[Screenshots] SWTOR – Knights of the Eternal Throne

The new SWTOR expansion came out today (for paid accounts – it’s tomorrow for freebies). There were some minor changes to classes, but I don’t have any complaints. I don’t really miss the couple of abilities I lost, and I gained some neat new ones to make up for it. My character still feels the same to play, which is something I really appreciate (especially after Legion…). I also really like how they streamlined the upper menu bar UI, it’s a lot cleaner and easier to find things now. It is kind of annoying to have to re-spec every character but oh well!

Unlike the last expansion, I am pretty sure that all chapters are live right now. I have only had time to play one so far, as they take around an hour each, I plan to try to do at least one a day. It means I’m going to have to stay out of general chat and avoid spoilers for a while, though! Apparently you can also re-play them on higher difficulty, I assume for rewards, which sounds like it might be fun. The first chapter wasn’t difficult at all, except for the part where I was driving the walker — it almost died a few times, I don’t think I was using the abilities correctly.

I didn’t take too many screenshots, but they’re behind a cut for spoilers, just in case.



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