[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

My letter must have worked, because Orledin and Salenicus came back not long ago. Salenicus says they had to leave because Orledin was whining, but I find that a little more unlikely. I’ve never heard him whine, he says he’s unhappy about some things, sure, but that’s not the same. Maybe when you become undead, you lose your patience for listening to people. It might explain Sorrowmoss anyway. I talked to Orledin a little after he got back. He seemed relieved to not have to be there anymore. I guess they were going to have to go fight demons, which is more or less what I expected, but I need them fighting demons here. Julan did fine on the late patrol, but it’s really difficult for living people to adjust to that schedule, and Sorrowmoss came to me to complain that he talked too much. I think Julan also likes having someone to talk to and flirt with, and Sorrowmoss doesn’t really fit either of those criteria. The builders just finished up Julan and Faeris’s cabin, along with Sunashe’s lizard barn, so I know Julan was eager to spend time there and not just sleeping the whole day while Faeris was away on patrol. According to Arancon, the mens’ quarters have been a lot quieter since they’ve moved, and no one has seen anything in any closets lately, so that’s good. There are hardly any full beds in there now, though, or the womens’ quarters either. I have flyers up but I’m guessing everyone is away fighting demons. Maybe once they get back they’ll want to be rangers, I hope so at least.

Sightings here have been staying about the same, no more and no less. Aeramin came around to work on our wards with the information they got in Tanaris. I wonder if they’re studying the demons here, too, but I didn’t ask. It would make sense. As long as they stay away from the school and my ranger building, I guess I don’t care what they do with them. The autumn ball is coming up soon. I haven’t thought of any ideas for masks yet, well besides Rylad who still wants to be a tiger. Sometimes I’ll find him sleeping in Clementine’s bed, I don’t think Nessna knows he does that. I don’t think she’d be very happy about it, but at least I’m not trying to let him ride her. I was talking to Sunashe, and he’s wanting to get a saddle made for his lizard. Well, a basket first, because babies can’t hold on to a saddle very well. Sometimes I think he’s just joking and trying to see how people will react. I asked him if he had any ideas for his baby’s name and he said “Tiny”. He couldn’t possibly be serious about that. He said he didn’t see what was wrong with the name, and Lin would probably like it as well. Based on what I know about women, he’s going to be in for a surprise there. It just doesn’t seem like he’s taking it very seriously, I guess. Maybe it’s not really sunk in yet. I mean, Rylad was already born when I met Nessna so there wasn’t any time when he was just an abstract idea, and with Zeran I already kind of knew what to expect. But I told him it’s important that he makes sure Lin is taken care of, both physically and emotionally. Carrying around a baby can’t be easy, and I know the birth part isn’t easy, so he should be helping her get ready for that. He should also be thinking about names and getting the room ready and things like that. I mean, I’m no expert or anything but that’s what I think. A lot of people never get the chance to be a father, so he should be taking it seriously. Especially with everything that’s going on.

The spiders will be starting to come out soon, now that it’s a bit cooler, the ones who were born in the summer will be getting large and looking for mates. We clear out the caves the best we can, but obviously we can’t get all of them. I’ll admit, I’m glad we leave some to grow up, because then we can have spider legs to eat. They’re one of my favorite dishes in the fall.


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