[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Lin’s going to have her baby pretty soon. She’s getting really big! I don’t know she can even walk around, let alone go on her patrol. Lin said that she’ll keep going for now, but probably not too much longer, because I guess it’s uncomfortable. I told her I didn’t need all the details but she told me anyway. I guess now I know. She’s also worried about getting the crib and everything set up before he or she gets there. Just while I was there she kept trying to move things around and I said she shouldn’t and did it for her, but then she’d change her mind and want me to move it back again. I tried not to be too excited, but I kind of am. I’m going to be an uncle, and I can play with the baby whenever I want to. I’ve tried not to act too excited around Aeramin because I know he’s probably not too happy about it. If I’m excited about my niece or nephew, couldn’t I have been excited for Lyorri too? I guess I could have. It’s different though, there’s no bad feelings associated with this one.

Our mother’s already come back from Tanaris to help Lin take care of the baby. She’s staying at the inn right now, but since it’s not very nice I expect they’ll just let her stay at their house for a while. Maybe she could sleep at the ranger building with the female rangers, that would be something. I hope she has some names in mind. Lin said she’s still thinking about it, but I’m still afraid my niece or nephew is going to be named Lizard or something.

To make matters worse, it’s Lyorri’s birthday so I think Aeramin is extra grumpy about that. I guess I can’t blame him. He wasn’t sure whether he should go to her party or not. I had wanted to buy something for Lin’s baby so I suggested he could at least bring a gift for Lyorri, even if he didn’t plan to stay. He surprised me by saying yes to that. I was afraid of bringing the subject up, but he says he’s not upset about it, and I can even watch it for them at our house. Then again, he might just be saying that, I know sometimes he says things to cover his feelings up. Like he brought up the subject of people marrying mages and I made a joke about him being a good catch because he’s good at cooking and he got all weird about it. Obviously I’ve thought about it before, but it’s never really been that important because things are okay. Things have been going pretty well lately so I guess I’ve thought about it a little more. But then other times I think about wanting to have our own kids or whatever, though I guess we could adopt some like Hethurin and Terellion did. Or just borrow Lin’s kid. Anyway, he seemed really weirded out by the subject so I guess I won’t bring it up again. He said he’d been engaged three times before and they never worked out. I knew about Hethurin and I think he’s mentioned the other one, but I didn’t know who the third was. Apparently it was a girl that he worked with or something. No one’s ever asked me at all!

I wasn’t sure what to get for Lin’s baby, without knowing if it’s a boy or a girl especially. Aeramin said I should get them something useful, like diapers, but that’s not a very exciting gift. I mean, who wants to be the uncle who gives you diapers? Not me. I thought about getting a soft toy lizard but they didn’t have any lizards. Maybe they’re not popular for babies, someone should tell Sunashe. I did find a frog though, I know a frog’s not a lizard but it’s kind of close, and it’s really cute. The baby can cuddle it or chew on it or whatever. Aeramin got Lyorri some dresses, and a cloth doll with yarn hair.


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