[OOC] SWTOR – KoTET Thoughts

Spoilers, obviously.

Overall, I really enjoyed the storyline, though I really do think it’s much better suited to the Force classes. At times, it was a bit of a stretch, like when the Sith Empress tells Kazta, my grubby little soldier, that she’s more powerful than her… I mean, I do find it a little far-fetched that she could resist the Immortal Emperor, but who knows. It certainly wasn’t so jarring that it threw me out of the story or anything like that, and Kazta is certainly a natural at being a commander so that part works well for her in-character. (Not so much being an Empress, however. Though I chose the Light option which sounds more like a leader than an Empress.)

I’m a little disappointed that some of the threads were left hanging, primarily Darth Marr and Satele. I really thought we’d see more of them, and the weapon they helped me forge. However, I love that Arcann was redeemed and Senya remains one of my favorite characters in anything ever. She got a lovely new model, and I am really impressed with Arcann’s as well. I really loved the environments and backgrounds, especially the forests of Nathema, and the mindscape in Chapter 9.

I am still not sure how much my choices affected things, as I’ve only taken one character through so far. I plan to do my Sith Warrior next, he chose to bow to Valkorion¬†and he’s romanced with Vette so I’m eager to see if he will get any special lines with her. I loved seeing so much of her! I appreciated the little scene with Jorgan but of course I always wish there was more. I get why they can’t, but still. I also thought it was a little weird that he wasn’t in her room when she woke up from a dream– but Lana was? What’s going on there!

I’ve heard a lot of grumbling about the gearing process this time around, and on paper I am inclined to agree — you get gear from leveling your Galactic Conquest but it’s a random crate. I got a lightsaber in one of mine, not something my class can even use. It would be nice if the pieces were at least BoA, so I could mail them to alts. Maybe they will be in the future. It does seem like it’ll be a pretty long grind, but as I don’t raid in SWTOR I am not sure I’ll be too affected. I plan to do heroics and flashpoints at my usual pace and hopefully I’ll get things often enough. There are also new 4-person quick flashpoints called uprisings that you can queue for, I’ll likely try some of those out too. They sound really easy so the fact that I’m a noob tank shouldn’t matter.



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