[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

I haven’t had time to write in my journal at all! I’ve been so busy getting settled into the new house and getting everything put away. We don’t really have that much stuff but it still takes a while to get it all unpacked and put in the right places. We do have a lot of books! We had to get a second shelf to hold them all. So there’s one in our room for relaxing type books, and then all of the magic and history books and things like that are in the sitting room. I suppose we could put a small shelf into the practice room, but we usually just use the ones at the school anyway. It feels so strange to say “our room” but in a good way. Keyalenn is so sweet. He brings me food sometimes, usually just a snack since we eat supper at the school, but if we’re up late at night or sometimes in the mornings. It just shows that he cares. I try to make sure that he knows I do, too. It can make it difficult to study sometimes when he’s there. It’s a bit easier at the school because other people are there, and we’re away from our room.

Classes are in full swing and we’re actually approaching the exam week. I feel like I’m making good progress in fire. Maerista has been teaching us a lot, since Magister Firewind went to study the demons in Tanaris. They’re going to use them the make the wards stronger, which is a good thing. I’m so worried about one of them getting through. Normally I’d say that any kind of demon magic is bad, but I suppose in this case it’s worth the risk. I know Magister Fairsong wouldn’t allow it if it wasn’t safe. He also told us about where to go if some do get through. Which they won’t. I hope.

The autumn ball is almost here! I’m so excited because it’s my most favorite ball of all. Well, I really love the winter ball too, but the autumn ball is spooky and I feel like the ghosts are more willing to communicate then. Maybe they think the ball is for them? I hope so, I am not sure if ghosts can feel emotion but if it makes them happy, then that’s good. I’d like to try to get Melath, the father ghost, to talk to me again soon. The little girl ghost just cries, I’m not sure if she can actually talk. I’ve seen her just stand quietly before, but not talk. I will probably try to reach them again in their room, if Magister Firesong will let me.

I got to talk to Zalindri a while ago. I feel a little bad for her because she always seems so lonely, it doesn’t seem like she talks to anyone outside of class and she’s always studying. I mean, it’s good to study but having friends is nice too. She told me that her fiance will try to come for the ball, but she’s worried that people will say bad things about him. I don’t think anyone here would be that mean, but I said that they could talk to Keyalenn and I if they wanted. At least she’ll have someone to talk to during the party and hopefully she’ll have a nice time. I admit I am curious to meet him. They were arranged, and they don’t really know each other well, but this could help change that! If they have a nice time maybe he will start to write letters to her. He’s studying to be a priest so he doesn’t have a lot of time to write. I can understand that, but I think it would be very lonely not to hear from the person you’re going to marry. If I went to a different school than Keyalenn, I’d still write to him every day. Maybe more than once.


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