[OOC] Legion is Boring

Legion is less than a year old but personally, I’ve been bored with it for a long time now. Others in my guild finally feel the same way, and we are on a break until the new raid comes out. Even in Warlords I didn’t feel this detached this early, and remarks from the devs about how they are happy with the game’s direction have me really worried. I think it’s very likely that this is the last expansion I will buy. Flying not being available from the start is a biggie for me, as well as the amount of just pointless busywork and the focus on random rewards versus being able to work toward what I want. I still enjoy RP, and I can collect mounts and transmog appearances, but I have a feeling that’s going to be the extent of my involvement with WoW unless things change in a major way for the better. I had a bad feeling about both Warlords and Legion, and I turned out to be right on both of them, really not willing to give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt for a third time.

I actually installed Inquisition again, and if you remember how much I hated that game, it’s saying something that I’d rather play it than Legion. I made some new characters, but I keep going back to my original Inquisitor because I like her the best. I may end up buying the Trespasser DLC, because it has the actual story ending, I haven’t decided yet. I’m not too interested in the other two unless I can get them on sale, because they’re just “explore a new zone” basically, one of which being the Deep Roads. Yech!

Also playing SWTOR as usual, one of my relatives recently picked the game up again so it’s been kind of fun doing things with them. I wish I had more time to devote to the raids there.



[OOC/Screenshots] Makota the Sunwalker

One of the points I’ve seen brought up about Mists of Pandaria is that it’s an exaggerated and stereotyped interpretation of Chinese culture. Which it is, that’s true, and that’s a valid complaint. But to that I would ask: Why haven’t you complained about Tauren? I’m not a person of Native American origin, but I’m embarrassed when I see the heavy-handed stereotyping present in their cities and quests. One of their greetings is “How”, for goodness sake! They appropriate bits and pieces from vastly different native nations and kind of smoosh them all together in a white person’s fantasy of what Native Americans are like. Did you know that plains nations (which most Tauren culture is cribbed from) didn’t have totem poles?

It bugs me because, visually, I find female Tauren very cute to look at. I just wish I could play one without feeling embarrassed by the cultural insensitivity — and no one except me seems to notice it.

Anyway, rant over. Here’s my baby Sunwalker on her new kodo. I already think kodos are pretty cute, the fancy painted Sunwalker kodo was the main reason I made a cowadin in the first place. A little while before taking this screenshot, she found that great shield that she’s wearing. I’ll very likely keep it to Transmog later on because I think it’s very unique looking.

[OOC/Screenshots] Puppysnaps

I went ahead and moved Marjo over into Gingersnap since I intend to play her a lot. (And the guild perks aren’t too shabby either!) I had to get a picture of the two puppies together in their pink tabards 🙂

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Yeah. Too many damned cats."

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Yeah. Too many damned cats."

I maxed out Marjo’s Engineering today, thanks largely to my huge ore stash, though I did end up buying some extra Elementium. All in all, it wasn’t too expensive. I also made her the 333 crossbow. I was really discouraged on reaching 525 to learn that the goggles and bow require Chaos Orbs, which are bind on pickup and can’t be acquired in any other manner. Really? If I’m geared enough to do heroics, why do I need to create goggles, again? They have tons of crafting materials available for honor, why can’t I buy an orb that way? Or even trade in (normal) dungeon points for them? Worse, there’s not even a lower version of the goggles that don’t require an orb. So I’m kind of stuck there until they decide to (hopefully) make the orbs more accessible. In the meantime, I need to go back and finish making her Northrend stuff: MOLL-E and the Wormhole Generator, and find (and make) Jeeves.

I also need to get her an outfit for the upcoming pink party with our guild!