[Story] Story a Week 14

[[ Prompt: Based on a real news article

Here’s the (rather unsettling) article that I chose: If Spiders Ate Humans. Depending on your view of spiders, I guess this could be considered a horror story 🙂 ]]

Ordinarily, she had no reason to seek out others of her kind. She was sleek and shiny, her legs thin and strong, her body marked with intricate patterns of brown and black. But more importantly, she was a dreamer. She would often perch, at the apex of her web, her foremost legs touched together in thought. She watched everything, and wished to learn all there was. The idea had come to her rather suddenly, a few evenings ago. One of the big creatures had blundered through her web, shrieking. Hours of work — and any potential for supper that evening — destroyed in just an instant. After the big creatures had gone, she set to work making the extensive repairs necessary, grumbling all the while. How thoughtless of them! She’d heard the stories, too, of others who lived inside the big creatures’ dwellings. Though it was warm and dry, prey was a bit more scarce and there was a constant danger of being killed by the giants. She had always felt this to be exaggerated — they clearly had no hunting prowess. Their food was brought in from somewhere else, already packaged. She supposed that there must be some giant-sized hive that they all went to. At least ants and bees could bite and sting! These big creatures had no such defenses. It was offensive, frankly, that she and her sisters should have to live in fear of them.

That was how the idea began, and she turned it over in her mind as she spun, arranging the silken threads into their design. Why did it have to be that way? Yes, the giants were big, but that was all they had in their favor. She was quick, and clever, and agile. She was a skilled huntress and spinner, and — more importantly — there were many more of them. At first she mentioned the idea in passing to her nearest neighbor, a lady with a stocky build and attractive black and white stripes on her legs. But she scoffed, saying it was impossible and foolish. Undeterred, she reached out to others. There had to be some who could see the truth of it, were tired of living in fear. Eventually, there were. A long-legged spindly fellow from the garden, and several youngsters were the first to join her cause, perhaps reluctantly at first, but as time went on she was able to sway more and more to her message. The more she told about it, those new devotees would go and tell others, ones further away that she could not ordinarily reach. But they needed a signal, a catalyst to put their plan into action. That was what she sought now. A sign, perhaps, that they could all heed, to rise up and defy the giants. Her forelegs twitched excitedly at the idea of it. What would they do first? The giants could easily break ordinary web, so they had to find other solutions. She had learned from the indoor scouts that the giants were afraid of one individual moving quickly. No doubt the sight of hundreds at once would have the desired effect, to herd the giants into the desired place, like blind prey. Venom would be a powerful tool here. One injection would not be enough to bring a giant down, but she theorized that a thousand might be. At the very least, it should distract the giant enough that they could strike. Her jaws clicked excitedly. What did they taste like? It would be a feast of legend, all of her followers dining together in glorious victory. Risky, no doubt, but she could already taste the hot, delicious juices.

Loosing a line of silk, she descended from her perch. It was time to find the others and spread the word.


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