[Story] The Ghostclaw – Faeris’s Journal

I talked to the Captain about having some kind of visiting day for families here at the ranger building. He seemed kind of surprised by it, I guess it’s not something anyone has asked about before. It’s not like the mage school where parents pay a lot of money to send them there — a lot of people here don’t really have any family, is my guess. Obviously the undead don’t, Arancon has his son but he doesn’t see him very often. Lin’s brother comes sometimes, and her mother is here right now because of the baby, but I don’t see anyone else visiting. Or maybe they’re like mine, and don’t really care to. I guess I just want to show my father that I’m doing well at something. It’s funny, because I always felt like getting sent here was a punishment, and maybe it was. At first I thought I was going to hate it, and it was a little strange being out in the middle of nowhere and walking around the woods all day, but now I actually really love it. Sure, going to parties in Silvermoon was fun, and it was an adjustment getting used to everything here. But I realize that I have a lot more freedom now. After my patrol and practice, I can do whatever I want. Nobody comes in to check on me. I have my own place to live, and my own money. I’m finally able to have my own life, and feel like I’m actually doing something important.

I think Julan was a little worried about it though. He offered to be away when they came to visit. I told him he didn’t need to do that. I’m not going to hide the fact that he lives with me. It’s my life, I’m the one who gets to decide that stuff now. I know my father will probably make a fuss about the fact that he’s not some rich guy’s daughter, but I don’t care. I probably won’t mention that he used to live on the Row, though. It’s not really any of their business anyway. We were waiting for the cookies to get done. I guess Orledin went somewhere, so he was late with getting them done. I also think he was making some for Lin, the fancy ones that look like little baby heads, like the ones he made for the school. Julan was wearing this funny leather strap thing, it looked really cold. It didn’t even cover his feet. I don’t even know where he gets this stuff. He told me he had a brother who was studying to be a mage, I didn’t know about that. He also told me about going into the troll ruins with Orledin one time and a bone monster tried to eat him. I can’t imagine ever doing that — even if I had been drinking a lot — but maybe he was just really lonely before I got here. I don’t want to imagine what either bone monster looked like. Ew. We think Orledin is trying to lure the new guy into the woods. He’s in there a lot, helping make cookies and Orledin is always looking at him in that weird creepy way he does. I wonder if we should warn him, but maybe it’s nothing and that guy just really likes baking. He’s from the woods though, not the city, so I can’t imagine he baked a lot of things over a campfire.

Anyway, the Captain said I was free to invite anyone whenever I wanted to, even though there’s no formal visiting day thing. I think I will, even if they say no at least I could say that I tried.


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