[Story] Risarra’s Journal

I’ve been taking dumplings to Bear at his camp before my patrols. I’m not sure why, he’s perfectly able to hunt for himself, and it’s always strange. I always tell him he should move in closer to the town, where it’s safer and people would be able to look out for him, but I suppose he’d rather be in danger than be around other people. Or sentinels, at least. He and the other one both have a strange aversion that I can’t figure out. I’ve never seen them be rude or cruel to anyone, strict yes, but not rude. Though I guess others might see it differently. I know Sorias dislikes them, and I suppose they weren’t very fair to him. He replied to my letter, saying that they were safe in the city behind the walls. I wonder if Bear and the other man might like it better there? Bear said that people yelled at him where he used to live, I asked where but he only said “up north”. That could be a lot of places. Maybe Feralas, I know there’s the sentinel stronghold there. But I really doubt anyone yelled at him. He can exaggerate sometimes. He also said they’d stare. That’s just because they are curious, I don’t think you can be upset at people for that. He does look a bit unusual, but not so strange that I think they would stare. I suspect there might be another reason, he just doesn’t want to say it. Usually he doesn’t want to say much of anything at all.

There have been a few more sightings, but still not a huge number. It’s discouraging that they are not decreasing, they must be coming from somewhere. A portal is the most likely, but we’ve not found one yet. I wonder if mages could sense that sort of thing? I should ask, though it’s not likely to be a popular idea. Still, if it could help us get rid of the demons for good, I think it’s worth trying. There have been some druids here trying to cleanse the river and the places where the demons were. It’s taking time, but it seems to be working. It would go faster if we had more, but they have all been called away to fight the Legion in other places. We need them here too! Our home is just as important as those other places. I would say even more so.

I was going to mention my strange dream, but in the end I decided not to. I thought it was too odd and he’d probably think I was mad or something. At least he wasn’t in it. I have had a dream about the fletcher but that was a while ago, and nothing happened, I just remember that he was in it. Bear asked if I could show him how to make dumplings. I guess so he doesn’t need me to bring them anymore. I explained that it would be difficult to make them in a camp, because you need a flat surface to roll out the dough and put the filling in. But it might be possible, I guess. I had a roasted quail with me too, because I thought he might get tired of eating the same food every day, but then I guess he eats fish all the time when I’m not there.

He hasn’t heard from the old man either. I’m beginning to think that the blood elves captured him after all. I’ve heard that they keep people as captives and drain out their magic. I don’t know if we have much magic to drain out, but they could have tried. I hope he’s not dead. I would feel partly responsible, because I was the one who helped convince Avanniel to let him go. I thought it was the best thing to do, but maybe it wasn’t?


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