[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

We’re on a Shattrath trip again. We don’t have quite as much work this time, which I like. It usually takes until the afternoon, then we’re free to do whatever until dinner time. Like there are worksheets and passages we’re supposed to read. We’re also allowed to take out any books there that we want, and the school has a lot but this library is really nice so there’s some things the headmaster doesn’t have too. Felarius was taking out a big stack, I’m not sure if he plans to read those while we’re here or take some back with him. I’m trying to work on arcane. I thought maybe if I read some books by different authors, one of them might stick. It’s so confusing! The things I most want to learn are how to conjure and how to make portals, because those are the most useful I think. Both are extremely complicated because of all of the factors involved and if you get just one of them just a little bit off, the whole spell falls apart. And if you mess up a portal, you could get stuck in a wall or in the middle of the ocean or something like that. For conjuring you have to get the appearance right, as well as the texture and temperature and smell and things like that, otherwise it won’t taste right. I think it would be so fun to be able to just make whatever food you wanted whenever you want. I know you can’t eat it all the time, but if someone was really hungry they’d at least have something. Or if I’m studying late and I want a snack, I could just make it without having to get up and go to the kitchen. I think that would be great. And it would be great to be able to make a portal to anywhere I want to go. I know the Headmaster makes them instead of taking the stairs, I can’t say I’d do different.

Professor Firewind gave us some money for the market. I like going to the market here because it’s not Silvermoon, which means there’s no chance of anyone recognizing Felarius and me. They also have neat and strange things that you can’t get in Silvermoon. I really don’t know what I wanted to buy for myself, besides regular supplies of course, but I don’t really count that as something for myself. We were talking about it, Felarius wanted to get jewelry for his sister. It’s a nice thought, but I worry that it would just get stolen. He didn’t think it would happen, so I don’t know, maybe she knows some way to keep her stuff safe that no one else knows about. I did suggest that he get something that’s not quite so obvious, like an ankle bracelet, so at least people wouldn’t see it right away. He also wanted a gift for his father but he said he didn’t like anything frivolous, so that rules out a lot. I said he should get a nice coat or maybe a scarf, though it’s so warm here they might not have anything like that. I mean it must get cold sometimes, but I don’t know. I think I might get some sweets for my mother or something like that, I can’t really think of anything she needs but she never has money for extras and I know she’d appreciate it. I thought about just maybe keeping the rest. Professor Firewind would never know, but I would still feel guilty about it. He might even accuse us of stealing it. But I ended up finding something I liked, it’s definitely not a necessity at all and it felt silly to spend money on it. But it’s not really my money anyway is it? It’s a little soft doll of one of the mushroom people that live in the swamp. I think it’s actually supposed to be for kids, but I like it. The cloth is blue and purple and it has little glass eyes. I think it’s cute.

Felarius wanted to do something stupid. He wanted to go look inside the tavern, the one Professor Firewind specifically said not to go to. Felarius argued that he said we couldn’t go inside, but he wanted to look in the windows or something. Is he crazy! I’m not going to take any chance of getting in trouble. I told him if he wanted to, he could do it on his own. I’m not stupid. There must be a good reason he doesn’t want us there, and I’m not going to go find out.



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