[Story] Fairsong Academy – Sorelle’s Diary

Dear Diary,

I don’t know if I will go to any more dances. This one was kind of a disaster. The decorations were nice, but I could have seen those while they were putting them up earlier. And I guess the music too, but I can hear that from the study rooms if I want to. And I suppose it was nice to see Lora in the dress I made for her, it looked really pretty. I know she liked it, I hope Keyalenn did too. I did tell Xarola that I could make some for her as well, if she brought me the fabric. If I could, I would just go into Silvermoon and get it myself, but I can’t. She wasn’t sure what kind to get so I asked what the dress was for; whether it’s a fancy ball dress or outdoor robes or just everyday. It sounds like she wants everyday robes, but durable enough to wear outside when she goes to look for herbs. So it should be fairly sturdy fabric but also washable. She wanted to give me gold for it, I told her I didn’t need any but she insisted. It’s not like it costs me anything to sew them, except for time, and I like doing it because it helps pass the time. But she said she would feel wrong taking my work for free. Salenicus said I could have my own dress shop. I’ll admit that I’ve thought about it — more recently — but I just don’t think it’s realistic. Where would I get the cloth? And no one is going to come to a shop run by an undead person. Besides that, how would I afford to rent the stall or shop? Especially if it was a place like Dalaran. I’ve thought about going back there. I could leave anytime I want, I’ve passed my exams. I just wanted to get better at frost and arcane magic, for myself. But I wouldn’t know anyone there, and I don’t have enough money to get a room. I don’t know what I would do there. It’s just a silly dream.

I went out into the garden, I was feeling too crowded inside and also everyone was dancing. I brought one of my books to study, it’s not too dark if you sit near the lamps. Salenicus came out, which surprised me because I didn’t think he had come. I thought Xarola said she saw him, but she meant Salastion instead. I guess maybe Orledin had brought some bread along with him tonight, and that’s why he came. I’m still nervous that the headmaster is going to change his mind about allowing them. It barely seems like we’re allowed as it is. And I thought they were treated better at the rangers’, and it seems like they are, except for Hernester. He’s an older undead whose mind has gone. Apparently they just keep him around like some sort of deranged pet. How awful! I can’t even imagine how he and Orledin are okay with it. He said it’s okay because he wants to be in the yard. First of all, if his brain is gone how can you even be sure what he really wants? He can’t tell you. He’s just acting on memory and instinct now, the same as an animal. I don’t know, it just seems cruel to treat him that way. The thought of that happening to me later on made me feel sick. I don’t want some living people treating me like a guard dog or something and moving me inside when it rains. I thought about going to see him, but I’m not sure what good it would do. He probably wouldn’t understand me anymore.

He also asked if I wanted to dance. It was very sudden, especially because he never hinted about that any of the times he brought bread. I mean I just thought he was coming along because Orledin wanted to, and he makes a lot of bread. I have a feeling him asking was Orledin’s idea, and I don’t know what to think about that. I just didn’t feel good about it, and then he was insisting, saying it was just one song and things like that. Maybe I should have said yes? It was only one song. I guess it would have been more polite, but I didn’t really want to. Then he said he had to leave for patrol anyway, so I don’t understand why he asked in the first place if he knew he had to leave. That’s pretty rude if you ask me. If I had said yes he would have had to rush off in the middle and then I would have looked silly. Well, there was no one else outside, thankfully. I should ask Xarola about it, she knows a lot about guys. Alive ones though, I don’t know if that makes a difference.


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