[Story] Imralion’s Journal

It’s been a busy week. The first thing is that I’m an uncle now. The priestesses came to our house to tell me after the baby was born. I’m not mad about that, I don’t need to see that I’m sure Lin wouldn’t have appreciated me hanging around waiting the whole time either. I’m just glad I was home when they came, otherwise I would have had to wait and I would have been wondering the whole day what the baby looked like. It looks like Sunashe, by the way, at least its hair does. Although Lin said sometimes baby hair can change color when they get older or something, but I don’t know if that’s really true. It’s a boy and his name is Tialan. It’s a good name, except the first two letters are the same as “Tiny” and I am sure Sunashe is still going to call him that. If you ask me, Lin shouldn’t encourage him at all. I guess it could be worse, it’s not “Lizard”. He’s really cute, and really tiny. And he has both legs. Lin was really tired when I went to visit, obviously, but I think she liked the toy frog. She also asked if I’d brought any food. I didn’t know I was supposed to! She wasn’t really in any condition to talk. Our mother was there too, she’d been there the whole time and was helping the priestesses and fetching things for them. But I didn’t really want to talk to her, at least about that. It was okay talking about Tialan, though.

Aeramin wants to get married. At least, that’s what he says he wants, but I can’t help but think he’s saying it because he thinks it’s what I want to hear. Sure, I’d thought about it before. We’ve been together for a while and been through a lot, isn’t that what you are supposed to do? But if things are okay now, why change it? When I brought it up before, he looked like he’d seen a ghost and changed the subject right away. Now he wants to? I guess seeing the baby reminded me about how I might want my own family one day. It would be okay if it was an adopted one too, it doesn’t matter to me. My family name isn’t even mine, I’m not worried about passing it on or any of that nonsense. But if Aeramin’s still feeling guilty about Lyorri, I don’t think he’d be willing, at least not now. And who knows, it could be worse in the future if she does decide she hates him. Then again, I expected him to be upset about Tialan and he wasn’t, so maybe things are different now. Maybe I could see how he acts if I ever get a chance to watch him. It’s going to be tough because our mother wants to take care of him too. I hope Lin warned her about Sunashe wanting to let him ride on real lizards.

So I’m not sure what to tell him. If I agree to it, what if I regret it later? And who is supposed to ask anyway? If I say no, will he be hurt and resentful? He said it doesn’t matter either way but I think he’d feel rejected. I would too if I’d asked and been told no — though he didn’t really ask, either. I think things are pretty good right now, I want them to stay like that. But it could be good too, right? Aeramin said that Hethurin feels happier now. I wanted to ask Lin what she thought about it. I assume she’s happy as well. Maybe I should ask some more people, like Arancon, but I don’t know how helpful he’d be since his wife died. That probably influences your feelings about it.


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