[OOC/Screenshots] DA:I 3 – Inquire Harder

As I mentioned a little bit back, I’ve been playing a lot of Inquisition the past few weeks. This is my third stab at it, and I seem to be enjoying myself a bit more, maybe because I already know the game and thus can’t be let down by it. Don’t get me wrong, the problems that I initially had with the game are still there, but I guess maybe riding around picking flowers just looks that much more appealing compared to Legion currently.

Initially, I started a new (non-mage) Elfquisitor to see the Solas romance, but… I still can’t stand him. And I just kept thinking I’d rather be playing my canon Inquisitor, so I restarted her from level 1 instead. This time around, I’m making an effort to do as many of the little side quests as I can, I estimate that I skipped around 20 hours’ worth on my first game. It’s a bit disingenuous to call these “content” as they’re mostly mindless “Collect 20 Bear Asses” sorts of things, but it’s low-pressure – and not Legion.

This also includes beating up the dragons and taking their lunch money. I’ve got 3/10 thus far. I think this one is pretty.


She’s at about 40 hours currently and is supposed to go to the elf temple. I also did end up buying “Trespasser” so I’m looking forward to that, too.


I cannot resist this smooth bastard.

Though my elf is my canon inquisitor, she uses Raleth’s import, which means she lacks some important plot points. So I’m also replaying my Boring Human Noble, mainly so I get to kiss Cassandra.


Same, dude.

I’m to the point where she’s hitting the 14 hour long missions, which means I should probably look into getting the mission table mod, but I’ve never modded this game and am scared to break things. I expect these two should keep me busy another couple of weeks, by which point the new Legion raid will be out. I’ll either be playing that, or I can replay DA2 again.


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