[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

I had such a wonderful time on our Shattrath trip. Since the instructors don’t really have to teach during it, I could spend a lot more time with Keyalenn, once my own work was finished of course! Having access to another library is wonderful, especially since they have different theories and perspectives about things. It can be useful to try another approach to a spell that you’re having difficulty with. Many of the books in the library in Shattrath were written by draenei (you can usually tell from the author’s name) and they have some different spells for doing the same things. Did you know that they are related to demons? How interesting! I guess that’s where their magic originally came from, but they aren’t demons now. It’s kind of like elves who become mana-addicted, at least the best I can tell. Also, it’s really rude to remind draenei about that, so don’t do it. I checked out several books on fire and arcane, and a couple of general theory books, just to look through them. They didn’t have a lot about frost magic. Keyalenn says there aren’t as many books written on that subject, but thankfully I can ask him if I need help! I don’t like to pester him too much though, he’s hard at work at his own studies. He’s so dedicated, I know he’ll do well when he takes his advanced exams.

We bought some things in the market for our house, some blankets and decorations and things. It was a lot of fun! Some of the things were a little too strange for either of us, but it’s exciting to see things for sale that they don’t have in Silvermoon. Like they had a whole booth of all different kinds of mushrooms, and the person selling them was also like a little mushroom! I don’t know if they just grow on him or they’re actually made of fungus. But he said they were all from the swamp to the north. There were so many different kinds, it’s really quite amazing to think so many things exist here that people don’t even really know about. Des said there are dragons to the north too, I’d love to see one of those someday. I’ve read a few books about them but it would be something else to see one in person!

That reminds me, there’s also a new book in the series out. It’s about a bronze dragon. He looks very handsome on the cover, his skin is dark bronze and he’s wearing all sorts of jewelry. I might actually have to borrow that one once Xarola is finished. Usually I read about “The Rogue Wizard” series because it’s about a mage and he has blond hair so I like to imagine it’s Keyalenn sometimes, but then it’s a bit strange if he’s kissing some other girl! I guess I could pretend that she’s me too. The other really interesting thing I found in the library was a book about ghosts. I wasn’t expecting that at all! But there’s a huge tomb structure here that’s located out in the wastes. I’m certain they wouldn’t take us for a school trip, but maybe one day Keyalenn and I could visit on our own. I’d love to see what it looks like, and I guess there are thousands of draenei ghosts there! That sounds so interesting! I don’t know how they would react to an elf, but I hope that if I was respectful it would be okay. I will read the book to find out more, though. I hope there are drawings of what it looks like inside!


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