[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

Had an unusual transfer yesterday. I guess he’s not exactly a transfer, but he was sent by the Spire. He was actually sent here instead of serving time in jail, I’ve never heard of it happening but given the situation it makes sense. I’m guessing they decided to do that because he’s already well-trained with a bow, which Sunashe was certain to point out. I know he prefers when the rangers use them rather than crossbows or close-quarter weapons. Another perk, he used to live in the area, so he already knows the roads well. It shouldn’t take him long to learn the routes at all. Of course I was curious as to what crime he’d committed. According to his papers, he was robbing people on the roads. It didn’t say that he’d killed anyone, which makes me feel a little better. I do believe in giving everyone a chance, but I’d certainly keep a closer eye on him in that case. As it is, I’m not too worried. After speaking to him, he says he only stole from rich people — makes sense, right? And there’s nothing much here to steal. He’ll have everything he needs. The Spire requests that his pay is sent to them for restitution, but I’ll make sure he has a little spending money of his own. I think he’ll make a great ranger, and getting him up on his feet will help everyone in the long run. Still, I kind of wonder what sort of reputation the Ghostclaw has, if they’re sending us criminals…

He seems to be settling in well. He found a bunk in the mens’ quarters and he’s impressed with Orledin’s baking already. I feel that if he wants to be here, he’ll try harder rather than seeing it as a punishment. It’s got to be better than jail, he has already said that. Sunashe was suitably impressed, and he’s not easy to win over. I’ve started him out on the targets just to get an idea of how much experience he has, but I’m sure I’ll be able to put him onto a patrol soon. I don’t know if they warned him about the demons or not, but I’ll mention it to him. I know Sunashe already told him about Orledin and Salenicus, I doubt he’s used to working with death knights but hopefully he will adjust soon enough.

It’s starting to get cold at night, I think we’ll get frost soon. Hopefully that will slow down the demons, I bet they don’t like the cold. I wonder if they have nests like spiders do? That would make it easier to wipe them all out at once.

It’ll be the winter holiday soon. I need to figure out what to get for Nessna — the boys are easy.


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