[Art] Ghost Wolf

The eclipse wasn’t very exciting here, too far away to get much of the sun covered. I saw some in my pinhole box and then went back to work, haha.

Here is a ghost wolf shaman (in both blue and brown), if you’d like you can buy items with the design from my RedBubble shop. If there’s any particular layout you’d like but don’t see please let me know, and I can edit it for you.



[Art] Fen’Harel Sculpt Progress

Didn’t get much chance to work on him last week, but here he is after today’s additions (cheeks). His nose looks huge, it’s just the angle though!


[Art] Fen’Harel Sculpt Progress

He’s still an ugly lump right now, but he’s an ugly lump with eyes! Still working on getting him symmetrical, then I will start doing his features so he actually looks like a wolf 🙂


[Art] Fen’Harel Design

Trying to decide the color and layout for Fen’Harel’s eyes. He’s been depicted with varying number in different art pieces. So far I’m leaning toward the green with 3 eyes, but what do you think?


[Art] Fen’Harel Sketch

I’m still not finished on the moonkin but he’s in the final stages, so I thought I’d start planning my next one. I had planned to do a wolf, probably a werewolf, but I thought Fen’Harel might be a fun challenge.



This is just a rough sketch of course, but it tells me that he will need to be quite large. The issue with clay-head plush is their heads tend to be quite heavy, even hollow. Because of this he will most likely need to be posed in a sitting position, for this I’d like him to have a flexible spine so his head can bend. I have experimented with full skeletons before, but they’re a bit difficult to pattern around and I think the joints would work just fine in this case.

Additionally, a quick search online doesn’t find the particular kind of fur I want for his long parts, so I am going to experiment with airbrushing this guy as well. It should be an adventure!