[Story] Fairsong Academy – Menissa’s Journal

Today was my first day at the tiny school in the middle of nowhere. It’s in the middle of nowhere so I can “refocus my priorities on my studies” and “be free from distractions”. The building itself is actually bigger than I expected, there’s one large building that used to be a mansion, and then some smaller outbuildings — a girls’ and boys’ dorm as well as a stable, a greenhouse, and some small houses. I guess some of the staff live in those. Which is a good idea because it would be awful to have to fly out everyday, though I guess if they’re teachers they could just teleport. Then again, maybe they hate living in the middle of nowhere, too. There are trees EVERYWHERE. I’ve never seen so many trees in one place. When I got there the headmaster showed me around, he took my papers and records. He didn’t say anything about them, which is good, but maybe he didn’t really read them yet. He did ask me what specialty I wanted yet and I said I haven’t picked, because that’s true, I’m still in foundation classes. Probably arcane or fire, but it kind of depends how my classes go I guess. The rooms look like they might be haunted, or at least really old. But it’s pretty big, and I don’t have to share it, so that’s nice. Also the person who had it before me left some posters in the closet, which is also nice. I’m guessing they’re probably not allowed, but I can keep them on the inside of my closet anyway. He (I’m guessing) has good taste.

The headmaster is a lot younger than I expected. Usually they’re super old. All of my teachers were really old, they’re young here but the headmaster is the youngest looking. Hopefully none of them are super strict, I think the frost teacher might be but the headmaster said that the fire teacher grades really easy. So maybe I’ll study fire! There are only TWO other undecided students here. TWO! I mean, he said I can ask the more advanced students for help but most ones I knew were too busy to help undecideds, or they treat you like you’re stupid. There’s one girl and one guy. This place is smaller than some families. That reminds me, the headmaster has a bunch of sisters out here too. Two work in the town, there’s a healer clinic which is free for students, that’s a nice perk. I will have to go and see them eventually for a check-up. He said there’s also a confessor, at my old school they had one on site but I didn’t like him. I hope this one is better. Then he has another sister who is a ranger, there is a unit of rangers out here who patrol the roads and stuff. I’m not sure what they are looking for, because he said the animals never come out of the woods except for rabbits. I think he might not be totally honest there. He did say there are some small demons, that’s probably it. But did they send rangers out here just for that? Anyway, they come to the parties here so hopefully I can find out soon.

The thing I’m most excited about is the electives. There are classes for music, and growing plants, and things like that, but there’s also a cooking class. I know a little about cooking, but it sounds fun to learn it for real. I already talked to Tik, he’s the butler and the cook, and I’m going to be helping with dinner prep every evening after my classes. The headmaster says he’s a really good cook, so I’m sure I will learn a lot. The only weird thing is he doesn’t believe in washing dishes with magic, I mean why wouldn’t you if you could? Maybe I can change his mind. I’m not as good at baking, but I might try that too, later on. The baker is Terellion and I got to try some cake, it was really good. I guess he makes cake every night, we only got cake on Fridays at my old school.

Hopefully I can meet some of the other students soon too. I know there aren’t very many but it would be good to know at least one person here. I just hope they’re friendly and not already in a group.


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