[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

The autumn ball is coming up really soon and I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do for it. We never did that kind of stuff on the Row. I mean, Magister Firewind explained that people wear costumes and masks though I don’t really get why, I guess just for fun. But how did it get started? I don’t know. This will be the second big party here, besides the weddings. Those are easier because no one pays attention to anyone except the couple, but here I have to wear a costume and Zalindri said everyone dances. I don’t know how to dance! I never had lessons in a fancy school to learn that. She said she could teach me but I think that’d be a little weird, and I also don’t want to have to explain why I’m so bad at it. Felarius says they teach dancing at even the regular Silvermoon schools but I never learned it, so maybe it’s not every school. She and Des both think I should do it anyway, but I don’t think anyone would ask even if I did know how. They said sometimes guys are too shy to ask but that’s not really my experience. At least with things other than dancing. Besides, I think they all already have girlfriends or something, the last thing I need is trouble with someone’s boyfriend.

Zalindri said I should make a frog mask, I guess because she thinks I’m warty and slimy. I don’t like that idea very much. We were all sitting at the table and working on them, we had fabric and feathers and glue and things like that. I had no idea I’d have to do an art project for this, I’m not any good at art. To give me ideas she asked what my favorite color is, I said green but I’m not really sure. I just think my green robe looks the best on me. So she told me to think of things that are green but there aren’t very many. A frog, like I said, maybe a bird but Zalindri was already doing a bird mask. A tree, but how am I supposed to make a tree costume? Des said I could just glue a bunch of things on it, so I tried doing that, but it looked terrible. Oh and they also said I could be an orc or a goblin. Thanks a lot. That’s actually worse than a frog. She did say that Malwen likes to make them, she’s made like a dozen or something, so maybe I could ask to use one of hers. I’m not sure about that, I think the Headmaster might get mad or something, if we’re supposed to make it ourselves. And maybe he doesn’t want me talking to his daughter. I’m embarrassed to have to ask a kid to do it for me, and what if she says no? I guess I can just wear the ugly one, and hope no one notices. It should be dark anyway, right?

Mother is busy with work so I don’t think she will be able to go. The winter holiday will be here soon and they have to have a lot of things done for that. I hope she’ll be able to come for the winter one, though, maybe they will be ahead enough that she can get an evening off. She already came for a tour but hopefully I will be able to start casting by then and I can show her a spell!


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