[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

I got Hethurin the best present this year! Technically I didn’t get it for him, but he says I did because I agreed to it. I didn’t have anything to do with them having one available though. A couple of weeks ago he said he wanted to get another baby. Narise is still pretty small, so I thought it might be kind of soon, but my sisters are close together and they get along okay. Actually, he said he wanted to get like fifteen total. I think that might be too many. I don’t think I could even remember fifteen names, let alone give them all enough attention so they’d feel close to us. I don’t know anyone with fifteen kids! The closest I know would be his father, and even that’s less than half. How could anyone do that? But I did agree that one would be okay, or two if they had twins. I said I’d like a boy because we already have two girls, I think it would be good to have both.

Hethurin made portals to both the Silvermoon and Shattrath orphanages, but they didn’t have any really little ones, they had one who was a little over a year old but she was a girl. Hethurin wanted to take her right there! But he also wants to be able to carry the new baby while he teaches, and she would already be almost too big for that. I honestly think he would have taken every kid there, even the weird troll and orc ones. But since they already knew us there — we’d got both Malwen and Narise, and we bring toys and clothes by pretty often — the matron put our names down on a list if they got any more. And then yesterday we got a letter saying they had a new baby boy, and we could come and look at him!

I was really excited, but also worried because I realized that we didn’t have any things for a boy baby. I mean, we have a crib and blankets and diapers, but no boy clothes. Hethurin said we could go to the shops in the morning and get some for him. Or maybe his sister has some extra or something. I mean, I don’t want to force him to wear boy things if he doesn’t want to, but he’s just a baby and I don’t think he really cares too much either way as long as he’s warm. We also didn’t have any names ready. Hethurin suggested that we could name him for my father, which kind of surprised me. I like his name though, so I agreed, but I said we should see the baby first to see if it fits. It wouldn’t be good to have a baby with no name, even if it’s just a short time.

He’s so tiny!! I kind of forgot because Narise has got so much bigger, but she was the same size when we got her. The matron said that the mother had brought him in because she couldn’t keep him. The priest there has been trying to get women to bring their babies here instead of just leaving them outside. I think that’s a really good idea, and I’m really glad he didn’t have to be cold outside in a pile of garbage. I hope the matron can tell the mother that he got adopted and he’s going to have a good life now. I really hope the girls like him. I’m not too worried about Malwen, she was really excited when we talked to her about it. He’ll pretty much be like a real life doll to her and I bet she’ll enjoy taking care of him. Narise I’m not so sure, but they’ll be closer in age so hopefully they get along well. She poked at him a little but didn’t seem too interested other than that.

It’s a little weird adjusting to having a small baby again, getting up to make bottles and changes and things like that, but I don’t mind. I guess we’ll have to have the builders add on another room in the spring. I suggested putting it on the back of the house, but Hethurin didn’t like the idea of having to clear the trees down, so he wants to go up. That’s a lot of floors! I don’t know how we’d go up and down the stairs fast in the middle of the night. He suggested a portal, which might work, but maybe one of those pole things would be good. We’ll have to see what the builders say.

Hopefully Hethurin will let me hold him sometimes too!


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