[Story] Fairsong Academy – Menissa’s Journal

I think I’m getting pretty good at this cooking thing. Obviously not as good as Tik, but everything I’ve made has been edible and no one’s died. It’s not as fancy but I think it tastes all right and everyone eats it and no one’s complained. The Headmaster’s sister has been helping me a bit. I don’t know if she’s really that helpful because she’s kind of slow at things, but she is getting better. And it’s nice to have company to talk to, usually I have Tik but of course he’s been gone. I hope he comes back soon, if only so I can catch up on my work again. Preparing all the meals, and the clean-up after, has been taking more time than I’d like and I’m finding it hard to keep up with all of my assignments. I think there’s a break coming up soon, I’ll have to see if I can finish everything then. Or the Headmaster said he’ll talk to my teachers and see if they can assign me less work. I don’t really want special treatment or anything though.

I’m really curious to see what Tik’s baby looks like. I expect that he’ll be taking care of him at least some of the time, while Lilithel is working outside — it’s still a little cold for babies out there. He just has to be really careful not to spill anything on the baby when it’s in the sling. I think I’ll have to do  any dangerous things like frying while he’s here. I kind of wish I’d had little siblings to take care of, it might have been fun, but then I hear stories about siblings from other people and think maybe not. Like Aranae and the Headmaster, it seems they didn’t get along too well back then. She was kind of mean to him, but at least she recognizes it and feels bad now. I don’t know how long she’s staying for, I know she lives in that bear place and has to go back to studying there. I’ve had it explained to me but I still really don’t understand what it is that she’s studying. Magic might be complicated, but at least everybody knows what it is. I was talking to the Headmaster and he said that she might have a bear girlfriend there, he thought not but he did say she brought her to a party one time. So it’s good that she’s not interested in guys, but she’s way older than me. Older than the Headmaster, even. And she’ll be leaving soon. So I don’t know, I’ll just try to talk about normal stuff and not drop any hints. She’s never mentioned this bear so either they’re just friends or she’s keeping it quiet because it’s kind of odd (which it is). I wonder if they have fur everywhere? I mean, everywhere everywhere. It would be pretty weird kissing a bear.

She also doesn’t like dresses. She always wears light leather armor or sometimes just regular shirts, I’ve never seen her wear a dress. But I don’t know if that means she just doesn’t like to wear them or hates other people wearing them too. All I have is robes, I might have to see about getting a pair of pants made. I know that undead girl likes to sew. I just think they’d be really uncomfortable and tight all the time.

I need to meet with Tik and Ter to start the planning for the spring ball. This will be the first ball that I get to help with! I’m really excited. I hope Tik shows me how to make those rolls so I can make them for myself.


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