[Art] AileenDoll Seed

Today was supposed to be a gym day, but I’ve had a leg cramp for the last 24 hours and figured it might be a bad idea. (I did go on a walk, which helped a little but it’s still kinda there.) So I decided to work on art instead, and since the conditions were right I could finish up my Seed doll. He’s retired now, but they have other dragons available here:¬†http://aileendoll.com/category/dragon/46/?page=1

He’s my first time doing a face-up/blushing, and it was definitely a learning experience. I found the pastels didn’t work well at all, and the pencils were okay but not very efficient. I am going to need to find a different technique for doing humans/elves if I ever get another one. But I’m happy with some aspects, mostly the speckles and the bottoms of his feet. You can see all my mistakes because the photos are so big though!

Putting him back together was the most difficult part. His eyes are kinda crooked because I didn’t want to fuss with them any longer. Also, his right leg got super loose when I was putting his torso on, and I didn’t want to take him all apart again to fix it. You can kind of see it in some of the pictures.


[Art] Nesting Dolls WiP

It wasn’t raining today so I got my nesting doll set all primed and ready to go. I have a set of paint pens coming this week from Amazon — they were way too expensive in the art store. I can do large areas of color with brushes though, once I decide what I’m doing. Right now I’m leaning toward doing druid forms, though I’m not sure what the tiny one should be, maybe a green whelp?

I had to repair a small crack in the second-smallest one with Apoxy, it wasn’t major but this should make the surface more smooth anyway. I totally love these and want to get another set if these turn out well.


I also sprayed my dragon BJD (ball jointed doll) with his sealant, so I can start working on him once I’m brave enough! It’s the first time I’ve done the blushing on a doll so I am nervous. Thankfully I think a dragon is a little easier because it doesn’t have lips or eyebrows. I don’t wear makeup so that kind of stuff is totally foreign to me!

[Art] Reborn Baby Kit

This kit is “Ryan” from Bountiful Baby. I didn’t do eyelashes because I don’t have any and because I’m still just learning. I don’t think he’s awful but he’s definitely not as good as I’d like. Even though I did several layers of paint, he doesn’t have the depth of color that I’d like, he looks a bit better in person but in photos he looks very pale and colorless. I’m also really not very good at eyebrows, need to practice that as well as painted hair. At some point I want to look into dyeing the kits to see if that’s possible, for darker skin or fantasy babies.

Also the outfit I put him in seemed a bit large, he’s supposed to be a full size baby but some kits do run smaller than others. I also didn’t weight him so maybe that affected it but I don’t know.

I don’t have any other kits right now, hopefully I can buy some more to test soon. Thankfully I have a kiddo willing to love all of my practice babies!


[Art] WiPs – Reborn Kit & Cassandra POP

Just some progress pictures of these, been working on them on and off the last few days. The reborn kit has its blushing done and I think I’m ready to start on lips and nails. Then comes the scariest part, eyebrows. This is my first kit but I think it looks okay so far! I don’t have any eyelashes or beads for weight though so it won’t be super fancy. I’ll probably give it to the middle kid because she still loves dolls.

Also there is the custom Cassandra POP. She’s pretty simple to paint, just skin tone and black so far. Going to start doing the detail on her armor soon.

wips - Copy

[Art] WiP – Reborn Kit

I have like three projects going currently, today I started on the reborn kit I’ve had for a while. I’ve painted one with acrylics before, but this is my first time using heat-set paints, which are much more dangerous and scary because you need to bake them. (I might have melted a kit before…) This was kind of a test run to re-familiarize myself with my oven and the paints. Which are now all over me, I look like a real artist. While I took the photo in my kitchen, the kit was baked in my convection oven in the garage that I use just for crafts. You should never bake vinyl in an oven where food is cooked because it can give off toxic fumes.

I’m not sure if it’s visible in the photo, but this layer is just veins. Next time I’ll start on the skin tone and shading.

01286c67ee9fa40d2364b49f5beaf560247536e06b - Copy

I think my custom POP will be ready for primer tomorrow, but not sure yet. I might add some more onto the hair yet. And the talbuk v2 only has a couple more pieces to sew on.

[Art] Tauren Doll Progress

I think the sculpting is finished, just need to wait for them all to dry. There’s also a tail I made to see if it’ll work, but I may not end up using it.



[Art] Tauren Doll Progress

It’s cow day today! I’m attempting a paperclay doll (even though I’ve never made one). This is the start of the head and torso, I will add the horns and braids later when it’s partly dry.