[Screenshots] Achievement Unlocked: 90 of Every Class

Imralion hit level 90 today, achieving my goal of having a 90 of every class before the expansion is over. I’d really kind of hoped there would be a hidden achievement for that, but alas, there isn’t one. Maybe a title? “The Altoholic”, or “Has Way Too Much Time”.


[Screenshots] Adventures in Totem Town

Now that RaF is over, I finally got my Horde shaman to 90. Of the available shaman races, I really only like Tauren and I already have like a million of those, so I picked a panda. Reluctantly. Because I really really don’t like pandas, they’re kinda doofy and I really can’t think of a single panda NPC that I like (or can even stand).

But I really wanted to learn resto so I did random dungeons with her from level 15, I’m still really a noob (and forget I have abilities like Stormlash Totem and Ascendance). She hit 90 yesterday so I took her around the Isle and got up to Throne level, I took her to part one and part two tonight. She actually was able to keep up decently well, she was third overall but struggled a lot with mana regen — which figures since she’s just a hair over 4k. By comparison my druid’s over 16k, I guess I really should reforge some of that off 😛

It’s a pleasant surprise that I like her so much, it’ll be nice to have a healer red-side (other than my priest which confuses me). Isn’t she cute?! Yes of course she is.


[Screenshots] RaF Roundup

I finished my last pair today. I still have 7 days left, but I’m admittedly pretty over leveling right now and ready to get back to other stuff. I ended up with 10 pairs, and their 10 “soakers”. (One soaker is missing from the screenshots because I decided to re-make her on another server.) Oh, and a lot are missing clothes because I had to take their heirlooms back!


[Screenshots] RaF Update

Being able to use my heirlooms has really made things go faster! The gnome team finished up today, so I’m now at the halfway mark. They look a bit naked because I took all their stuff off and mailed it back. Next up will be the dead team from my very first server (which is now incredibly low pop).

The holidays were really not the best time to do RaF! But on the plus side, they both got cute little Santa hats from dungeons 😉

[Screenshots] RaF – Dwarf Team

Doing RaF around the holidays might not have been the best plan… at least I finished the dwarves last night.

I’m still waiting on the mount to show up on my account, I paid yesterday and it’s still not there :/

[Screenshots] Team Cow Finished

Again, sorry for the quiet around here. I’m under RaF and just finished my first pair tonight, the tauren shaman and druid! (Also, everyone’s at home which does make finding a quiet spot to write difficult.)

RaF goes to 85 this time, so they did a few dungeon runs in Cataclysm dungeons, along with a bit of questing in Hyjal and Deepholm. (And the granted-level alt now goes to 43.)


[OOC] RaF Update!

Sorry I haven’t been writing  much, I have been trying to get my RaF pairs leveled. I’ve had to spend a ton of time traveling compared to last time; the last time I did RaF, there was the “bug” where characters automatically learned level-appropriate flight points. See, that’s a really good feature that would actually help new players out a great deal. Do you remember trying to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B as a newbie? I sure do! It was hard! And it’s arguably even more difficult now with things like the chasm in the Barrens, and the wall between Mulgore and the Barrens. So I have had greatly increased travel time for my guys this time around.

The tauren pair are up to 43 though, and I’ll work on another pair tonight — the cows are on a full-pop and their server gets a queue in the evenings. Everyone else is at least 15, so they’re set and ready for dungeons. Hordeside is vastly easier to get around to the lowbie dungeons, after the 30s it evens out a bit though. I’ve been neglecting my LFR runs, but I figure those will be there after RaF is done.

Also been working on some more Flight Rising skins, and their monthly holiday is coming up soon. More distractions!