[Screenshots] Hunter Heirloom… Finally

After three evenings — tonight’s run being an hour and a half — Sath FINALLY got his heirloom bow. It’s from normal, but it was hard enough getting into one of those as DPS, so I really can’t complain. I have a lot more sympathy for you pure DPS right now!

I was pleased to be in the top 5 on all the bosses we did, and I finally learned how to dodge Annihilate. Better late than never!


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I never want to get out of bed again! It’s so warm and comfortable, and it’s in our very own room in our very own house. There aren’t any ghosts or people next door to listen and hear everything we say. And of course, Gael is there too. That’s the best part. It was the most awful thing having to wait until it was finished. I know he was working extra hard, in addition to doing his patrols, and he finished as quickly as he could. But it was still the most difficult thing to wait for! He has to wake up very early for his patrol, even a bit earlier now since he has to walk to meet them. It’s so dark and cold in the mornings, and I don’t want him to leave. On the bright side, that means he’s home early in the afternoon so we have a lot of time to spend together. I’m going to start making him some little snacks to take with him, maybe some cookies or something. Of course I’m not as good at baking as Orledin, but I figure I will get better with practice! And I’ll have something made for when he gets home too. Everything is so perfect, it’s scary to think that I almost didn’t meet him and would have married someone my parents picked out. I mean, I’m sure he would have been okay, but he couldn’t possibly be as nice as Gael. I don’t see why they’re still hung up on him being a ranger.  It doesn’t make him any less of a good husband that someone from the city, in fact I think it’s much better because he can do things other than stand around and gossip!

Though, as soon as they found out about the baby, they were suddenly wanting to come out and visit us. I thought that would be the case! I’m not sure about it yet. I want to make sure Gael is okay with it, and make sure the house is finished being decorated so it looks nice and Mother won’t make faces. It’s more rustic because it’s in the forest, but it also means that we get a lovely view of the trees, and if it’s clear you can see down to the ocean. I’m also glad there will be other children around for him or her to play with. There’s Rylad and Iannor, who will be a few years older, and then Lani’s baby will be born around the same time. By the time they’re old enough, Hethurin should have the general school all set up and they can all go to classes together. Unless of course he or she wants to be a mage, but I suppose there would still be general classes first, until he or she is older.

I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet. Lani said there are stories about ways to tell, but none of them actually really work very well, and it’s more for fun. I tried a couple of them but I got a different answer every time. So much for that. I don’t think I care too much whether it’s a boy or a girl, Gael says he doesn’t either but I wonder if he really does. Maybe if it’s a girl she can sit next to Rylad when he’s older, he’s going to be cute!

Ty brought dinner by for us last night, which was very nice of him since we were so busy moving in. Well, Gael was, he wouldn’t let me do anything. I ended up telling him what the new room was for. He thought we should tell everyone at the mask party! We might, though I don’t want to make Hethurin’s party about us, we already had our own! Plus I bet Des will make a face. I think we’re going to make our own masks, since Hethurin already has the supplies there at the school. I’m not especially good with art, but I think I could do okay. I have an idea for what kind of a mask I want, there’s lots of feathers and things that will make it look pretty.

[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Aeramin is so confusing. One day he’ll agree to something and then he’ll suddenly change his mind again. Well, I guess I might be changing my mind too. I’m starting to think all of this might not be such a good idea, it’s causing all kinds of trouble. He keeps saying he doesn’t mind, but maybe he really does, he’s just afraid to say anything. So instead he finds other ways to make sure it doesn’t work. Like he really doesn’t like the first girl, which is okay, I think she’s a little too pushy myself. But what if I did? And he says he doesn’t like her because she reminds him of himself… really? I mean I didn’t say anything but that’s not a very good reason to disqualify her, because I’m with him! And a girl like that might be the only one who’d even consider something like this. I don’t think most nice girls would. I still get the feeling that Aeramin wants me to pick the other one, but now it’s like he’s trying to push me into it.

He didn’t talk to her (like I asked him to), instead he got Hethurin to do it. Of all the people in the world qualified to talk to girls, I would probably put him last on the list. Aeramin claims that he was listening and heard the whole conversation, and supposedly she is interested. He got kind of mad and defensive when I didn’t believe him, and said I was calling him a liar. It’s not that, I don’t think he’s trying to intentionally mislead me or anything, I just think he’s seeing something that’s not there because he wants it to be true. When she was at dinner, she hardly talked to us and she couldn’t wait to get out of there. I definitely did not get any hints of her being interested. Aeramin claims that’s because Morrainne was there and being pushy, but the other girl didn’t even want to come in the first place. Morrainne invited her and had to talk her into it. Aeramin also uses the fact that she stayed for breakfast as some kind of proof. I think it’s proof that she was hungry, and nothing more.

Anyway, he keeps pushing me to ask her to the mask party. I’m not really sure if it’s a good idea, I mean sure she’s pretty but there are lots of pretty girls. I don’t know if there’s anything more there or not, certainly right now but I’m not saying it could never happen. I’m also worried that Morrainne might flip out if I tell her I’m not interested. She definitely seems like the crazy type. Aeramin says she’ll just move on to some other guy, but how does he know that? Oh, because he has experience, and I don’t. Well you can’t be embarrassed of your past and then use it to be right, you have to pick one or the other! We haven’t picked out what masks we want either. Aeramin didn’t have any ideas, and he didn’t know what other people were wearing. I guess we’ll probably just put some beads and feathers on or something. I’m not good with fancy parties.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

Rylad and I made our masks for the party this evening. Nessna helped a little bit, mostly she just came over to check on how we were doing and make sure Rylad wasn’t eating too much of the glitter. He did eat some, there was no way I could keep him from getting it all. The shopkeeper assured me it wasn’t dangerous for kids, but I have a feeling I’ll be finding it months from now yet. At first I thought about making a white tiger for Nessna, but I asked Rylad if he wanted to be a tiger and he said “rawr” which I take to mean yes. So I made hers an Eversong lynx. I’m no great artist, but I think it looks pretty good. At least you can tell what it’s supposed to be. Mine is a lion, like the one that I found in the Highlands. I try not to think about that trip too much now, but I can’t help but be reminded a little.

Ty’s is some kind of monster, I guess. I mean, it looks all right. I’m sure he and Vellira had fun making them. Arancon’s is actually really cool, it’s like a skull but then he’s sewed it inside a cloak that goes over his head. It’s quite spooky, and no one can really tell who he is. According to him that’s intentional, he isn’t too excited about Aeramin being at the party. We assured him that it should be large enough that he can avoid him and just do his own thing, and the costume will definitely help with that. I thought he might want to dance with the woman who works in the stable, she’s closer to his age and she seems nice enough. He seemed a bit hesitant though, and admitted he might not be ready for anything like that. I can definitely understand that. He obviously still misses her, and he’s upset that he didn’t get to say goodbye. I guess all of that happened when I was away in Outland, but I do feel bad for him. It’s weird to see things from his point of view instead of Aeramin’s. I’m not saying that Aeramin was in the wrong in this case, just that I can sympathize with Arancon. I know if anything happened to Nessna I’d never want to dance with another girl, I’m sure he probably felt that way too.

Ty said he’d try to talk to Sunashe about Lin, I mean it’s really not my business but I want everyone to be happy and get along. I have a feeling they’d both be a lot happier if they just went ahead and got together. I’m not an expert or anything but I think if she’s going to lunch and things like that, she’s probably interested in more. Ty and I talked a little about Kes too, I mean I didn’t say her name or anything. I just said that things were still awkward between us, and she probably is still upset with me. We both have someone new and I imagine she’s probably happy, but I guess it’s still too soon to be friends again. I kind of wish things could be okay, like Aeramin and Hethurin are, but I don’t know. I know she’s probably angry because she wanted a family. I bet she’s pestering that poor guy every chance she gets. I don’t know, I guess he’s probably okay with what she studies because he’s still around. There’s no way he doesn’t know. Ty said I was a great father, I really try to be. I didn’t even know that I wanted to be until I met them, but now that I am, it’s really great. I really like doing stuff with him, like making our masks. Nessna said Hethurin is talking about having general classes at the school, which would be great. It’s closeby and he’d be around people that he knows.

[Art] Moonkin Plush – Sculpting

Yikes I haven’t made a plush in forever! Now that we’re moved and school is started, I have a little bit of time.

This is the beginnings of a clay moonkin head. It’s still in the very rough and weird-looking stage right now. Once it’s firmed up I will add more onto the antlers, and start filling out the head shapes.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

Vaildor came over with a big pile of supplies to help us make masks for the party. I haven’t actually asked Xarola if she wants to go yet, but I decided to make her a mask anyway. That way, if she wants to go, it’ll already be done and she’ll have less reason to say no. Also I made her mask to match with mine, it took me a while to think of an idea but the others said it was pretty good. At least, I think it’s unique. I bet there won’t be anyone else there with masks like ours. Mine is painted to look like wood and I stuck some twigs and stuff onto it, and then I cut out a lot of little paper mushrooms. So it kind of looks like a log covered with mushrooms, like you’d find in the forest! For Xarola’s, I painted it all green and made a bunch of different leaves and flowers. I also used some more glitter on hers, because I think girls like glitter. It ended up looking pretty good, I spent a lot of time on it. I hope she likes it! Once it’s dry I’m going to leave it hanging on her door. I guess I should probably put a note who it’s from, but she could probably figure it out.

I don’t know if Keyalenn is going. Des said he’s making an ice mask, which sounds pretty cool (ha ha). But she also said that the rangers are coming, so I hope he’s not going to do anything embarrassing if that girl is there. He should just find another girl to like. I mean, I can understand a little bit, I would have been upset if Xarola didn’t want to go to the dance, but I don’t think I would have obsessed over it like that. But maybe I would if I thought she was the prettiest girl ever though. Still, there’s lots of other girls and some even closer to his age. I just think he’d have more fun if he could forget about her. Vaildor was making a dragon mask, he wanted it to be bronze but the closest we had was gold paint. Still it looked really good and he put some shading over it so it really looked bronze. He’s really good at art! He helped give me some tips for painting mine that made it better. He’s worried because Lani and the Confessor are having a baby, and he thinks they’ll forget about him. I am pretty sure my parents didn’t forget about me after my little sister was born, but he seems convinced that they will. Also that was supposed to be a secret or something, so I’m not supposed to mention it to anyone. I don’t really see why though, it’s not that big of a deal.

Des kept saying that girls give signals if they like you, but I think she was just messing with us. They don’t at all! I mean I think Xarola does but at first I had no idea, it was a complete guess whether she’d go to the dance or not. She also doesn’t do any of those things that Des said, well maybe the hair one, except her hair isn’t that long so I don’t know. Anyway, I’m excited for the mask party, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I bet the food will be great too!

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I should have known something like this would happen. It’s because I was actually starting to like him, and anytime that happens they suddenly lose interest or find someone else. We’ve gone to the faire and that was okay, and then to Outland which I thought went pretty well. And we’ve even been spending more time at the ranger building, either on patrols or at the targets. Going to the city was fun too, he seemed really interested in finding just the right things we needed for the masks. The captain sent us with some money, and we found a shop that sold feathers and sequins and things like that. Truth be told, I think it was more meant for children to make things with, but they had what we needed. We got a lot of the mask shapes, and things to put on them like little glass gemstones, feathers, sequins and glitter. I also got wire for my moth wings, those were actually his idea. I hadn’t the first idea how to make moth wings.

Then now suddenly he doesn’t want to go to the dance anymore. I think it’s because I asked what he said about me to the other guys. I suspect that Ty and Arancon were just messing with me, because that’s the kind of thing they like to do, but Sunashe got really weird about it. That’s when he decided he didn’t want to go anymore, and it makes me wonder if it was just some kind of a bet or something they had going. See if you can get that pathetic lonely woman to like you, and then say you were just kidding. He wanted to know if I talk about him with Vellira. Of course I do, he should know that, Vellira talks about anyone to everyone. I said we did a bit, I left out some of the more colorful conversations like speculating on the size and shape of his ears (and other things). And the part where she says I should just find the closet, she’s always sure to point out exactly which closets are the best. Like I need to hear that! Sunashe also mentioned that he goes to see the Confessor. I know he’s not allowed to tell me what other people said, but I’m really curious now. I don’t think Sunashe is going to say, unless he’s on medication again or something. He claims he doesn’t even remember that, I haven’t brought it up since then.

It turns out he thought the faire went awful, but that’s because I barely knew him and still thought he was a bit of a jerk then. Also he kept saying I was beautiful, which is nice I guess but it doesn’t mean anything. Lots of guys say things like that, and they either don’t mean it or they only mean it long enough to get what they want. I don’t really think he’s like that — for one thing, we have to work together — but it’s hard to trust anyone after it’s happened so many times. I want to, and I think doing other things together is helping, but I guess not if he doesn’t want to anymore. He did agree to go to the city again. I wanted to get a dress for the party, one that would match with my mask. Just something simple, but I don’t have very many dresses so I needed to buy one. The girl at the shop asked if he was my husband, it probably would have just been easier if he’d said yes. Instead I think she thought he was my guy friend who was just there because he liked dresses or something. We got lunch afterward, but there were a lot of people around so we didn’t talk about anything important, just usual stuff. Mostly about the party. His mask looks pretty good, he cut out little scales and put glitter on them, then he added some blue stripes. You can tell what it’s supposed to be. Mine is okay I guess, but the wings aren’t exactly the same shape. It looks a bit better now that it’s got glitter on it, and the feathers cover up some of the mistakes. Maybe it will look all right in the dark.

Maybe I should talk to Nessna, she probably has some better advice than Vellira. Although maybe not, because I hardly think the captain was as shy as Sunashe.



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