenings I’m so tired I thought that something must be wrong. I sure didn’t expect Lani to say that I am going to have a baby. It’s weird to write that, I still can’t really believe it! I guess in the back of my mind I had an idea that it could be possible, but I drank the tea! Except Lani said that you actually have to start a couple of weeks before, and drink it the same time every day and never miss once. And even then, it’s not perfect. She said that sometimes women still have babies even with it. So I guess I’m a little upset that I didn’t know that beforehand, but at the same time I’m happy too. I know I wanted us to have a family, it’s just a lot sooner than we expected.

I was really worried that Gael would be upset, or angry with me, or something. Or maybe he didn’t actually want to have any children, except that Lani pointed out that he was building extra rooms in our house. Even so, I was nervous to tell him and I thought I was going to throw up the whole day before I talked to him. Even worse than usual! Lani told me she is expecting too, except it’s a secret so I can’t tell anyone. She is going to tell the Confessor by making him a cake that says “Congratulations Ann’da” on it. That’s a really good idea, I wish I’d thought of it, but I don’t want to take hers. I just told Gael that we needed a baby room for the house. At first I told him I went to see Lani and he was all scared that I was sick or going to die or something! He’s funny sometimes. So we need to hurry and have the wedding soon, otherwise I’m not going to fit into any of my dresses and people will be able to see. And they’ll say awful things about me. So it’s a secret for now although I don’t know how I’m going to keep from telling people! After talking to Gael about it, I’m actually kind of excited now. Decorating the room will be fun! Lani is going to get Vaildor to paint animals on the walls for their room. It’ll be so fun being pregnant at the same time, and I bet the babies will be best friends. I know the Magister will be excited when he finds out, he and Ter love babies and they miss having Rylad to play with. I hope the baby looks just like Gael, it will be so adorable! I’m glad he’s excited. He’ll make a great ann’da.

On the other hand, I don’t know if I’ll tell my parents yet or not. I guess it should wait until after the wedding. They’ll probably be happy, because it’ll be their grandchild, but they might not be so happy that it’s so soon, or that the father is a ranger. But they can just get over it if they want to see him or her! Next time we go to the library, I need to get some books about babies, but somehow do it without anyone noticing. That’s going to be tricky.


[Screenshots] Beta – Ashran


I finally made it to Ashran. I have to say, I actually had quite a bit of fun there — maybe it was because we outnumbered the Horde though. That definitely won’t happen on live! I actually enjoy large-scale PVP battles, because they allow me to do my healer thing mostly un-noticed and really help out my team. In Mists, I wasn’t able to do much PVP because I didn’t have bagspace for a PVP set. I’m hoping that the toy box and more void storage will fix that in Warlords, and if Ashran is fun on live I can see myself spending a fair amount of time there.

I’m not really sure what the objective was, but that’s okay right?!

One thing I liked was that I actually had time to heal up people before they instantly died. That will improve if I get actual PVP gear, too.

The “capital” is still a load of dog barf, though. And it’s a combat area, which means the other faction can come in and kill all the vendors. Wonderful.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

Things are back to being weird and awkward again. Perothis wanted to go and visit Des at the school, so Sunashe agreed to take his patrol. That way, he could also start learning the routes and the important landmarks of the area. He could have gone with Nessna, but he went with me instead. I guess he already went to the library in Shattrath to get books about lizards. He said he went up to the school during lunch and asked a mage there. I thought we were both going to go? But whatever. He said he still wants to go to the market, but it’s weird that he would go alone like that. One good thing is that he said those moths eat bread, so I figure that would be pretty easy since Orledin bakes bread almost every day. Sunashe is probably right in that he’d be offended if he found out we were feeding his bread to a moth, so we’ll either have to sneak it or take stale bread. Or maybe we could feed it the heels. I don’t think anyone would care about that. My only worry is that it might get eaten by the spiders here. I haven’t seen any large ones this season yet, but it’s always possible that we missed some. If I get one of the small moths, I’d feel awful if a spider ate it. I guess we’ll just have to keep an eye on it, but I’m not really sure how you can keep a moth anywhere. It can fly! He’s still looking into traps for the lizards. Some kind of magical trap might work, but I feel like it would probably be better to befriend it rather than trap it. A trap would only make it scared and upset, I think.

Sunashe always says people shouldn’t talk on patrol, and maybe that’s why it was so awkward, but we were eating and it’s fine to talk then. Plus, the woods are mostly quiet these days. We walked down along the scar and I showed him the most likely areas to have Scourge. He did go all the way to the school alone, so he must know it at least a little. Of course there are the other routes, but it’s unlikely that he’d ever go with Orledin or Sorrowmoss. But he should still learn Nessna’s one of these days. He did ask what kind of food I like. I don’t know, all of it? He talked about how he doesn’t like to drink. He’s worried that he’ll drink too much and stop caring about his job. I think that’s pretty unlikely out here.  People in the city who don’t have any future are a lot different from us out here. I think he shouldn’t worry so much about what other people are doing, because that’s kind of nosy. He also talked about how he likes to take baths and sing in them. I can’t believe the other guys don’t make fun of him for that. Well, maybe they do and he’s just not admitting to it. I should ask Ty.

[Screenshots] The Emperor

Mr Hare sent me this for my house. I figure Kazta uses it for target practice.


You get it from running SWTOR’s version of a heroic dungeon. Sometimes I wish I could do more of that stuff in SWTOR, but I don’t really have time for both. Though I’m really unhappy with WoD beta, so we’ll see I guess.

[Screenshots] All Four Cloaks

… on the same character. Because why not? It’s always good to be prepared!


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

Xarola and I went to look for herbs in the woods. I think technically it’s probably not allowed, because we said we were going down to the practice area. Then we found a log and went across the river. The mornings are starting to get cooler now, so it’s perfect herb-hunting weather. There weren’t any mushrooms yet though, I think we’ll need to get a good rain for that to happen. She knows a lot about where to find all the different kinds of plants. I know some too, but not as much as she does. But I could tell her what kind of scents each one can be used for, and she was surprised by some of them. I hope her mother is happy about all the ones we found for her. It’s weird to think that some of them might end up in bottles in our shop! I think I should get some for Xarola. It’s not that good of a gift because she’ll know that it didn’t cost me anything, but I don’t exactly have a lot of money.

My parents pay for the school, but they don’t send any spending money because they think I don’t need it out here. Well, I guess they sent a little when we went to Shattrath, but that was a special case. I wish my parents were like Keyalenn’s and just gave me money whenever I asked for it! I wouldn’t spend it on paintings and wedding rings though. I can’t believe he did that. Now he says he’s going to ask his father to arrange a marriage with Lin. He said that she’s an orphan, so he would only have to arrange it with her, not her parents. Considering how she responded before, I have a feeling that’s not going to go as well as he’d like. Salastion said that Keyalenn should just work on studying and getting really good at magic and then she’d surely be impressed. I think that was his nice way of suggesting that Keyalenn look for someone else, without actually saying it. I actually agree with him on that, it’s dumb to be going to magic school if you aren’t even trying to get good at magic.

I would like to get her a nice robe or maybe some earrings or something, but I can’t afford anything like that. So I have to try to find out what kind of scent Xarola would like and ask if I can have some from the shop. Or just take it, I could say it was for me but I think they’d know it wasn’t. I guess I’ll have to tell them the truth, and then my brother and sister will never let me hear the end of it. I think Xarola might also like some books, but I’m not sure which ones to get her. Books are tricky because you never know what someone is going to like, or if they’ve already read it. Plus whenever she wore the perfume, she could think about me and our walk in the woods. It was a lot of fun, I hope she liked it too. We did kiss one time but I was worried about the rangers seeing us or something, so it wasn’t a long one. I told the guys about that, they said she’s definitely my girlfriend if we’ve kissed more than once. I bet they’re jealous!


[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I think the trip to Shattrath went okay. I was a bit worried about it, because I hadn’t been back since all of that happened, and I was afraid of it bringing back bad memories. I was right about that, especially out in the forest. I spent so many days being angry and hurt and confused, and then it was only worse when Im didn’t have time to talk to me anymore. It seemed like Sunashe thought it was interesting, though. We got a portal from the frost teacher at the school, I didn’t really feel like talking to Aeramin. We went around outside the front of the city, into the forest.

The trees there are very thin and tall, and they’re different from trees I’ve seen before, though there are some similarities. They have pine cones — well I guess they aren’t “pine” cones, but they grow up on the ends of the branches. They have an almost crystalline appearance, I would guess that’s caused by the magic there or something. I guess if I was really interested in plants I could find out more about it. I showed Sunashe the moths and spiders, which are both really huge. The spiders are even bigger than the ones in the Ghostlands, though I expect if we left ours alone, they would get that big. I like the moths. There’s something peaceful about them, I think. Sunashe asked if they could survive in the Ghostlands. I’d never really thought about it before, maybe if they were able to stay away from the spiders. I’m not sure what they eat either. He said we could look in the library to see if they knew anything about them. They would sure be a lot nicer to have around the forest than bats. We also looked at the lizards. There are two different kinds; the slow-moving ones that live on the cliffs, and the teleporting ones. Those are a bit more tricky to find, because they’re very fast and they can disappear and re-appear somewhere else, just like a mage. He was really fascinated by those. He was talking about trying to catch one of the baby ones. I’m not sure if they could be trapped, I think they could just blink out of it. But they could probably be coaxed with food, though couldn’t they just teleport out of the bag or your arms or whatever? You’d probably have to make friends with it first. The Captain might know about that, he’s good with cats. They’re not the same as cats, of course, but he might have some ideas. Sunashe wanted to ask the Scryers for books about lizards too. Can you imagine the looks on their faces? Oh, and we looked at the bird people too. Sunashe said they aren’t actually birds because they don’t have wings, but they definitely look like birds. They have feathers and beaks and little claw hands. I guess it would be pretty awful to be a bird but not actually be able to fly. Then I wondered how they came to be in the first place, did a person get too friendly with a bird, or was it a curse or something? And did they come out of an egg? So many questions I don’t really think I want the answer to.

We decided to have dinner in the restaurant on the Scryer’s tier. It was late, so the market had already closed for the day, but he seemed curious about it. I didn’t explain it very well, there’s really everything there. Being at the restaurant again was kind of strange too, but I didn’t mind too much because the food is really good. Sunashe especially liked the manaberry pie — I don’t think he believed me when I said it was good. I suggested that if we were able to buy some berries, Orledin could make it for us. We talked a bit, it was nice not having everyone around for once. I told him about that other blood knight, I think he was surprised. I don’t know why, pretty much all guys do things like that. They promise everything, say you’re beautiful and they love you, but it doesn’t mean anything. The moment we got here, he wasn’t interested anymore and I’m pretty sure he found another girl here. Or guy, who knows.

I asked him about what Vellira said, if he’d yell if I was doing something wrong in bed. He said he wouldn’t, but I could still picture it happening. Something about improving my technique, or something. Anyway, he wants to come back so we can visit the library and get books about spiders, and also the market. I suppose we could claim it’s ranger business in that case, we could be finding out ways to better control the spider population in the Ghostlands. Maybe the Captain could even get us some gold to spend.



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