[Story] Fairsong Academy – Sorelle’s Diary

Orledin kept his word and brought some bread to the school. Usually Terellion makes it, but I have to agree that Orledin’s looks really good. I can’t say whether it tastes better or not because I haven’t tasted either of them. He also brought the other death knight along with him. Orledin just sort of left him in the common room and disappeared into the kitchen with all the bread. He was in there a really long time, I suppose he was talking to Terellion and Tik about cooking or something. I thought he wanted to talk to me but I guess not.

The other death knight was okay though. He’s not as cute as Terellion, but he’s okay. He was worried about sitting on the furniture because he’d been outside. I told him it was fine. People come in with way more dirt than him all the time, usually Xarola and Vyn after they went for a walk, and the other rangers come here sometimes too. As long as you don’t put your muddy boots on the couch or something, but he didn’t do that. That would make Tik upset, although he was still in the kitchen. We talked a little bit. He asked about what I’m studying and where I’m from. I explained that I wanted to work on my arcane and frost magic more so I can take my final exam, and that I’m from Dalaran. He didn’t ask which Dalaran I meant, which is good I guess. I don’t really like talking about that anyway. He wondered if death knight frost magic is anything like mage frost magic, I don’t know but I said he could maybe talk to Raleth about it, or Keyalenn. So he’s going to come back to do that. I would think it’s not the same, because death knights don’t get magical training that I know of, but maybe they can learn something from him.

I did ask what he did before, and he said he helped find lost death knights. I thought that was strange, like how do you lose them? I thought they were all under control, though I suppose they aren’t now. Or what if they just become too broken to fight anymore? I know it happens to Forsaken eventually. It must happen to them too. I told him I meant when he was alive, and he said he worked on the docks, I guess that means unloading them and such since he said he didn’t sail on them. He said there were humans and dwarves there but he didn’t say anything about either of them. He spoke common though, which is good. He said that he and Orledin went through demon portals to fight them. That would mean they were in the Nether, which is really dangerous. He said he didn’t know if it was, but where else would demon portals be coming from? Unless they were opened by someone who isn’t a demon, that’s the only possibility. Back when I had to study in that awful place, I learned way more about demons than I ever wanted to. He also said that he and Orledin killed dreadlords, except that he did all of it because Orledin wasn’t very good at fighting. I don’t know if he was exaggerating or not, it sure sounds like it because from what I know about them they are very large and dangerous. I’ve never even seen one myself but like I said, I know about them from books and my teachers. He said they killed a lot of them, not all at once but one after the other. Why would he exaggerate though? Unless he was trying to show off, but I can’t tell if he was or not.

I explained how I usually practice later in the night when the others are in bed. For one, it’s more private so if I mess up it’s less embarrassing, and for two it gives me something to do at night. It gets really boring sitting in my room alone so I usually use that time to study, or read. I borrow books from the other girls sometimes, though I’ve read most of them by now. Sometimes I sew, but in the winter it’s a bit dark for that and I don’t want the lights to keep anyone else awake. The death knight seemed interested in the library here, there are some history and adventure books that he’d probably like. I don’t think he’d like the girls’ books very much. Honestly, they are silly but I guess I like them because it’s the closest I’ll get to anything like that now.

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