[Story/Art] Character of the Week – Makota Riversong

[[ Makota is a young Sunwalker whose best friend is a kaldorei. ]]


Makota sat atop one of the rocky hills, so high she thought she might be able to touch the clouds. Below, the tents of their new village clustered together like mushrooms, and she could see the people going to and fro on their business. A hunter scraped and hung hides to prepare them for making into leather, while a fisherman cleaned and hung his catch to dry. Mothers mended clothes while they watched their children playing in the grass, and smoke rose from cooking fires, carrying delicious scents with it. From here, everything looked peaceful, but Makota couldn’t help but worry. How long would it last? Their old life, their old village had been changed in only moments, and she worried that it might happen again. While a few of the hunters had weapons, most of the village wasn’t armed. And what good would weapons do against orcs, who already placed themselves in charge? No matter how peaceful it looked, Makota’s heart couldn’t let her worry rest.

She turned an ear to the sound of hooves scraping the rock behind her. “Ahali!” she cried, standing to greet the old man. “You shouldn’t have climbed all the way up here,” Makota scolded him. “It’s too high.”

Ahali let out a little snort of amusement. “I’m here, aren’t I?” he asked. “Therefore it wasn’t too high.” Makota frowned. She knew how his old legs bothered him most days, and he shouldn’t be climbing hills, he should be resting by the fire or on a riverbank. She noticed something paper in his hands.

“What’s that?” asked Makota, gesturing to the paper.

“Oh, this?” Ahali looked as if he’d just now noticed it, which Makota guessed was teasing, but she couldn’t really be sure. Old people sometimes did forget things. “A letter came for you–”

Makota took it from him eagerly, before he’d even had a chance to finish. The paper was dirty and water-stained, as if it had taken a very long time to reach the village, but Makota recognized the handwriting right away. Her eyes moved quickly over the words.

“It’s from Lali!” she exclaimed, and Ahali smiled. He’d probably figured that out on his own, who else would be sending her a letter? “It says she’s — this can’t be right. She’s in Eversong Woods, isn’t that in the Eastern Kingdoms?”

“Mmhmm,” said Ahali, looking down over the village as well. “That’s where the sin’dorei live, isn’t it?”

That sounded right. Lali’s letter explained that she was at a magic school there, that she was well and missed her friend. Most exciting of all, Makota was invited to visit — she could come through a magical portal that her blood elf made, so it wouldn’t take hardly any time at all. “Ahali,” she said, holding the letter tightly. “You’ll go with me, won’t you?” He’d gone along to Dalaran, and the swamp, he’d been at her side ever since her mother had been killed. She wasn’t sure what to do if he wasn’t there.

“You go ahead,” Ahali said at last. “Tell me all about it when you return.”

It would only be for a little while, Makota assured herself. And he probably wouldn’t be interested in a magic school anyway. He’d be happier here, and she’d tell him about all of the exciting things she saw when she got back. “Don’t go climbing any hills,” she said.

“We do have to get back down,” he pointed out.

Makota took his arm and helped him down the steep trail. She had some paper in her tent, and she’d write a reply as soon as they returned to the village.



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