[Story] Fairsong Academy – Sorelle’s Journal

Dear Diary,

Shattrath is such an interesting place! It’s definitely the most exotic place I have ever been. The Headmaster brought us all here, mostly to use the library but it’s sort of like a field trip too. I guess he and Terellion like coming here and it’s an excuse to bring us. I’m not complaining! I feel like there’s so much to see it’s going to take me a few trips to see everything. I don’t really know how to describe the buildings, they are stone – I think – but not like any other stone buildings I’ve seen before. They are curved and graceful and they look like they could have just grown up naturally out of the ground. They aren’t square and blocky like the buildings in most cities I’ve seen. Everything is glowy too, especially at night, and it’s really pretty. I think some of it is those night insects, but I think there’s a lot of magical light too. Apparently the draenei are very good at magic and they like to use it around their city. Draenei are the big blue people who live here. I saw a few of them in the center of the city but there aren’t too many on the Scryer’s Tier where we are staying. Xarola says it’s mostly blood elves here, though I have seen a few draenei. I don’t know how they feel about undead people so I haven’t tried talking to any. Xarola says they speak common though so I should be able to if I get the nerve. I’m not even sure what I’d say. I would definitely tell them that I like their city though. They have these enormous crystal beings made out of light that are called naaru. I read about them before in books, but it’s my first time seeing one in person. They are really beautiful and amazing. They make you feel calm just looking at them. I wonder if they sell miniature ones in the market, you know like a model to put in your room. It probably wouldn’t make you feel the same, but it would be pretty to look at and remind you of them. But then that might be disrespectful to them, I don’t know. I’d sure like to have a miniature one in my room though.

At the inn we all have our own rooms too. There’s a little desk for working, and a table to eat at. There’s a bowl of fruit and I would guess that they refill it every day. I don’t know though because I didn’t take any. I have a view out into the forest, at night I can see some really big moths flying out there. At first I didn’t know what they were and I thought maybe they were ghosts, but then I figured it out. I didn’t know moths could be that big! The library here is really nice, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a large one like that. Xarola says the one in Silvermoon is too, I’m sure it is but I’m not allowed there. In Dalaran they had a few libraries, the main one was very large and fancy and then there were some smaller specialized and privately-owned ones that they would sometimes open to the public. And the library at the school isn’t too bad, it’s small but all of the books are really good in it. We have some work to do while we’re here so it’s not all a vacation, but I always have a lot of extra time anyway because I don’t have to sleep. I might save my work for the late hours so I can do other things during the daytime.

Xarola went with me to the market. I’m glad she did, because we’re not allowed to go alone and I thought I might not be able to go. So that was nice of her. I bought some new journals, one of them had that elf ranger on the cover. He’s really handsome. I also bought some new pens. Xarola said I should buy the paper that was printed with hearts and flowers on it. I don’t know why she would think I need something like that. Who am I going to write to on heart paper? I just got plain paper. We also went to the book shop. Xarola wanted to get a book about a dragon that falls in love with a woman. I just think that’s a little bit weird. I think I’d rather read a book about a handsome elf or something. She said I could borrow it if I wanted, I guess I might. I told her about how I want to try to learn about gardening. Luckily they had some gardening books, so I got those too. At the fabric store I got a few things, since it’ll be spring soon I got some fabric in spring colors. I told Xarola about how I like to sew dresses. It seemed like she might be interested in that. I’d need her measurements if she wanted me to make her one though. She did have a good idea about making cloth flowers though, you can use them to decorate a robe or just to wear in your hair. They’re easy to make and very pretty. The store had a big bundle of small scraps for sale that would be perfect for making those. I can make them at night for everyone, even the girls. I bet they would love them. I’m excited to start making them. It gives me something to do, and it’s nice to do things for others. There’s enough cloth that I could


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