[Story] The Ghostclaw – Faeris’s Journal

My father keeps sending letters asking how I am doing here. I’m guessing he’s probably sent them to the Captain as well, but I get them regularly, every week. I keep meaning to write back, but I’ve been busy. He’s heard about the rumors about the demons, and wants to know if he should make me go back to the city. That’s especially ironic since it was his idea to make me go here in the first place. I think the rumors about the demons make them sound much worse than they are. It’s just a few every now and then, and little tiny ones. They’re no bigger than cats. Truthfully, it’s kind of exciting when we find some. Patrol is a lot more boring when you don’t see anything at all, and you’re not supposed to talk. I wouldn’t tell him that though, then I think he’d make me go back for sure. If all this had happened when I first got here, maybe I would have wanted to leave, but not now. I’ve gotten used to it, and I have my own cabin with Julan.

I know he would definitely have something to say about me spending time with a guy, especially a guy from Murder Row. He’d make me leave immediately. But it’s not his life, it’s mine, and I can do what I want. Right now that means staying with him. I’ve never really got the chance to be with anyone for a long time, like a real relationship, so it’s been great. Julan is a lot of fun and I think he likes being with me, too. We got furniture for our house and went to the city together, and no one said anything. It’s really cozy and comfortable, way better than the old quarters. I mean, they’re okay but we have a really big bed with tons of pillows, and there’s no one else around. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but I’m happy right now. If my father caught word of any of it, I’m sure he’d arrange me to some boring girl who’d want me to stay home all the time. I wonder if Julan thinks that, maybe I’m the boring one? That would be awful.

I really didn’t like when he was on night patrol, because he was gone when I was in bed and then he had to sleep during the day so I had to be extra quiet so I didn’t wake him. Thankfully, that only lasted for a week or so until the death knights came back. Never thought I’d be grateful to see death knights again, but I was. His patrol partner was the weird dead girl. I asked if she smelled and if you can see her bones, he said not really, and sometimes. That’s pretty gross. I don’t think I’d be able to stop staring if I was on patrol with her. He also said she never talked, at all, and she got mad when he talked. How annoying! If there aren’t any demons to kill, you need to talk to pass the time.

I guess I’ll work on a letter. I’ll keep it short and to the point, tell him we’re allowed to stay here because we need to kill the demons that are in this area. Nothing else. He doesn’t need to know everything.


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