[Story] Fairsong Academy – Sorelle’s Journal

We had the big winter ball here. I wasn’t really planning to stay for very long, because it’s not very fun when you can’t eat anything and can’t dance with anyone. If I’m just going to sit in the corner, I could at least do it in my room where it’s comfortable. But the headmaster said I should go, and I didn’t know if it was required or something so I did. I have a nice blue robe that looks wintery. It just feels really weird and awkward to sit there by myself and look at all the food I can’t eat and people who are dancing with other people. I think Renner might not have anyone, but I hardly ever see him anyway. He was at the party though, at the food tables. The ballroom was very beautiful, though. It was hung with little lights and tons of candles, and glittery snowflakes and real branches from evergreen trees. Everyone was wearing their fanciest robes.

An elf asked if he could sit by me. He was really handsome, and he had very fancy armor. I think he might be a death knight, but I didn’t ask. He was definitely dead though. I thought he was trying to make a joke at first, he asked if the seat was taken. Then he asked if I was saving it for my friends. Good one. We talked a lot, he has a nice voice too. He told me that he’s one of the rangers out in the forest, and there are two others like him there, except he didn’t think they came to the party. Normally they weren’t allowed to come to the balls, but since the headmaster allowed me he changed the rules, I guess. Maybe that’s why he wanted me to come to this one. We talked a lot, he told me about the other rangers and about this other ranger that he likes. It figures that I meet someone who might actually be interested and he likes guys. An alive guy. I don’t mean to discourage him but I don’t think that is going to happen. I can’t see any alive person wanting to spend very much time with someone like us. Sure, it would be nice, but we can’t do anything that alive people can do. An undead person would be okay, I think. Mostly I just want someone to talk to, which I guess he can do, but I know it could never be anything more than that. Is that enough? I’m not sure. He did say he wanted to come and visit me again, or well, he wants to visit the school again. At the rangers he bakes bread and cookies and he wants to bring some by. He said he’d try to bring the other ranger along with him one time, he’s dead as well but he used to be married and he had two children. So he’s probably older, I don’t know if it matters now though since neither of us will age. And he’s also an elf, so I bet he’s handsome as well. I don’t know how to talk to guys though, especially elves, I think I should ask one of the girls here. Hopefully one of them would be willing to help me.


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