[Story] Character of the Week – Irael Summerwind

[[ Irael is a young elf from Murder Row who got a scholarship to attend Fairsong Academy. ]]

“You should at least think about it, Irael.”

Irael gave her mother a sharp look. “This again?” Most evenings, Irael and her mother ate their supper together in the common room. It was simpler to eat what Tik and Terellion had made — and their food was delicious. Irael didn’t see the point in using valuable study time to cook or clean up dishes. And normally it gave her a chance to talk to her mother, but in the last few weeks, the constant pestering had grown annoying. She’d become fixated on the idea of Irael finding some nice mage boy from a rich family to marry, and she was convinced that her daughter would be well taken care of. It was a nice idea, but not realistic at all, and Irael thought her mother ought to know better. After all, she’d spent her whole life on the Row too, and things like that just didn’t happen for people like them.

Now Felarius had got onto it to, and Irael half suspected that her mother had conspired with him to coax her into the idea. She didn’t know him well, but she knew that he was the other scholarship student from the Row. Usually they talked about just normal school things — how they’d done on their exams, whether they were going to take any summer courses or not. Felarius had his extra lessons, and he wanted to take summer classes on top of that. Irael thought the enchanting class sounded interesting, and perhaps the botany class as well — that one shouldn’t be too challenging. It was good to allow yourself some easy classes now and then so she didn’t get too burned out. She worried that Felarius might be trying to do too much too quickly, though she could understand his desire. They wouldn’t be here at all if it weren’t for the Headmaster’s generosity, and they wanted to use it to their best advantage.

But then Felarius asked if she liked anyone. It was an odd question, and she was’t sure why he was asking. No, she was here to study and learn, not to look at boys — the same thing she always told her mother when she asked. But he kept insisting that perhaps she just didn’t know yet, or maybe a new student would come that she couldn’t resist. The way he said it, Irael would have no control over her emotions or her actions, and she’d just be helpless to resist this mystery fellow. Irael knew that was nonsense. She’d never had it happen before. Felarius said that wasn’t proof of anything, but he was a guy. Even if some handsome and clever (and rich) mage student did appear, he wouldn’t want anything to do with her. Irael had seen plenty like that when she was trying to make it on the Row. Nice rich boys from good families didn’t want girls like her, at least not when it came to looking for wives. Felarius said she could just not tell them, but that was worse. It would mean she was ashamed of her past, which she wasn’t. Why should she be? There were no other options if you were hungry and poor. Besides, if she tried to hide it and it was found out later, then he’d be upset that she’d lied about it. It was better to be up front, that is, if the situation ever came up.

More than that, it seemed like cheating. Irael had got into a mage school on her own. Granted, she’d had help from the headmaster and Magister Firewind, but she’d beat out all the other applicants except for Felarius. She hadn’t just batted her eyelashes and looked pretty, she’d read books and practiced all on her own. She did all her lessons and practiced every day to keep her grades up and prove that she belonged here with the other students. Irael didn’t want to take the easy way out, she knew she could do it on her own — and she had. No rich mage student was going to take her own success away from her.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

I really enjoy our trips to Shattrath. It’s fun to be in a city again, with all of the crowds and different shops, but no one knows who I am here — I mean, aside from Magister Firewind and Felarius. I don’t have to worry about someone recognizing me or anything like that. It’s different, but the spire looks enough like Silvermoon to be familiar — the buildings have a similar kind of look and everyone speaks Thalassian, and makes sindorei food. Of course our rooms at the school are nice, but the ones in the inn here are extra fancy, and they bring food for you to eat whenever you like. I guess I could ask Tik to bring me food, but he’s got other things to do. I made Felarius go to the market with me because I didn’t know anyone else to ask. Magister Fairsong always tells everyone to go with someone because it’s safer. He must know that Felarius and I know how to prevent pickpockets, we might have even taken a few ourselves in our day. I’m not proud of it, but if someone’s just going to leave their money out, it’s going to get taken. I tried asking him about his lessons, but he just says he’s not allowed to talk about it. I don’t understand that because he said Magister Fairsong already knows, and it’s not like I’ve told anyone either. It does seem like he’s enjoying it though, which is I guess what’s important. I’m just worried that he’s going to get us both kicked out and then no other students from the Row will be invited. I work as hard as I can and always study because I know I’ll never get another chance like this again.

Magister Fairsong gave us some work to do in the library, in groups again. I can’t help but wonder if he’s trying to get us to talk to each other more — first we had to do the dragon observations in pairs and now this. The questions were on all the schools of magic so we had to find a lot of different books, and it took a long time because it’s not like there was a guide or anything. I hope we got them right, anyway. My partner was a girl that I’ve seen around but never talked to, she’s in frost class but still in theory, which technically I am but I’ve at least been able to do some exercises. She was really worried that she’s going to fail and have to leave, I can understand that. It’s a lot of pressure, and a lot of it is really difficult. I wonder if she just might have trouble focusing though, she wanted to talk about every boy (and girl) at the school instead of our work. She asked me if I thought anyone was cute, and I said I didn’t. She thinks everyone is, including the teachers! Her parents were upset because she did some things at her old school and they’re worried she won’t be able to find a husband. That’s really stupid. You’re not less of a person because you did those things, especially if you did them by choice. I do think it would be wrong to with a teacher, because they’re teachers and also they’re all married, but with a student? As long as it’s not against the rules, her parents shouldn’t be telling her what to do. I wanted to say that, but I also didn’t want to say too much about how I know that stuff. I can worry about looking for someone once I’ve passed my exams. I did suggest that she could talk to the Confessor in town after we get back. He’s good at listening and he won’t tell her parents what she says, she seemed interested in that.

I’m looking forward to the winter ball, even if I don’t get to dance, it’s always so beautiful and the food is the best. I wonder if the frost students will help with the decorating? They could make some real ice for the punch or something.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

Classes start tomorrow for the fall term. I studied a little over the summer, but summer classes are much more relaxed than usual classes, and there are actual exams now. The Headmaster gave Felarius and I some money to buy books and a new robe each, so we went into the city the other day. I never knew books were so expensive until I started going to mage school! There are a lot in the library too, but for classes we all need our own copy. I’m a bit nervous because I’ll be taking the introductory arcane and frost classes this year. I feel like I know the foundations pretty well, but reading from a book and actually doing it are a lot different. Felarius kept talking about his “special” class the whole time too. He can name all the kinds of demons and what they can be used for. I thought someone was going to overhear and arrest us the entire time! I mean, it’s good that he’s excited about it and doing well, I’m just still really worried that he’s going to get kicked out and then I’ll have no one here to talk to about stuff.

Well, there might be someone. Last night I was getting my books and supplies all ready and a guy came into the dining room. He looked really familiar, but he said he wasn’t a student and he wasn’t applying. He was there to pick up some dinner for his boyfriend before going home. We talked for a bit and he told me he’s one of the rangers, except he doesn’t like getting muddy. I just feel like maybe you shouldn’t be a ranger if you don’t like mud, because I think that’s going to be a problem. It does sound kind of interesting though. If I wasn’t so set on being a mage, I might do it. He said he liked that there aren’t too many rules, and he and his boyfriend have their own cabin. They met there, and he’s from a rich family. Maybe when I’m done studying, I should talk to some rangers. There are rules here, but I don’t think they’re unfair or anything. And even if they were, it’s worth it for the opportunity. I know I’m incredibly lucky and I’m not going to do anything to mess up this chance.

We talked about the dance too. He said they’ll be there, I know the rangers usually come to the parties, but I don’t remember seeing him before. Maybe they were in a closet or something. It wasn’t anything specific he said, but the more I talked to him the more I was certain I knew him from somewhere. And I was right. It had been a while, but he used to work on the Row too — usually the guys are in a different area so that’s why I wasn’t sure at first. He said that he wasn’t ashamed and his boyfriend knew about his past. He said I shouldn’t be either, but it’s not that easy when you are surrounded by rich people who look down on anyone different. I did what I had to, and I’m glad I don’t have to anymore. Studying magic is what I really wanted to do, and I don’t want to go back there. I don’t know where I’ll go once I finish, but that’s a long way off so I’m not worried too much yet. I think it might be fun to dance, but last time no one asked me. That’s okay, I can stay by the food table because that stuff is really good. Julan (that’s the ranger’s name) took some cake home with him too. Hopefully the Headmaster already got his, but there’s usually tons extra.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

Felarius has been going to get lessons away from the school, I asked him about it just because I was curious. At first he tried to lie but he’s not very good at it, plus he must know that I can keep a secret. He’s the only student here that I’d trust with a secret, and maybe Professor Firewind but he’s not a student. Anyway it wasn’t that hard to figure out, because he leaves at the same time and takes books and quills with him. Most of us hardly ever leave, so it wasn’t hard to notice. He’s getting lessons in summoning, and I guess the Headmaster knows about it. He only allowed it because the lessons are away from the school. That makes sense, I can only imagine what the rich students’ parents would say if they knew people were summoning demons inside the school. Felarius said he hasn’t summoned any yet, right now he’s just learning fel fire and studying the different kinds of demons. It’s a lot of extra work in addition to his regular classes, but the spring term is finishing so he should be less busy now. Felarius said it’s important to study demons so we can better protect against them, which I guess makes sense but it still seems like a bad idea to me. I mean, I’m sure I can find enough trouble without bringing demons into it. Oh yeah, and he said one of the demons wanted to eat him, but his instructor (Magister Firewind) wouldn’t let it. How could you even possibly want to study them after that? I would have been out of there. Magister Firewind is teaching him, along with someone else he doesn’t know as well. I was surprised by that, but I guess if anyone at the school would know about summoning, he makes the most sense. Felarius also said that’s how he got his face burned, which also makes sense. That’s another thing that would discourage me from wanting to study it, if I were him.

I’m not going to tell anyone. I still think it’s a bad idea, but I’m not going to say anything. He’s the only one here who knows what it’s like, where we are from and all of that. I still talk to him more than anyone else, even if he has weird ideas sometimes. And hopefully he can tell me funny stories about demons later on.

Fire class is going pretty well. The others aren’t so much, but I’ll have the whole summer to study and practice. I don’t have any plans to go anywhere, unless the Headmaster arranges a trip for us again. I liked Shattrath, it was interesting, and they have different books there so it’s kind of fun to go. I think some of the other students are going on trips on their own or with their families. My mother has settled in pretty well, I think. She seems happy in her little house and she’s even started doing some paintings on her own in her free time. She used to get home so late at night that she wasn’t able to, the hours here aren’t as bad. She painted little flowers and vines on all of her cabinets in the kitchen, it’s really cute. It’s good to see her doing something for herself after all that she did for me.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

My mother is now living a few doors away from me. She finally took my advice and came to see if she could get work here. I know she was reluctant because she’s worked at the factory for such a long time and it’s a good job — at least, by Row standards. But I told her how she’d be getting paid more, in addition to the free room and food, which is really good by the way. And of course, living here is a lot safer than the Row, even with the occasional spider and imp. I think part of it is that she wants to be able to keep an eye on me, too. She’s convinced that this school is still some kind of scam and they’re going to sell me to trolls or something like that. She did tell me I’m not allowed to go to any drinking parties. Um, okay, first of all they don’t allow things like that in the girls’ building and second I’m not stupid, I know better. We do have wine with dinner, and at the balls but that’s a fancy party not a crazy one. And I only have one or two glasses anyway.

She said she’s mostly going to be doing laundry, along with some cleaning. She can help in the kitchen if needed, but I think Ter and Menissa probably have that covered, though my mother might help with dishes. I think dishes are a thing you can use a spell for, if anyone in the kitchen knew how to do spells. I think the builders are going to start working on some new things soon, the greenhouse and probably some more small houses. I hope she gets one of those, it would be nice for her to have her own place. I mean, she probably wants some privacy just as I do. Our apartment on the Row wasn’t very large.

I’m just a little bit scared if she talks to people too much, they’re going to know where we are from. My mother didn’t do anything bad there — I might have, but I don’t anymore — but that won’t matter to people whose minds are already made up. I don’t want her to have to keep quiet and never talk to anyone but I’m afraid of what will happen if they do find out.

I don’t know if Lilithel’s baby is born yet. She went to the healers the other day, but she didn’t have a baby when she came back, and I haven’t seen her outside. So maybe she’s just resting. I bet the healers had to force her to do that. Tik’s been taking care of her I think, so he hasn’t been able to do all of his normal stuff. I always try to clean up after myself and make it easier for everyone. My mother is here now to help as well, which must be a relief. I just hope she’s able to stay once Tik comes back, because she won’t be able to get her factory job back.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

[[ This is technically my Story a Week for the week… because I didn’t really like the prompt in the book. Let’s say it’s about something strange on another world… lol ]]

We are back from our trip now. I think we left a bit earlier than we would have because the headmaster was worried about the baby. He cries a lot, like all the time. I don’t know a whole lot about babies but I think they just do that sometimes. I admit it gets loud sometimes though, and if it was my baby I’d probably be worried too. I mean usually there’s something they want, like food or a change, but it doesn’t seem like he does. One night we were having dinner in the fancy restaurant on the terrace and the headmaster had to leave early because the baby kept crying. His little face was all red. I bet his voice gets sore from crying that much. Other than that it was good, he said we could order anything we wanted. I’m not used to that. I got one of the salads and also some soup and bread. Felarius got a steak! I might have to try that, it looked good, but I guess I still feel guilty about using other people’s money.

He took us out to the energy domes for a trip. I don’t know how to describe them but I’ll try! It’s like a huge magical barrier that keeps things inside and I think it also maintains the temperature, like the one in Dalaran does. I haven’t been there, but the headmaster told us about it. Outside the domes was very rocky and barren, with nothing growing there, but inside was lush and full of plants and animals. They even had lynxes very like the ones that like in Eversong. I certainly hope they aren’t growing them for their fur or something though! We studied the device that powers the dome, and I think the headmaster would like to make something like it for the school, but without taking it with us I don’t know if he’s able to copy the mechanism. I suggested that someone could draw it, but you’d have to take it apart for that and I doubt they’d allow that. I don’t know if they built them or not, but some of those energy people are guarding them right now. I mean, I’d think not because I don’t think energy people eat plants or animals, but who knows. They weren’t telling us. It was all very interesting though.

Des said one time she was here for a trip, they went to look at dragons. That sounds exciting! She said they don’t eat people but honestly I’m not going to get close enough to one to find out. I bet we look very tasty to a dragon. But she said they live out among a big field of crystals, and the crystals make a very calming sound. I’d like to see that one day. I hope we can go.

The headmaster is also worried because he hasn’t found anyone to work at the school to help out Tik. He said he’d let the person live on the school grounds, and pay them as well. I know my mother likes her job at the factory — and it’s a good job — but I’m going to ask if she’d consider working here at the school. It might be a little weird seeing her all the time but she’d be able to save so much more. And she wouldn’t have to worry about the factory closing, or something happening on the Row if she lived here.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

We’re on a Shattrath trip again. We don’t have quite as much work this time, which I like. It usually takes until the afternoon, then we’re free to do whatever until dinner time. Like there are worksheets and passages we’re supposed to read. We’re also allowed to take out any books there that we want, and the school has a lot but this library is really nice so there’s some things the headmaster doesn’t have too. Felarius was taking out a big stack, I’m not sure if he plans to read those while we’re here or take some back with him. I’m trying to work on arcane. I thought maybe if I read some books by different authors, one of them might stick. It’s so confusing! The things I most want to learn are how to conjure and how to make portals, because those are the most useful I think. Both are extremely complicated because of all of the factors involved and if you get just one of them just a little bit off, the whole spell falls apart. And if you mess up a portal, you could get stuck in a wall or in the middle of the ocean or something like that. For conjuring you have to get the appearance right, as well as the texture and temperature and smell and things like that, otherwise it won’t taste right. I think it would be so fun to be able to just make whatever food you wanted whenever you want. I know you can’t eat it all the time, but if someone was really hungry they’d at least have something. Or if I’m studying late and I want a snack, I could just make it without having to get up and go to the kitchen. I think that would be great. And it would be great to be able to make a portal to anywhere I want to go. I know the Headmaster makes them instead of taking the stairs, I can’t say I’d do different.

Professor Firewind gave us some money for the market. I like going to the market here because it’s not Silvermoon, which means there’s no chance of anyone recognizing Felarius and me. They also have neat and strange things that you can’t get in Silvermoon. I really don’t know what I wanted to buy for myself, besides regular supplies of course, but I don’t really count that as something for myself. We were talking about it, Felarius wanted to get jewelry for his sister. It’s a nice thought, but I worry that it would just get stolen. He didn’t think it would happen, so I don’t know, maybe she knows some way to keep her stuff safe that no one else knows about. I did suggest that he get something that’s not quite so obvious, like an ankle bracelet, so at least people wouldn’t see it right away. He also wanted a gift for his father but he said he didn’t like anything frivolous, so that rules out a lot. I said he should get a nice coat or maybe a scarf, though it’s so warm here they might not have anything like that. I mean it must get cold sometimes, but I don’t know. I think I might get some sweets for my mother or something like that, I can’t really think of anything she needs but she never has money for extras and I know she’d appreciate it. I thought about just maybe keeping the rest. Professor Firewind would never know, but I would still feel guilty about it. He might even accuse us of stealing it. But I ended up finding something I liked, it’s definitely not a necessity at all and it felt silly to spend money on it. But it’s not really my money anyway is it? It’s a little soft doll of one of the mushroom people that live in the swamp. I think it’s actually supposed to be for kids, but I like it. The cloth is blue and purple and it has little glass eyes. I think it’s cute.

Felarius wanted to do something stupid. He wanted to go look inside the tavern, the one Professor Firewind specifically said not to go to. Felarius argued that he said we couldn’t go inside, but he wanted to look in the windows or something. Is he crazy! I’m not going to take any chance of getting in trouble. I told him if he wanted to, he could do it on his own. I’m not stupid. There must be a good reason he doesn’t want us there, and I’m not going to go find out.