[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

I’m so relieved that the ball went well! I was so nervous all night I thought I would throw up. That really would have impressed Xarola’s mother. I wanted to wait until the right time too, when it wasn’t too loud and we were alone. For a while she was talking with the other girls, so I couldn’t do it then. I did end up talking to Zalindri’s fiance though. I’m not sure what to think of him. Honestly, I think he was kind of rude and snobby, but maybe he just isn’t used to this place. And he doesn’t know anyone here at all, he knows Zalindri but not very well. They’ve hardly spoken at all. He just kept saying things that seemed rude to me, like we must not be able to afford a real mage school if we’re going here. Even if I was, I’d rather go here because it’s small so the teachers can give you a lot of help, and we have private practice rooms. It’s also got fun things to do like the forest and the beach, and the headmaster takes us on trips. He said it sounded boring. I’m not sure what his idea of fun is, then. I did suggest that maybe he could work at the clinic in town, because he’s studying to be a priest and will need to look for a job soon. Then he’d at least be closer to Zalindri and could get used to the Ghostlands. But I don’t know if he even wants that. He didn’t seem very nice to her either. Like I said that Zalindri is really smart, because she goes to a mage school and she’s always studying and she does well on her tests, but he said that’s different from common sense. Which, I mean, I guess it’s true but it’s not very nice to say about your future wife. It’s really not my business what she does with her life but I hope she knows what she is doing. If I were her, I don’t know if I’d stay engaged to him or not. I see the people here who are and they act so different, you can tell they care about the other person even if they aren’t around. If you ask Lora about Keyalenn she’s always excited to talk about him. That’s how I feel about Xarola too, I mean sure everyone has their little flaws but you look past that to all of the good things. Xarola doesn’t have any though.

I found her finally and brought some food over to eat. My plan was to put the ring into one of the little bags of chocolates, but I had to ask her a bunch of times if she wanted one! I was worried that she wouldn’t. So while she went to the bathroom to look for Zalindri I went and got two from the table. They’re really fancy chocolates from a shop in Silvermoon. I thought about getting some of them before but they were too much. So I know she’d like them. I put the ring inside her bag and brought them over, but then she wouldn’t eat any! I had to remind her to try them. She was confused at first, and then she cried which I thought was bad but it was just because she was happy. She said she liked the color too. I’m going to ask the headmaster if we can have a house, I guess it probably won’t be until next summer because the builders can’t work now and I think all the houses are taken. But maybe not. Xarola said she wants an herb drying area and I could work on my extracts and blending in the same place, we could start making some of the magical perfumes for our business! And of course it’ll be great to see her every night and morning too. I’m trying not to think about that part too much because it’ll make me impatient. We won’t have the ceremony until after we both graduate, but I like knowing that it’ll happen eventually.


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