[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

[[ This is technically my Story a Week for the week… because I didn’t really like the prompt in the book. Let’s say it’s about something strange on another world… lol ]]

We are back from our trip now. I think we left a bit earlier than we would have because the headmaster was worried about the baby. He cries a lot, like all the time. I don’t know a whole lot about babies but I think they just do that sometimes. I admit it gets loud sometimes though, and if it was my baby I’d probably be worried too. I mean usually there’s something they want, like food or a change, but it doesn’t seem like he does. One night we were having dinner in the fancy restaurant on the terrace and the headmaster had to leave early because the baby kept crying. His little face was all red. I bet his voice gets sore from crying that much. Other than that it was good, he said we could order anything we wanted. I’m not used to that. I got one of the salads and also some soup and bread. Felarius got a steak! I might have to try that, it looked good, but I guess I still feel guilty about using other people’s money.

He took us out to the energy domes for a trip. I don’t know how to describe them but I’ll try! It’s like a huge magical barrier that keeps things inside and I think it also maintains the temperature, like the one in Dalaran does. I haven’t been there, but the headmaster told us about it. Outside the domes was very rocky and barren, with nothing growing there, but inside was lush and full of plants and animals. They even had lynxes very like the ones that like in Eversong. I certainly hope they aren’t growing them for their fur or something though! We studied the device that powers the dome, and I think the headmaster would like to make something like it for the school, but without taking it with us I don’t know if he’s able to copy the mechanism. I suggested that someone could draw it, but you’d have to take it apart for that and I doubt they’d allow that. I don’t know if they built them or not, but some of those energy people are guarding them right now. I mean, I’d think not because I don’t think energy people eat plants or animals, but who knows. They weren’t telling us. It was all very interesting though.

Des said one time she was here for a trip, they went to look at dragons. That sounds exciting! She said they don’t eat people but honestly I’m not going to get close enough to one to find out. I bet we look very tasty to a dragon. But she said they live out among a big field of crystals, and the crystals make a very calming sound. I’d like to see that one day. I hope we can go.

The headmaster is also worried because he hasn’t found anyone to work at the school to help out Tik. He said he’d let the person live on the school grounds, and pay them as well. I know my mother likes her job at the factory — and it’s a good job — but I’m going to ask if she’d consider working here at the school. It might be a little weird seeing her all the time but she’d be able to save so much more. And she wouldn’t have to worry about the factory closing, or something happening on the Row if she lived here.


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