[Story] Nimrathis’s Journal

The demons make the forest feel strange and un-natural, little eyes watching from places they shouldn’t be. I didn’t see any on the trip over to the lake, but I know they are still there. The woods are ill, feverish, and the infection has to be removed before it causes more harm. It’s more difficult when they hide. I’ve killed a few, ones that have wandered too close to my camp. I had to use the stick, because I didn’t dare touch them myself. I’ve seen what can happen to things that get too close to demons. I know the sentinels hunt them too, they make regular patrols and I see them often. Sometimes the one brings me food, but I know Bear gets dumplings nearly every night. I wanted some. I haven’t had dumplings in ages, especially fresh warm ones.

When I got there, he didn’t have any dumplings. I guess the sentinel hadn’t come by yet. He did have some fish though, which he generously shared. It wasn’t nearly as good as dumplings, but still good. Bear was concerned that the water might be tainted by the demons, I know in some places it runs slow and stagnant, a place like that would be easy for the sickness to settle in. But he says the druids in the town were able to cleanse it. I’m glad for that, because I don’t want the water to be tainted. All of us, and all of the animals would suffer for it. But I don’t really like druids very much. I just know they’re in town right now, eating all of the hot, fresh dumplings. They probably aren’t even wearing any shirts. All of the sentinels are looking at them and trying to talk to them. Bear said that’s probably why his sentinel was late. He might be right, I don’t know.

He wanted to get her a gift, for bringing dumplings. I thought it was just part of their duty to make sure that we didn’t starve. If they are making us stay here, after all, they should be responsible for our care. I suggested flowers, though it’s too early for most kinds to be blooming yet. Bear didn’t like that idea, he said she could look at flowers by herself, but perhaps if he put them into a pot. He also thought about getting her fish, to put into a small pond. I know there’s a large one out behind the sentinels’ quarters, but it’s quite large and I’m certain there are already fish there. I guess a few more wouldn’t hurt. But then the gift wouldn’t really be for her, so much as all the sentinels. Most of them aren’t very friendly and I know I wouldn’t want to give them a gift.

Mine is all right. She comes by to check on me now and then. When it was raining she brought a new blanket, and took my old one to be repaired. It hasn’t been brought back yet which might mean that it’s too damaged. I liked that blanket, but the new one is good too, so I can’t really complain. I guess I would like more dumplings. If Bear gets them every night I should come by his camp more often. But he probably doesn’t want to share them every night, I know I wouldn’t.

She did show up eventually. Bear thought she was probably eating with the druids, and maybe she was, because it took a long time for her to get there. But she had a basket of warm dumplings, so neither of us said anything. She seemed really surprised to see me. She said she thought the demons had got me, or maybe the orcs. I am not sure if it was a joke or not.


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