[OOC] Legion 7.1

So the first patch for Legion comes out tomorrow, which seems like a good time to look back at the stuff I complained about in beta and see if I was right or not.

Artifacts – Yep, still hate ’em. I hate that every single member of my class has the exact same weapon as me. Almost all of mine are transmogged, which kind of defeats the purpose but it makes me feel like less of a clone. Some are kind of cool, but the majority are lackluster and/or have their lore pulled out of Blizzard’s dark nether regions. I was extremely fortunate to pick a spec that performs well, but a lot of people weren’t so lucky, and they’ve now spent close to 2 months investing in a weapon that is now worthless. The artifact system stifles choice and playing off-specs, as well as killing alt progression.

No second artifact until 110 – I was wrong on that, but in my defense I hardly played beta at all. You can get all your weapons at 102 if you so choose — which is still kinda bad if you’re stuck with a bad spec for two levels, but at least they go fast.

Ability pruning – Is still awful. It doesn’t matter how flashy your animations are if your class isn’t fun to play. I miss pruned abilities on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis, and some of the things that were left in make no sense. Does anyone actually use Beast Lore?

Healer balancing – Not as bad as I’d feared, but I really┬ástruggle with mana management as a resto druid. Due to the alt unfriendliness, I really haven’t had the chance to use any other healers in content yet.

Class halls – Still hate it, for all their promises that class halls would be nothing like garrisons they’re… exactly like garrisons. Except with a bunch of people standing around in them. Cool. I really really hate how the class quests are gated behind massive timesink table missions and dungeons. There’s still really no meaningful story or interaction with your followers, not even with your bodyguard one. I still refuse to play my Rogue because of their class hall.

Busted-ass lore — The Exodar scenario. Xe’ra’s quests. The Highmountain storyline. It’s worse than I imagined.

Flying – I still can’t fly, and it sucks.

Diablo-style gameplay (aka RNG) – I have to admit, this made it last on my list, but if I were writing this list now it would be the first item, in really large bold font. RNG for upgrades. RNG for profession recipes. RNG for world quest rewards. RNG for mount rewards (fox mount). RNG for hidden weapon skins. RNG for legendaries. It’s so beyond discouraging to try over and over again for something and not get it despite all your work. That’s not fun, why is it in a game? Why can’t I slowly work toward what I want? We’re now at the first patch of Legion and I don’t have any hidden weapon skins, I don’t have the fox mount despite doing the Nightfallen daily/Withered training every time it’s up. I do have a legendary, but I think that’s pretty much a fluke — I hardly ever do mythic dungeons because I’m already bored to death of them (as I predicted). Of the 25+ people in my raid group, only about 5 or 6 have one. That’s not fair or fun for anyone.


Alt unfriendliness – Didn’t make my original list, but I’m putting it on now. The patch will alleviate this just a little; you will be able to do world quests right at 110 instead of having to get rep with all factions first. But, honestly, getting Friendly isn’t difficult or time consuming. What is time consuming is the awful Suramar grind, the profession quests, and the artifact power/artifact research. I currently have a handful of 110 alts who I take out to do world quests for upgrades once in a while, if I have time and there’s a gear reward. But I suspect it will take me months if not longer to get them geared enough for LFR, by which time no one will be running it anymore. Ah well.


One Response to [OOC] Legion 7.1

  1. LOL, I have to agree with you on a lot what you mentioned. I’m still down to one 110 and I am afraid that it might stay that way for a while. I just kind of wander about the countryside with very little in mind (directionally challenged) and fall off cliffs on a regular basis. Maybe it will get better?

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