[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

I started looking for someone who might be able to help me talk to ghosts. I figured that a priest might be the best person for that, they also might be able to help me learn how to speak draenei, because they should be friendly and patient if they are priests. At least, I think so. I asked about where to find some, and everyone pointed me to the big temple up on the tier. I did try going there, but I think they were all in the middle of something important, because they were all gathered around in one room. Also, it was very quiet and no one else was talking. I felt odd and out of place, and I guess I found it all a bit intimidating. Keyalenn reminded me that there were injured people in the lower part of the city, and there were surely some priests there with them. So while he went to look at the market, I did that.

I was surprised to see orcs and trolls there among the injured, as well as some draenei and other people like the birds and little mushrooms. I think it must be interesting to live among so many different kinds of people. I guess sometimes there are some in the city, but not too often. It’s almost always just elves. They probably don’t feel very welcome there, which I guess I can understand, but it would be neat to learn more about them, and especially about their ghosts. I know they have shamans who can talk to the elements, which is not really the same, but they may know something about ghosts, too. I’d like to talk to some, one day.

Anyway, I found a draenei woman tending to the injured people there in a little building. She was by herself, which was a lot less intimidating. Also, she spoke Orcish. That surprised me a little, but it makes sense if she’s healing a lot of orcs and trolls. I told her that I was wanting to learn how to speak draenei, which of course made her curious so she asked why. Then I told her about wanting to be able to speak to the ghosts in the tomb. She seemed wary about that, and wanted to know my reasons. I can understand why. There isn’t much trust between elves and draenei, even still, and someone could easily have bad intentions. But I hoped that being honest would show her that I am trustworthy, I told her that I wanted to speak to the ghosts there and study them. She agreed that learning to speak draenei would show them that I am respectful and had taken the time to learn about them first.

She also told me some more about the history of the tomb. I’d read a little in the library, but as history books usually do, they left out some things. And it’s always better hearing about it from a person, especially a person who might have seen it for themselves. She told me that there is a corpse of a naaru, that draws the ghosts too it. When I asked why, she said they were drawn to its energy, and that it protects the spirits there. I wonder too if it serves the same sort of purpose as they do in our world, only to spirits. It’s definitely something to look into. But, it’s also dangerous to stay there too long because the void energy will eventually corrupt you — it happened to the former keepers of the tomb. None of that was in the book! I think sometimes they try to make things sound better and leave out unpleasant things like that. I know it happens in our history books anytime we did something not so good.

I told her about the ghosts at our school and how I am studying them. I said something about how there aren’t any draenei there, but I wish there were. That was sort of a hint. But maybe the headmaster would allow it? We have kaldorei there, so why not? The priest kind of perked up at that and said that she’d like to learn Thalassian so she could speak to the elves here. I know a lot of them either don’t speak Orcish, or pretend they don’t. So I said I could teach her, and she could teach me. She’s busy during the evenings, but free in the daytime. I’m so excited to have a real draenei to teach me instead of just books! And I get to help her too, which makes it even better. She seems really nice. We met at the restaurant for dinner with Keyalenn and the draenei’s brother. He’s really big. I’d never seen one that close before and I can’t get over how big he is. He kept talking to her in draenei, I don’t think he really trusts us yet. But soon I’ll be able to talk to him in draenei and I can prove that I’m not going to cause any trouble. I only wish we could stay here longer to study! Maybe after the summer, Haani (that’s her name) could come back to the school with us. Wouldn’t that be something!

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Ghost Journal

[[ Still in the middle of unpacking… it’s a big job but I’m making progress! ]]

Keyalenn and I left for our trip to Shattrath. We haven’t been in so long, and never without the Headmaster and other students there, so it was exciting to see it again. Keyalenn got the big room that the Headmaster usually stays in, it has a balcony overlooking the forest and you can see the pond in the front of the city. I worried that it might cost too much, but I guess they gave us a deal because there’s hardly anyone staying here, and also we’re going to be staying for the whole summer. I couldn’t believe my ears when Keyalenn said that! But he’s going to study and work on his lessons here while I study the ghosts in the draenei tomb. I was expecting a few days at most so this so exciting and wonderful. He’s the best! He didn’t have to come along and indulge my silly ghost interest, but I’m so glad he did.

Now I’ll be able to study in the library during the day, and hopefully find a draenei willing to serve as translator. We didn’t have any contact the first night, but there could be a number of reasons for that. One might be that they couldn’t understand me. I think if they heard someone speaking draenei, they might feel more at ease. Unfortunately I don’t know how draenei feel about ghosts — some people speak to spirits all the time, like tauren, while others are afraid of ghosts and don’t want them around. It’s my hope that draenei like speaking to ghosts, or at least are willing to help me. That’s the other thing, I don’t think draenei trust elves very much, so it may take some time to find someone willing to go with us. Keyalenn said that they’ll do it as long as they get paid — which I would, of course — but draenei don’t seem like the kind of people who will do things they don’t want for money. If we’re here all summer, hopefully they will get used to me and all my questions.

Another thing I want to try is different objects to attract their attention. Keyalenn suggested food, which normally doesn’t work very well for ghosts because they cannot smell or taste it, nor do they feel hunger. But he’s correct in that it may evoke a pleasant memory or make them feel more at home, especially if it’s a festival or ceremonial food. I started with candles and incense simply because they work much of the time, but obviously not always. Ghosts are individuals and they can be very particular about their likes and dislikes. Most of the books that exist are rubbish because they make broad generalizations. I have a feeling that the way they died and the reason they became ghosts affect how they behave, too. It’s my goal to write a book — a real book, with proof and study — about ghosts. It’s difficult because no one really thinks of ghosts as a real area of study, it’s not thought of a science or magic, even though I believe it must be magic of some sort. Learning more about the draenei ghosts will be very valuable, and I can compare them to the ghosts back in the school.

So, no real results the first night. I’m absolutely sure ghosts are present — it’s a tomb, and the candles were flickering — but they’re not ready to speak to me yet. I have to convince them that it’s okay. Thankfully, I have the whole rest of the summer to try.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

Keyalenn and I are back at school, which is good because I have end of term exams coming up this week, and he has to help grade them for Magister Raleth’s class. This week will also be the spring ball, I’d hoped it might help get his mind off things for a while, but I’m not sure if it will. He seems better at times, but then it’s like it all comes back at once. I’ve never been through something like that, but I can imagine there are little reminders everywhere. I’m trying to avoid them, like I wasn’t sure if he’d want to go to the draenei tomb so soon. I would think being around a lot of ghosts would be very difficult right now, but he says he does. I hope he isn’t just saying that to make me happy, because I’d be fine waiting. There are lots of other things to do in Shattrath, though — like the restaurant. Their food is so nice and it’s different from what we get here because they use local vegetables and meat in their dishes. Keyalenn said he’d also like to visit the magical domes in Netherstorm, we might even see some dragons! That would be so exciting. He also mentioned the ghost village there. I’ve read about it, apparently they were all mages. I bet it’s fascinating! It’s really kind of him to offer to go with me, even if he doesn’t really feel like going.

I worry a little about his father, too. He’s all alone in that big house with no one to talk to aside from servants. I worry that he’ll fall into bad habits, or drinking or something like that. I suggested maybe he should get a pet, but Keyalenn didn’t think it was a good idea. He says he visits after lunch, hopefully that is enough. I still worry though.

I’m looking forward to the ball as well, it’s much more fun when you have someone to look forward to dancing with. The spring ball is always so bright and cheerful with the flowers and ribbons, the weather is starting to get warmer so it’s mostly outside unless it rains. Keyalenn said they hadn’t asked him for help with the music yet, but they could have just forgotten. Magister Fairsong and Terellion are busy with the new baby, and Tik’s break. I just hope he’s feeling up to it, he said he couldn’t play any cheerful music just yet. But slow songs are good too. I would like to get a new dress, I noticed that the undead girl always has new dresses and I asked her about them. She said she makes them herself, usually at night because she has all that spare time. And they’re quite nice, too — I mean, they aren’t as fancy as the really expensive shops, but they’re still very well done. I found her after class this morning and asked if she would have time to make one before the dance. You should have seen how excited she got! She took out her notebook and started sketching a design right there. I need to go and get measured this evening, and I need to buy the fabric from the city. Sorelle also said she could do little cloth flowers to wear in my hair to go with it. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I bet a lot of girls would like to have their own dresses made here, especially the ones who can’t afford to buy them. I do plan to give her some money though, but maybe Magister Fairsong could pay for people who don’t have enough.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

Keyalenn and I had a lovely dinner planned in the city, maybe looking at some shops before. We’ve both been so busy lately that it would have been a nice break. But it didn’t happen. The Headmaster came to our house with news that the camp where Keyalenn’s mother had been working was attacked by demons. The Headmaster’s father made it, but Keyalenn’s mother didn’t.

His father came to collect him and we’ve been staying there for a while. Everyone seems almost in a daze, like they don’t really know how to act. I’m doing my best to help, I’m making sure the house is tidy and bringing food, but they’re not really in the mood to eat. I can’t blame them. I try to make sure they get something at least, but I’ve never had anyone near to me die. I don’t know how much it hurts, but I can imagine. If something were to happen to Keyalenn… I wouldn’t even want to think about it. It just seems so unfair. She wasn’t there to fight, she was helping people who were injured. Their camp should have been safe. And her work took her away often enough that her family rarely got to see her — the ones who should have been with her the most. It’s eerie too because we were just talking about spending time with her when she came home, whether she’d like me or not. Keyalenn insisted that she would have, now we’ll never know for certain. I feel sorry for the loss of that friendship I won’t have, all of the things she’ll miss like our wedding and grandchildren — in the future of course. I can’t help but feel it could have been avoided somehow. Maybe we should have written and asked her to come back? I don’t know, it all seems senseless.

Previously Keyalenn was interested in helping with my ghost studies, but I don’t know if he could do it right now. He still has all of his regular studying — I’ve been bringing books from school but as far as I can tell he hasn’t opened them. I’m not saying anything though. But I think talking about ghosts would be too painful for him right now, I’m completely avoiding the subject. Even if they’re draenei ghosts, they might be too much of a reminder.

Depending how long we’re here, I may ask the Headmaster for a temporary leave for him. Maybe me too, I could probably keep up with my work but I’m afraid to leave Keyalenn alone all day when he’s so upset. I have plenty of time to finish, I think it’s more important to make sure that he’s okay right now. I think the Headmaster’s father was injured as well, but I don’t know how serious it is. Between the two new babies, I’ve barely seen anything of him, let alone had the chance to speak to him. I might like to visit him though, just to see he’s all right and to see if he has anything that might have belonged to Keyalenn’s mother. I know he’d want to keep it, if he does.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

I had such a wonderful time on our Shattrath trip. Since the instructors don’t really have to teach during it, I could spend a lot more time with Keyalenn, once my own work was finished of course! Having access to another library is wonderful, especially since they have different theories and perspectives about things. It can be useful to try another approach to a spell that you’re having difficulty with. Many of the books in the library in Shattrath were written by draenei (you can usually tell from the author’s name) and they have some different spells for doing the same things. Did you know that they are related to demons? How interesting! I guess that’s where their magic originally came from, but they aren’t demons now. It’s kind of like elves who become mana-addicted, at least the best I can tell. Also, it’s really rude to remind draenei about that, so don’t do it. I checked out several books on fire and arcane, and a couple of general theory books, just to look through them. They didn’t have a lot about frost magic. Keyalenn says there aren’t as many books written on that subject, but thankfully I can ask him if I need help! I don’t like to pester him too much though, he’s hard at work at his own studies. He’s so dedicated, I know he’ll do well when he takes his advanced exams.

We bought some things in the market for our house, some blankets and decorations and things. It was a lot of fun! Some of the things were a little too strange for either of us, but it’s exciting to see things for sale that they don’t have in Silvermoon. Like they had a whole booth of all different kinds of mushrooms, and the person selling them was also like a little mushroom! I don’t know if they just grow on him or they’re actually made of fungus. But he said they were all from the swamp to the north. There were so many different kinds, it’s really quite amazing to think so many things exist here that people don’t even really know about. Des said there are dragons to the north too, I’d love to see one of those someday. I’ve read a few books about them but it would be something else to see one in person!

That reminds me, there’s also a new book in the series out. It’s about a bronze dragon. He looks very handsome on the cover, his skin is dark bronze and he’s wearing all sorts of jewelry. I might actually have to borrow that one once Xarola is finished. Usually I read about “The Rogue Wizard” series because it’s about a mage and he has blond hair so I like to imagine it’s Keyalenn sometimes, but then it’s a bit strange if he’s kissing some other girl! I guess I could pretend that she’s me too. The other really interesting thing I found in the library was a book about ghosts. I wasn’t expecting that at all! But there’s a huge tomb structure here that’s located out in the wastes. I’m certain they wouldn’t take us for a school trip, but maybe one day Keyalenn and I could visit on our own. I’d love to see what it looks like, and I guess there are thousands of draenei ghosts there! That sounds so interesting! I don’t know how they would react to an elf, but I hope that if I was respectful it would be okay. I will read the book to find out more, though. I hope there are drawings of what it looks like inside!

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

I haven’t had time to write in my journal at all! I’ve been so busy getting settled into the new house and getting everything put away. We don’t really have that much stuff but it still takes a while to get it all unpacked and put in the right places. We do have a lot of books! We had to get a second shelf to hold them all. So there’s one in our room for relaxing type books, and then all of the magic and history books and things like that are in the sitting room. I suppose we could put a small shelf into the practice room, but we usually just use the ones at the school anyway. It feels so strange to say “our room” but in a good way. Keyalenn is so sweet. He brings me food sometimes, usually just a snack since we eat supper at the school, but if we’re up late at night or sometimes in the mornings. It just shows that he cares. I try to make sure that he knows I do, too. It can make it difficult to study sometimes when he’s there. It’s a bit easier at the school because other people are there, and we’re away from our room.

Classes are in full swing and we’re actually approaching the exam week. I feel like I’m making good progress in fire. Maerista has been teaching us a lot, since Magister Firewind went to study the demons in Tanaris. They’re going to use them the make the wards stronger, which is a good thing. I’m so worried about one of them getting through. Normally I’d say that any kind of demon magic is bad, but I suppose in this case it’s worth the risk. I know Magister Fairsong wouldn’t allow it if it wasn’t safe. He also told us about where to go if some do get through. Which they won’t. I hope.

The autumn ball is almost here! I’m so excited because it’s my most favorite ball of all. Well, I really love the winter ball too, but the autumn ball is spooky and I feel like the ghosts are more willing to communicate then. Maybe they think the ball is for them? I hope so, I am not sure if ghosts can feel emotion but if it makes them happy, then that’s good. I’d like to try to get Melath, the father ghost, to talk to me again soon. The little girl ghost just cries, I’m not sure if she can actually talk. I’ve seen her just stand quietly before, but not talk. I will probably try to reach them again in their room, if Magister Firesong will let me.

I got to talk to Zalindri a while ago. I feel a little bad for her because she always seems so lonely, it doesn’t seem like she talks to anyone outside of class and she’s always studying. I mean, it’s good to study but having friends is nice too. She told me that her fiance will try to come for the ball, but she’s worried that people will say bad things about him. I don’t think anyone here would be that mean, but I said that they could talk to Keyalenn and I if they wanted. At least she’ll have someone to talk to during the party and hopefully she’ll have a nice time. I admit I am curious to meet him. They were arranged, and they don’t really know each other well, but this could help change that! If they have a nice time maybe he will start to write letters to her. He’s studying to be a priest so he doesn’t have a lot of time to write. I can understand that, but I think it would be very lonely not to hear from the person you’re going to marry. If I went to a different school than Keyalenn, I’d still write to him every day. Maybe more than once.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

I can’t believe the day is finally here! Keyalenn and I moved into the little house. Oh, it’s so perfect! The builders did such a good job. I’ll have to thank them next time I see them around the school. There are two practice rooms, and one big study with two desks, one for each of us. And there’s a huge tub in the bathroom, and tons of cabinets in the kitchen — neither of us really know how to cook and we’ll probably mostly eat at the school but I think it will be fun to learn anyway. Or if it’s late at night and we don’t want to go down to the school for a snack. I want to have parties and invite everyone over! All of the rooms are painted in different shades of blue, it’s just beautiful. We still need to hang up the curtains and unpack everything. It’s a little chaotic right now. I didn’t bring that much with me, just my trunk and books from my room, but there’s tons of space to put things. I guess I will need to get more robes! Maybe some little decorations and things, for the living room. I’ll look when we go on our trip to Shattrath. Keyalenn told me there’s a market there with all sorts of unusual things, it sounds perfect for decorating! I can’t wait to go. I’ve heard about the library there too, that’s really the main reason we are going but the Magister always lets the students have some free time.

I want to invite my parents to come over one night, too. They’ve met Keyalenn briefly but I am sure they’d like to get to know him better, and I want to show off our little house! I suppose they’ll notice there’s only one bedroom but I’m sure they figured that out already. I mean, we are going to get married after I finish school. It’s going to be difficult to study sometimes though, I’m sure of it. I was already distracted by him before but now it’s even worse because I can remember instead of just imagining. At least we’re able to be together at night now. That’s the nicest part, just finally being able to be together all the time. He’s so sweet and caring and handsome. He’s even thinking about teaching a music class at the school, on top of the frost lessons. I do think it’s a good idea, he has ideas about all sorts of classes people could do, like hawkstrider husbandry and wood carving and cooking and gardening. It would certainly make the school more well-rounded and appealing to students. I can’t think of any magic school in the city that has all of those things. I just hope Keyalenn won’t be too busy in the evenings!

I wonder if there could be a class about ghosts? Most of it is just theory really though, there’s no way to prove or disprove anything about ghosts, because they are such willful things. Every ghost is different and even then the same ghost can act different depending on its mood. I’d definitely like to make a book about the ghosts here on the grounds, though. Maybe the Magister could add it into the library. I’ve drawn up the family tree of the ones I know about. There are supposed to be more in the woods. Now that I can go out at night, I might try to find out more about those ones. The weather is warm now too, I want to go out walking with Keyalenn. We can walk on the beach or in the woods, and a bit later we’ll be able to go swimming. Everything is so perfect! I’m sure glad my parents made me go to that party in Silvermoon after all.