[Art] Custom Cassandra POP

This is a custom of Cassandra from Dragon Age, the base used was “Jean Girard” from Talladega Nights. (I have no idea who he is, never seen that movie, but it was on clearance so I bought it for custom bait!) She does not have a lot of customization done, I added her armor and tabard, and some to her hair.

I still haven’t found the exact skin tone I want so I tried mixing two this time, not really sure it works that well but maybe she’s dirty from fighting 😉

Cullen joined her for a couple of shots. They’re probably planning a strategy.

And here she is with my other Dragon Age customs: Fenris, Raleth (elf mage Warden), and Cullen.



[Art] Custom FunkoPOPs – Banjo & Joker

I don’t think I will get to writing today, kids are off and I’m so anxious watching the election news I don’t think I could focus. I did finally finish up my custom dog POPs though (they were almost done). These guys were essentially just repaints, although I did alter the ears on Joker’s to be flopped down.

Banjo (orange shepherd): German Shepherd base
Joker (merle): Husky base


[Art] Custom Funko POP

Just in time for his return in tomorrow’s chapter, here is my custom Aric Jorgan POP!

Base: GI Joe Roadblock
Added: Pointy ears, muzzle, shoulder pads, boots, sideburns, eyebrows with Apoxie Sculpt

This was my second custom and I’m really pleased with how he turned out! Enough so that I already have plans for more!

[Art] Custom Stag Form POP

I’ve been working on this guy for a while and finally decided he is “done enough”. This was my first time customizing a POP so it was all new to me. I wish I was able to get his colors more uniform, maybe someone out there has tips for that? But I guess he’s pretty cute overall. He is based on a “Frozen” Sven reindeer POP. I didn’t do much sculpting, I changed his nose and added a tuft of chin hair, I also added the bracers around his neck and feet, and the leaves.

I have plans for two more customs, but they may have to wait for the summer. I need to get started on sculpting heads and paws for that!