[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

Keyalenn and I are back at school, which is good because I have end of term exams coming up this week, and he has to help grade them for Magister Raleth’s class. This week will also be the spring ball, I’d hoped it might help get his mind off things for a while, but I’m not sure if it will. He seems better at times, but then it’s like it all comes back at once. I’ve never been through something like that, but I can imagine there are little reminders everywhere. I’m trying to avoid them, like I wasn’t sure if he’d want to go to the draenei tomb so soon. I would think being around a lot of ghosts would be very difficult right now, but he says he does. I hope he isn’t just saying that to make me happy, because I’d be fine waiting. There are lots of other things to do in Shattrath, though — like the restaurant. Their food is so nice and it’s different from what we get here because they use local vegetables and meat in their dishes. Keyalenn said he’d also like to visit the magical domes in Netherstorm, we might even see some dragons! That would be so exciting. He also mentioned the ghost village there. I’ve read about it, apparently they were all mages. I bet it’s fascinating! It’s really kind of him to offer to go with me, even if he doesn’t really feel like going.

I worry a little about his father, too. He’s all alone in that big house with no one to talk to aside from servants. I worry that he’ll fall into bad habits, or drinking or something like that. I suggested maybe he should get a pet, but Keyalenn didn’t think it was a good idea. He says he visits after lunch, hopefully that is enough. I still worry though.

I’m looking forward to the ball as well, it’s much more fun when you have someone to look forward to dancing with. The spring ball is always so bright and cheerful with the flowers and ribbons, the weather is starting to get warmer so it’s mostly outside unless it rains. Keyalenn said they hadn’t asked him for help with the music yet, but they could have just forgotten. Magister Fairsong and Terellion are busy with the new baby, and Tik’s break. I just hope he’s feeling up to it, he said he couldn’t play any cheerful music just yet. But slow songs are good too. I would like to get a new dress, I noticed that the undead girl always has new dresses and I asked her about them. She said she makes them herself, usually at night because she has all that spare time. And they’re quite nice, too — I mean, they aren’t as fancy as the really expensive shops, but they’re still very well done. I found her after class this morning and asked if she would have time to make one before the dance. You should have seen how excited she got! She took out her notebook and started sketching a design right there. I need to go and get measured this evening, and I need to buy the fabric from the city. Sorelle also said she could do little cloth flowers to wear in my hair to go with it. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I bet a lot of girls would like to have their own dresses made here, especially the ones who can’t afford to buy them. I do plan to give her some money though, but maybe Magister Fairsong could pay for people who don’t have enough.

[Story] Story a Week 14

[[ Prompt: Based on a real news article

Here’s the (rather unsettling) article that I chose: If Spiders Ate Humans. Depending on your view of spiders, I guess this could be considered a horror story 🙂 ]]

Ordinarily, she had no reason to seek out others of her kind. She was sleek and shiny, her legs thin and strong, her body marked with intricate patterns of brown and black. But more importantly, she was a dreamer. She would often perch, at the apex of her web, her foremost legs touched together in thought. She watched everything, and wished to learn all there was. The idea had come to her rather suddenly, a few evenings ago. One of the big creatures had blundered through her web, shrieking. Hours of work — and any potential for supper that evening — destroyed in just an instant. After the big creatures had gone, she set to work making the extensive repairs necessary, grumbling all the while. How thoughtless of them! She’d heard the stories, too, of others who lived inside the big creatures’ dwellings. Though it was warm and dry, prey was a bit more scarce and there was a constant danger of being killed by the giants. She had always felt this to be exaggerated — they clearly had no hunting prowess. Their food was brought in from somewhere else, already packaged. She supposed that there must be some giant-sized hive that they all went to. At least ants and bees could bite and sting! These big creatures had no such defenses. It was offensive, frankly, that she and her sisters should have to live in fear of them.

That was how the idea began, and she turned it over in her mind as she spun, arranging the silken threads into their design. Why did it have to be that way? Yes, the giants were big, but that was all they had in their favor. She was quick, and clever, and agile. She was a skilled huntress and spinner, and — more importantly — there were many more of them. At first she mentioned the idea in passing to her nearest neighbor, a lady with a stocky build and attractive black and white stripes on her legs. But she scoffed, saying it was impossible and foolish. Undeterred, she reached out to others. There had to be some who could see the truth of it, were tired of living in fear. Eventually, there were. A long-legged spindly fellow from the garden, and several youngsters were the first to join her cause, perhaps reluctantly at first, but as time went on she was able to sway more and more to her message. The more she told about it, those new devotees would go and tell others, ones further away that she could not ordinarily reach. But they needed a signal, a catalyst to put their plan into action. That was what she sought now. A sign, perhaps, that they could all heed, to rise up and defy the giants. Her forelegs twitched excitedly at the idea of it. What would they do first? The giants could easily break ordinary web, so they had to find other solutions. She had learned from the indoor scouts that the giants were afraid of one individual moving quickly. No doubt the sight of hundreds at once would have the desired effect, to herd the giants into the desired place, like blind prey. Venom would be a powerful tool here. One injection would not be enough to bring a giant down, but she theorized that a thousand might be. At the very least, it should distract the giant enough that they could strike. Her jaws clicked excitedly. What did they taste like? It would be a feast of legend, all of her followers dining together in glorious victory. Risky, no doubt, but she could already taste the hot, delicious juices.

Loosing a line of silk, she descended from her perch. It was time to find the others and spread the word.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Faeris’s Journal

Both Mother and Father came today to see me at the ranger building. I didn’t expect that Mother would come, usually she’s busy with her own things, but I guess she was curious enough to want to come see where I live for herself. I’ll be honest, I was kind of nervous about it. I didn’t care what they thought before, but now I feel like I’m actually doing something important and I want them to see that and be proud of me. Also, I was kind of worried about what they’d think about Julan. I know the Captain wouldn’t make me leave if I don’t want to, I already asked him about that. He said that since I’m an adult, I’m the only one who can make that choice, unless of course I do something really stupid and get kicked out. Which I’m not. I have more freedom here than I did in Silvermoon, and I get to do something to help people, and earn my own money too. We picked up the cabin the day before, putting away some of the stuff that I don’t think parents need to see. I thought they’d still probably dislike it, because they like fancy expensive stuff that’s covered in gold and junk like that. That’s just not our style.

They noticed the undead in the yard right away. I couldn’t do anything about that. He’s sitting under an eave right now, because it rains now and then. He doesn’t make noise or anything most of the time, so we kind of forget he’s there. My mother saw him and I could tell she thought it was gross, even though she didn’t say anything. I did tell them there were a couple of others there, though they’re a lot less weird because they act pretty much like normal people. I walked them around the grounds, I showed them the stable, our little garden where we grow vegetables, and the cabins. They thought Rylad’s miniature house was cute. I’m pretty sure they did think our cabin was tacky, but at least they didn’t say anything about that. They did notice that it was shared, I guess because no one else has single cabins. I’d mentioned that before, but maybe they forgot or something. I said they’d be able to meet him inside.

Orledin had made a fresh batch of cookies, so they liked that. I showed them around the common room, and the mens’ quarters. Some people were on patrol, but Salenicus was in there carving on some wood. I’m not sure if they even noticed that he was dead. They looked at the maps and I pointed out the route that I patrol on and the landmarks and stuff. The captain came out and said hello to them, he also went on about how much I practice and how much I’ve learned since coming here, and how I was a valuable member of the team. I think he knew they wanted to hear something like that, and I admit it felt nice to hear it too. They asked him some questions, mostly just about the area and the rangers in general. My father seemed interested in the fact that estates were cheap out here, I wonder if that means he’ll buy one. That might be strange having him closer, I don’t think my mother would ever want to leave the city though.

Julan was outside at the practice range. Maybe he was trying to impress Sunashe at the same time. He was wearing regular armor, like we’re supposed to wear on patrol. I was relieved about that! He was really polite and answered all of their questions. I think my mother might actually know his family, because she seemed to recognize the name when he said it. I hope she’s not going to digging up a lot of gossip but she probably will. I think I was holding my breath the whole time they were talking, but I can read my parents pretty well and I think it actually went okay. Which makes me feel bad, because he shouldn’t have to pretend to be a certain way just so my snobby parents will like him. I don’t care that he used to work on the Row, or that he likes to dress a certain why, so they shouldn’t either. But at the same time I think he’s trying to make things easier for me, which I appreciate. I don’t want them trying to make me leave, or worse, deciding that I need to marry someone’s daughter. I’m happy where I am now, I’m definitely not interested in going back to Silvermoon and I’m way too young to get married.

They stayed for dinner, they said they wanted the “authentic ranger experience” so they had some of the ranger food with us. They probably thought it was some exciting adventure they can tell their friends about. We had spider legs and stew from the garden. Julan didn’t even make any jokes, well except once when he said he used to be in the “Longwood” ranger unit. I almost choked when he said that but I don’t think they noticed, thankfully. I’ll have to think of something to make it up to him, but I’m not sure what yet.

[Story] Soranasha’s Journal

[[ Kids are off on Spring Break this week, we’re also preparing for our moving sale next weekend, so it’s kind of busy around here. Doing my best to write anyway! ]]

Magister Fairsong brought me some wood from the city. There’s a cloth bag and it’s full of little pieces, all different sizes and colors. I don’t know what kind of wood any of them are, but they seem like they’re nice. Definitely nicer than firewood for carving. Most are squares or rectangles but some are triangles, or have a little curve. There are also some metal tools and a book about how to carve things. I don’t know how much Salenicus knows about it, so hopefully the book is useful to him. I have everything ready for the next time they bring bread. I tried to give Magister Fairsong some money for it, but he said it was okay. That was nice of him. When I asked him about going, he thought it was for me. I guess I could have said it was, but then he’d notice when I was never carving it. Maybe I could learn too, but I already have my own hobby. Two, actually, sewing and gardening. I just said it was for someone else, I’m pretty sure he could figure it out because no one else ever talks to me for more than a few minutes, besides teachers anyway.

I think he was kind of upset about that, like he thinks they should be spending more time with me. If they don’t want to, that’s okay. I don’t want him to force them, having people pretend to like you doesn’t feel good. It’s my hope that eventually they will get used to me and someone will be able to see past it, but it does take time. I’m not ashamed to admit that I probably wouldn’t have wanted to talk to a dead person before, either. Loralinde is really interested in ghosts, so I have a feeling she might ask me about that. It’s kind of her hobby, I guess. Even being a magic student, you need something to do in your own time. She says she talks to the different ghosts here and is trying to study them. I don’t know how the ghosts feel about it. If I was a ghost it might feel like she was being kind of nosy, but I’m not a ghost. I have seen some in the ruins of Lordaeron though, and there are other kinds of undead there. I could tell her about those if she asks me. If she really wanted, she could go and see them for herself but I do not recommend it. That city is really disgusting and smelly. I’m dead and even I could smell it.

He also asked a lot about the ball, like if I was going to go. I can’t eat anything, so it’s awkward to just sit around and watch everyone else dance. It just makes me feel sad and more left out. I didn’t want to say that because I think he already felt guilty when I said that people don’t talk to me. But even he didn’t allow undead until recently, or did he forget about that? Orledin and Salenicus weren’t even allowed to come in until I came here. And that was only because Magister Raleth vouched for me. If not for him, I wouldn’t be allowed here at all. I don’t know, I thought about sewing a new dress, I have some nice pastel fabric and I could make some fabric flowers to go on it. I can’t use real flowers because I don’t want to pick them from the garden, plus these ones won’t die. But it seems like it would be a waste to make a dress for a party I won’t even stay at. I still have a little while to decide.

[Story] Story a Week 13

[[ I didn’t use my prompt again, it was weird… hopefully back to some good ones soon. In the meantime I decided to continue Tamazi and Harvian’s story because it’s been ages! ]]

They kept to the plains as they traveled south, avoiding the roads. The ground was more rocky than Tamazi was accustomed to, harder beneath her paws. Nor did she recognize all of the plants, though Harvian seemed to. Once they had found a safe place to rest, he hurried off to gather them. He returned with his arms full of fragrant herbs, carefully breaking and crushing them into one of his jars. This he mixed with a little liquid from a small vial, and he carefully dabbed it onto her cuts. “This should help them heal faster,” he explained. “At the very least, they should hurt less.” He still had a sorrowful expression, his ears still drooped backward. “I never meant for any of this to happen.” Gingerly, he lay a black paw over one of the deeper cuts. “Your coat is ruined.”

Tamazi managed a small amused smile. “What sort of Hunter has no scars?” She had already begun to weave tales of her glorious battles that had left their marks upon her, but nothing she invented was more outlandish than what had really happened previously — tangling with a drake and the strange magical deer. She imagined the Hunters gathering to study each mark with interest. It was true, they hurt less now. The feeling of helplessness and humiliation was far worse, and that was fading now. “But you never explained all of that,” she said. “What you said to them. About a prophecy.”

“Ah,” said Harvian, replacing the lid of the jar. “That might not have been completely true. But it worked, didn’t it?” Tamazi frowned briefly. She didn’t like that he had misled her — being in a prophecy sounded very exciting — but at the same time, he was right. And she didn’t mind misleading those villagers one bit. “Besides,” Harvian added. “It might be true. We haven’t yet reached the temple.”

“What’s the Ascension?” Tamazi asked, settling down on the grass. They were well hidden here, in a tangle of brush. She felt secure enough to rest for the first time in a long while.

Harvian prodded the coals of the fire before getting under his blanket. “The dragons live above us in the heavens, but they always have one representative here on the earth, to serve as their eyes and see their will done.” Tamazi nodded, she knew that much. Her own people didn’t need any dragons, but she’d heard stories about them from the males, some of whom had travelled to distant lands before joining their clan. “The exact process isn’t well known, but a drake is chosen and elevated — changed — to take that role. The last recorded Ascension was hundreds of years ago, the Empress and her son.” Tamazi nodded.

“At present, Miraluna has no one to represent her. There is a void of power, and when that happens, others will move to seize it. Like that drehl kiraal, in the swamp. No doubt there will be others as well,” said Harvian. “I am to see that the Ascension is completed without any interference.”

Tamazi blinked. “You?”

Though it was dark, Tamazi could see the corners of Harvian’s muzzle turn down to a frown. “The Empress gave me this task. I once served at her court, but–” he shook his head. “Rumors and nonsense. There were some who called my loyalty into question. She gave me this duty to prove myself, you could say.”

“So it’s a punishment?” asked Tamazi.

“In a way, I suppose. You’re very astute, Tamazi. You would have done well at court.”

Tamazi mulled over the word. “Is that good?”

Harvian chuckled. “Yes, it means you see things that are in plain sight. It’s not as common as you might think, especially there.”

On the fourth day, Tamazi saw the shimmering spires of the Temple reflecting the light of the Huntress’s eye. She thought it first an illusion, but she called to Harvian, and once she pointed it out, he saw them too. Her wounds had mended well, and though they felt a little stiff, she felt good enough to run for some of the way. Harvian clung to her back so he wouldn’t be left behind. Excitement and eagerness drove her forward, but she was afraid too. It was the largest building she had ever seen, imposing in its size and majesty. No doubt it would be filled with people, and they likely felt the same way about her as the villagers had. She would let Harvian enter first, and ensure that it was safe.

As she drew closer to the Temple, awe stole the breath from her, and she had to stop to catch it back again. It was built of stone, gleaming white and luminescent in the Huntress’s gaze, but the walls and arches were so thin and delicate that Tamazi was afraid she might knock them over with a careless swing of her tail. The tops of the arches had been cut out so that the light shone through them in intricate patterns, and there were large circular openings around the perimeter, these she was sure aligned with the Eye at different hours of the night. It was the most beautiful thing Tamazi had ever seen, surely overseen by the Huntress herself. No ordinary person could have made this.

Harvian seemed in awe as well, his whiskers twitching excitedly as they approached. He agreed to enter first. Tamazi waited at a safe distance, crouched in the swaying grass. She could see the temple attendants, in their long white robes with hoods that covered much of their faces. From where she waited, she could not hear what they said, but they seemed calm and they raised no weapons. At one point, their heads lifted and turned toward her. Harvian waved to her excitedly.

The building was so bright and pristine that Tamazi wished she had washed herself before coming. She felt scruffy and out of place, and it did not help that all of the robed people were watching her intently, she could tell that even behind the robes. Inside was even more beautiful; the Huntress’s light shone through the openings in the arches to throw a pattern of circles upon the floor that mirrored her phases — opened, blinking, and closed. Kamara would love to see this, Tamazi realized. She would have to bring her here, one day. In the very center of the temple floor lay a mosaic, depicting the dragon Miraluna entwined around the Huntress’s opened eye. As Tamazi stepped onto it, a gasp rose from the temple attendants. Tamazi froze in fear, her eyes widening. Had she done something wrong? The temple darkened, as the Huntress’s eye blinked closed. She had heard of it happening, but never witnessed it herself. Harvian, too, seemed shocked, his jaw open in amazement.

The temple attendants, one by one, fell to their knees around her.

[Screenshots] Prestigious War Steed

I finally finished this up last night, this mount is the reward for doing 20 each of all four “Free for All” PVP quests. Since they’re random each time, it can take a while to get all the ones you need, but I got lucky last weekend and had 3 in the same day. The nice thing about this one is that it’s account-wide! I was surprised to see that it converted into the wolf for my Horde characters as well.

It’s pretty easy to get as PVP mounts go, but I do suggest going with a group in the group finder if you plan to do it. There are always several groups up for them, just search under the questing tab. Otherwise you’re bound to get eaten alive!


[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Aeramin’s started giving lessons in our house now. It’s one of the kids from the school, and he’s interested in learning the sort of magic that Aeramin knows. He explained that it’s better the kid learn properly and safely, without experimenting on his own. That makes sense, and it has to be here because that kind of stuff might give the school a bad reputation. The student’s not supposed to tell anyone about it, but I am a little skeptical if that’s possible. I know how much kids at school talk, I remember how much we talked in blood knight training — most of them still talk a lot. I guess he won’t if he wants to stay at the school, but it’s hard keeping something to yourself when you’re really excited about it. I just hope he doesn’t talk to the wrong person about it, and I guess he’ll have Aeramin, though he’s not a fellow student.

They won’t be learning anything dangerous right off; he’s mostly still learning theory I think, and Aeramin is going to teach him about the different kinds of demons. I’m sure I still have my books, but those are more focused on how to kill them rather than how to use them, so it’s probably not too helpful. I promised that I’d stay closeby in case any demons got any funny ideas. The imps probably won’t, they’re mostly well-behaved (if annoying), but some of the larger ones are more dangerous. Aeramin said he wants me around if he ever summons the felguard, because it’s still got a bad attitude toward him and will try to escape. Let’s see if it can escape a sword! I won’t kill them unless I have to, but I have no problem doing it if it comes to that.

He also suggested that I go see my sister soon, he’s going over to the rangers’ to reinforce the wards. I really should, he’s my only nephew after all, and he is cute. It’s just awkward having to talk to Sunashe and my mother, too. If I’m lucky, it’ll just be Lin who is home, but I doubt it’ll work out that way. I would guess she’s back on her patrol, at least part-time. Aeramin said the woman at the  school is already back working at the stables, and she just had one. There are going to be a whole lot of boys starting school all at once in a few years.

The spring ball will be soon, too. It’s always all flowery and pastel, I feel like my armor sticks out awkwardly. I suggested maybe I could wear a nice shirt or something, but Aeramin would have to help me find one, I’m no good at picking out clothes. I think a pastel robe would be too much though.